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I am using a time-line where, Naruto would be 15, with me taking liberties with the timeline. With him failing the Genin exam, where re-takes are yearly, and him attending the academy late, instead of going in at 7, he went in at 8, due to a year-long rehabilitation due to his being sealed. Making it so he almost turns 16 by the end of the Exams. I have no certain date for the Chunin exams, so I'm taking that October 10th would be shortly after the Chunin Exam Finals


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Maelstrom Road

Ch 1…

~Road of Awakening~

- Chapter 1: Start -

- Clearing in the Forest of Death, Chunin Examinations -

September 8th, 163 AFK (After founding of Konoha) Time: Unknown

A shout of "FIVE-ELEMENT SEAL!" echoes through the clearing, coming from a snake-like man with a long tongue choking a blond teen decked out in orange by his throat, shoving his hand which was covered in purple flames, up to the teen's belly, where a seal showed.

-Inside the young man's Mind-

Kami, I did good right? I ask… then the Darkness comes, as it always does. I hate it… but I love it all the same.

The Darkness protects me, but it makes me lonely… no one ever comes here, except… my… tenant? What's a Tenant?

I know it starts with a K. Konohamaru? –a little boy with a long blue scarf pops into my mind- Certainly not that. Kurenai? –a pretty lady with black hair and red eyes appears in front of me- Nope... –and she dispels- Not that either… Hmm… Ku… Kyu? –the sight of a titanic nine-tailed fox appears inside a cage- Yeah… Kyuubi.

Kyuubi's not here at the moment. I'm still alone.

I can't think straight… and my head hurts, like it always does, like something's stopping me from thinking

I come to every once in a while… I'm in a dark and wet sewer, and even then… It's filled with darkness.

I love the darkness, there's no truth or lies to be seen, only me and every once in a while, Kyuubi. And no-one to lie, or hurt me anymore. But I'm strong, right? I ask out loud… but Kyuubi's not here to answer me.

*Thunk* Wha-? I turn to the noise… and stop at the sight of the light caused by these weird symbols… that are going away…

- A cell inside his mind -

Is this the time? Would I finally be free to leave this horrid place? The seal disappears, and I see across the wall, which was slowly disappearing, a teen… that looks like me. No, he is me… my other half. I chuckle… so the seal is undone? I'm glad… I don't have to be divided anymore. We lock eyes with each other, and his widen in recognition… and then Pain comes, excruciating pain, yet I'm glad, like two parts being put back together. I remember now, most of it… but I'll have to sort it out …

- Flashback –

August 26th, 155 AFK (After Founding of Konoha); 5:43 P.M.: Naruto, Age: 7

(whenever I see a fanfic that has a flashback to Naruto being younger, I see him usually running around at the age of 6… what's it about the age of six that appeals to writers? In any case, I think that it's funny like that)

"KAA-San!" I hear someone scream… and then I realize that it's me as a child.

"Run! Run home, Naruto-Chan! And activate the Seals!" MY mom yells. I try to run, but am knocked down by something heavy… and I hear the words "By the order of the Esteemed Council, Kushina-san, you are to be put to death, so that the demon child could be to be sent to Danzo-Sama for the betterment of the Leaf."

The weight is knocked off of me, and next thing I know, I'm in my mother's arms, running through the rooftops dodging the projectiles that are being shot at us. Strangely enough, now that I'm reviewing this now, I see that there's no one around other than our attackers, and it's only the afternoon… it must have been a setup. Then I hear my mother whisper "Naruto-chan, know that I will always love you. I'm sorry that we weren't able to leave together, I hope you'll be able to eventually." before she puts me down in front of the door to our house. She then turns back, and the world is filled with a bright light and heat as an explosion occurs right in front of us. I quickly fly into the wall right beside the door of our home, and I see her bleeding, and surrounded on all sides… Turning towards me with a smile, she lifts up her hand, holding a stack of Uzumaki explosive notes before the whole block goes up in flames, and I knew no more.

Next thing I hear are voices… as I lay on a stone surface…

"Please do this for me, Inoichi-san… I could not have him turn against the village… could not have him leave or attack the citizens. He's too powerful for his age." Said an old, sorrowful voice that I immediately recognize as Sarutobi. "Erase his memories of his training and his mother… all of them."

"All of them? Says a voice I assume to be Inoichi's "But that could destabilize him, and cause the release of the Kyuubi, or the takeover by the Kyuubi! Not only that, but his brain functions would be reduced to a very young age, without his experiences, as well as the fact that it may reduce the amount of his brain that he could use!"

"What if we instead, seal his memories away? Edit some of them? This way, he would be more loyal to the leaf. I can have Teuchi work as someone to care for him. I understand that his wife has recently died, and he needs to care for his daughter… this could work to Konoha's advantage."

I try to scream, and rage at them, but I can't do anything. I can't move, ugh… I've probably been restrained, sedated or more...

"I'll do this, but note that, as a Yamanaka Mind-healer, and as his Parent's friend, I have no wish to do this. But I fear what would happen should someone else do this."

I lay there, dreading the seemingly inevitable end and smile sadly. I'm sorry, Kaa-san, I wasn't able to escape. I hope that wherever you are, you're happy and that Rin-Obachan is there with you.

I hear movement and the feeling of brushes and ink on my skin.

Then, all too soon, my memories flash in front of me, before they disappear into the darkness, all of my memories of my mother, of my training, the Uzumaki seals… my taijutsu that the Uzumaki created specifically for the Kyuubi's Jinchūriki, and all of the other things… the love, affection and my memories of auntie Rin before she disappeared last month, right as we were finalizing our plans to leave this horrid village.

And I hear a last... "I forbid the clans from interfering at this point…. We cannot have other countries know of our weakness… we cannot have not only the disappearance of the last Uzumaki and their seals… but we cannot have Iwa or Kumo learn of his heritage from his father." From Sarutobi.

"So if the clans were attacked, would this be the same way you treat our survivors?" a voice states calmly.

"NO! You cannot do this; you are going to curse his life!" a different voice shouts out.

"No! You listen to me, I am your Hokage, and I shall have final say! Or shall I have something happen to your all of your family or friends?"

Hehe… everything for the Greater Good, eh, Old-Man? If only he showed that backbone to the old, retarded bandage head and his political allies. And once more I descended into the darkness.

I laugh bitterly at the memories of when it all started. Sarutobi, you old coot, you did this… -a vision of a boy in an orange jumpsuit being hit by a pink-haired bitch- so you could have your weapon – a vision of his fight with Orochimaru in the forest- a loyal shinobi to the very end –him yelling out that he would be Hokage; him in the Chunin Exam room in front of Ibiki yelling out his dream-

Hahaha, come to think of it, had that sealing not have happened, I could have been at least a Tokubetsu Jonin by now. Could have been, being the key, but it's too late, time to face the music… And the darkness once again, I need to go through my memories and reorganize my thoughts… I need to finish this. I promised my mother and my aunt that we'd leave. And I never back down from any challenges or promises… those that weren't made in duress, anyways.

- Flash Back End/Time Skip to Current Day: Naruto, Age: 15 -

Chunin Exams -September 8th, 163 AFK (After founding of Konoha): 12 hrs. 25 minutes, and 30 seconds after contact with Orochimaru. 49 hours, and 42 minutes since memories and mind-connections have been unsealed, and started re-calibrating, in Mindscape Time.

I smirk. This is great. I chuckle darkly, Konoha won't know what hit them… and it's all thanks to Orochimaru, and his Five-Element Seal. Lost in my thoughts, I hear a shout of "Zankūha!" and piercing shrieks that threaten my sanity and my eardrum's safety. Wow, that sounds awfully like that banshee, but it's not loud enough. Maybe she'll die, and I can leave, not like Sensei-teme, and that Uchiha-teme would even notice. Sadly, it does not come to pass, nor does Sasuke let her die. Hm… guess he's not that heartless, I still say he's gay, but then again… they're fangirls. I know I wouldn't touch them with a fire jutsu, though a fire jutsu has some merit… but the ashes would be everywhere… ugh…. Too much of a downside to that plan. However, at a lack of comforting words coming from him, I realize I made an oversight. He's only saving her to have a chance at further passing this test. With her gone, we wouldn't even pass this portion of a test; guess he does have half-a-brain after all… More than I had myself before the Oro-teme helped me out. I shudder at the implications… at the help or the amount of brainpower that I had possessed, I don't know, but they both scare me.

Thinking back now, and leaving my 'teammates' to their fate, Inoichi's actually pretty cool, he set the seal up so that I was allowed out completely… well, kinda… when danger was imminent, allowing 'other' me an exponential amount of brainpower that I would usually have… with the seal. Saving me from Zabuza, Zabuza, Haku, and the Oro-teme… wow, I've had that much trouble already in the 2 months of being a ninja… aaah… I need to get a new occupation… maybe when I finish the Chunin exams? I don't like doing things half-way… usually… sometimes…. If it interests me and if I'm in control… hehe. I still hate him though.

To be honest, I'm not sure to whom and why I'm rambling… I guess it's because I've been cooped up so long, and I just feel like running till my legs fall off... metaphorically, of course, yeah… legs… new tangent… Kurenai-sensei has amazing legs, so does that crazy snake-lady proctor chick… moving on, legs… limbs… and I feel out if there are any more seals that are on me. Hmm… the Five-Element Seal got rid of everything but the Shiki Fūin with the attached storage that my mother modified it with, as well as my resistance seals; rather than the so-called gravity seals that people use to rip someone off, which, sadly, I experienced in my time as a dunce.

Contrary to popular belief, gravity seals only increase the effect of gravity in relation to either one of two places… the gravity of the planet itself in relation to the area that the seal affects, or to the seal itself. So unless a field or area has a wide-area gravity seal, increasing the effort that it takes for physical actions to occur in the immediate area, gravity seals, as a whole, when applied to the body, do not help in physical training. However, if someone has a portable seal carrier/generator, if any are left from the olden days of Uzushiogakure no Sato… then it would be possible to use a gravity seal, although jumping-jacks, while a gravity seal is in place on the torso, and between someone's legs has some promise….

Moving on though, resistance seals help with bettering the reaction time, as well as speed and strength of the user. It decreases the amount of reaction time of a person who has the seal upon them to react, due to not only the slowed movement of the appendages, but also the reduced rate of the actual signals entering and exiting the appendage, causing a faster and decreased reaction time. Set at an increasing difficulty, the reactions of said person with the resistance seal would be reduced to specific percentage, which was at 73% for me, although for a normal person, the safest percentage would be at around 88%. All of this was possible as my regeneration factor would eventually compensate for the slow signals by causing the nerves to be able to send nerve messages faster, and then when the areas are used to it, the seal would readjust the amount of resistance to make it back to said percentage. As for how the seals increase speed, without any resistance at all, the amount of force that was used when the seal was active would naturally be higher than a person's who did not have that seal in the first place this applies to strength training as well. Therefore, if someone did have that seal, and eventually dispelled it, the force that they could produce with those limbs would actually increase not only speed, but their hitting power.

Provided one has sealing capability rivaling, or even touching the same plane as an Uzumaki, and considering that I've been sealed for at least 8 years, and the resistance seals being applied a year before that, the seals would have made not only my reactions, but my actual movement very, very fast. All of this is only compounded by the fact that when just thinking, my thought processes progress at 4 thoughts/second instead of 1 thought/second that would occur in real time; and while in combat, would fluctuate between 1.5 and 3 thoughts/second... data which would be based upon my seven year old self. Not only that, but if i go inwards, actually pushing myself deep into my thoughts, and appearing in the *shiver* sewer, I can spend hours where outside, only seconds have passed. Otherwise, it would have been disadvantageous for me to have the seals for so long. Haha, this is laughable, Sarutobi pushed the limits with me, causing my body to be better than before. Not only is my body fast, but my mind as well, no wonder I was only fairly strong, but slow, even with the amount of physical training that I put myself through. Any and all strength and speed that I gained in a sealed state would be dramatically increased once the seals were deactivated, which Orochimaru took care of for me. I do have to thank Sarutobi for this one little diamond in the rough.

Meanwhile, the fights have ended, and Shikamaru and Choji were in the process of 'waking me up.'

"Shit…" I say out loud, causing them to jump back in surprise after I sit up and hit my head on the tree trunk. Hmm… I need to regain better coordination; hopefully, we make it to the tower quickly enough for me to get ready for the third round. As well as getting rid of this Five-Element Seal in time for the matches… why? When I wish to quit being a ninja for this pathetic village? Because it'd be too suspicious and I cannot leave if I'm watched constantly.

"Teme, Sakura-chan," I cringe at my deigning her as any form of female, and one of affection, "We should head to the tower," I say, holding up our heaven scroll that I kept safe from Oro-teme. "With that earth scroll from the sound team, we could make it and rest for a couple of days before the end of the second test." At this I receive blank looks and blinking eyes in response, causing a tick to form on my forehead. "C'mon! Am I not entitled to being calmly angry every once in a while? Especially after at least two near-death experiences?" they all turn away… heh, way too easy.

"Let's go" Sasuke states, and we set off for the tower.

- At the Finish Line. 'The tower in the forest' -

September 8th, 163 AFK (After founding of Konoha)- 12 hrs. 25 minutes, and 30 seconds after contact with Orochimaru;

We reach the tower only two hours after we leave the other teams at the clearing, surprisingly being able to reach the Tower without fighting anyone, and me getting used to movement with my current speed. With 52 hours left in the test... team seven made it to the board, and used the scrolls, receiving a puff of smoke that would usually resemble a bunshin, or a form of Shunshin...

"Damn it... its Kakashi-sensei." I state, clearly pissed off at this point, glaring at the blank spot.

"I guess we wait?" Sakura replies.

"Hn." at this, both Sakura and Sasuke turn to me and stare in unison. "Che..." i say as I turn away, noticing a flicker of movement from the corner of my eye, before my eyes widen and a clear, resounding "Fuck!" fills the room as I throw a kunai at the corner.

"Maa, Naruto, no swearing!" Our sensei states, twirling my kunai at his fingertips. Dammit... It's just one of those days.

"Can I go inside now?" I say. "I want to get the feel of that Oro-teme and the emo out of my skin!" I shudder. In addition to that, I can't have that seal blocking my healing abilities. It's faster with the Kyuubi's potent chakra in my system. In fact, the healing Kekkei Genkai, along with the larger amount of Chakra that I possess is hereditary, from not only my father and my mother, though only partially, It was because technically, not only am I my father's and my mother's child, but It's as well. Kyuubi altered a couple of genes while I was an embryo, as I learned from my mother, that they had long chats in the sewer that my mind resembles, accelerating an ability that would have taken generations to cultivate to perfection, simply because of a fear of death. Hehe, Voldemort... flight from death... some pansy probably made that his name because he was an emo... - a vision of a man with a snake's visage flashes in front of me - fuck that.

So yes, indeed, not only do I have increased regeneration, but I learned the sealing arts from my mother and the remains of the clan archives after Sasori brought Uzushiogakure no Sato down to its knees because of their overspecialization and lessened numbers due to other countries' fear of their arts. But the increased chakra that the Uzumaki are more known for than their sealing is multiplied because of the desire of the Kyuubi to have a 'decent container' since my mother could probably not take the strain of reabsorbing its chakra. I'm rather glad that they set upon a correspondence while mother was its jailor. Sadly, I only inherited a faster analytical mind from my father, instead of his Kekkei Genkai, which was teleportation. Thought of as an ability born from his sealing skills, which were sub-par compared to the Uzumaki clan as a whole, they existed in his genes, very similar to a Kekkei Genkai called Swift Release. However, the technique required a large amount of chakra, which, though he had large reserves, would only allow him to use his Kekkei Genkai only a certain number of times, before he quickly became exhausted. That's what he used the kunai for, not only making it easier for him to target where he wanted to teleport, but to store a huge amount of chakra that he could use, receiving lots of help from my mother. Chakra he didn't have, that I have in spades, even with the 5-pronged seal... although my chakra's regeneration rate is a trickle, compared to the rampaging rapids that they once were. I did inherit his body's resistance to high-speed movement... I grin inwardly.

Finished cataloguing my thoughts, I turn back to the outside and find that I'm left alone... typical. I really hate this team... and the fact that I keep spacing out. Oh well, people won't be watching me... I head off in search of a room to use the Five-Element Unseal. Eventually reaching the 5th floor I finally find a circular room filled with desks, and no one occupying it. This room would do perfectly. I close the door and jam it with a camouflage-Genjutsu seal, showing a wall in its place and preventing the room from being seen unless someone has been specifically looking for this specific room and successfully dispelled the Genjutsu, as well as placing a barrier seal in front of it. Turning back to the room, I proceed to take off my shirt and jacket... I really need to get a new jacket. I love the color orange, but that... makes me sick. Not like the rest of the rookie teams do better, with banshee in all red, the Uchiwa in white and blue, the Yamanaka in purple, and they tell me I'm wearing colors that don't blend in.

Back to the process of unsealing... it's not a good idea to drift off and not pay attention when dealing with sealing. Period. *Cue Sweat-drop* Shit. Well, at least I didn't start it yet.

Anyways... even with this amount of control, I should be able to…

Outside the room, a muffled "DAMMIT! That burns!" resounds throughout the hallway.


Well, there are other ways around this seal. Finding some sealing paper and ink in some of the desks, I methodically finish the seal that would finally release me from my bondage! Looking outside at the sight of the sun rising higher, I proceed to unseal this pain in the ass. With a complete lack of smoke, flashy lights, and awesome effects, the deed is done. Sealing is perhaps the greatest ninja art, followed closely by Genjutsu, it can do anything, and you can't be detected 90% of the time, so theoretically one could say that 'Ninety percent of the time, it works EVERY time.' Hehe, now that I'm free to take this shit to the next level, I can-


I land sprawled on the floor, oblivious to the shouts of concern in the hallway pertaining to the lack of a room that that they know is there, but isn't.

- 5th floor, 'Tower in the Forest' -

September 9th, 163 AFK (After founding of Konoha), 10:00 A.M.

"Ouch, what hit me?" I ask myself aloud.

"I'd like to know myself," a silky, sexy voice asks me from behind, prompting me to jump and turn around at the same time, hitting my head on the desk.

"FUCK!" I hiss. This day could clearly not get any better, and it wasn't even close to being over yet. Rubbing my head and seeing the perfect vision of beauty… Kurenai Yūhi, the best Jonin, in my opinion, that exists in Konoha.

"U-uh… w-well," I stutter. Dammit, here's my chance to impress her, and I'm ruining it.

"I'd like to know if you would happen to know who put that Genjutsu on the door, it was very good, and nigh undetectable." She calmly asks, ever the epitome of grace and beauty. Quickly shaking my head of such romantic thoughts, I turn back to the conversation.

"Well… I did" I state, and receive a raised eyebrow in response. "Here, let me show you!" and I quickly draw the same seal that I created earlier, and show it to her.

"Fūinjutsu?" she asks, impressed yet skeptical. I can't blame her, after how I was, I would be too.

"Look!" I say as I slap it onto the door, and activate it. The door disappears, and in its place, a seemingly seamless wall stood. "Ta-Da!"

"I'm impressed." And truly, it seemed that she was, and I blushed at that… receiving praise from my crush. She was a teacher in the academy that taught my class sometimes, and treated me fairly… Kurenai-hime just turned 24, earlier this year, and was already widely known for her skills in genjutsu. "I didn't know you had such a skill-set, Naruto-san."

"Umm, yeah, well- I've known about Fūinjutsu since I was very young. My kaa-san taught me before she died." I say softly, still affected by the event.

"I'm sorry for bringing up such painful memories."

"Nah, they're not painful, they're… all I have left."

"All you have left?" she asks, worried.

"Of her! I'm perfectly fine, though." I try to draw her off that course of thought. Even the slightest amount of suspicion can throw my plans, not that I planned any yet, into the dumpster.

"You sure? Well, in any case, would you dispel your seals, there are people who couldn't get in here to work today and they asked me in case something malicious was occurring."

"But, aren't they ninja? They should be able to do something like that on your own."

"Sadly, these days, the only seal-makers other than Jiraiya-sama are the ones who sell explosive tags and storage seals." That threw me off for a loop, and then I realized that it was a very plausible occurrence. With the disappearance of the Uzumaki, no one would be learning from them, or their works, and Jiraiya was already old, himself. With my father dead, there would be a decreased interest in sealing methods, at least in Konoha. "I hope that you can put those skills to use for the village, Naruto-san."

"Oh, well, can you keep it a secret, at least for now. I was training in here earlier, and I didn't expect to become so exhausted." I ask her, earning myself a raised eyebrow in response. "I've gone long enough without showing my skills and I wish to show them at the finals, no more and no less." I chuckle inwardly, yes, I will, in front of them, as I tear their precious 'geniuses' apart. Outwardly, I give her a bright smile after I get a nod of assent from her.

I give her a bow, as we head out of the room. "Thank you for your confidence and your silence, Kurenai-sensei, I hope that your students make it to the finals." At that, I turn and remove the seals from the door, and walk away. It was time to formulate the plan that would get me out of this place. Death would be a welcome embrace, but I promised. I would not fail.

- Chapter 1: End -

"Whew… well, that was nice?"

"I dunno, dude whadd'ya think?"

"Could use some Worcestershire sauce… or some A1."

"Point taken. One could always use more A1. Sadly, I'm not getting any money for stating that A1, which is henceforth referred to The Sauce of the Gods, is the greatest condiment in the world."

"… It seems that you're either strapped for cash, or you're an A1 junkie…"

"Is it really that noticeable?"

"Yes. Your shameless promotion of The Sauce of the Gods shows how much you need your fix."

"Fix. Riiight… in any case, off to the author's note. Now hand me some A1 to go with my rice and chicken."

- Author's Ramblings/Notes -

This is my first story that I'm posting up on site. In any case… in the process of writing this story, I noticed how woefully inadequate my writing skills are. I mean, sheesh, this thing is only about 4.6k words, and I'm already tired of sitting here and typing it up from my notes. The stamina and the effort that goes into those 'big name stories on … you are godlike, and know who you are. And I wish to be able to match at least half of your writing prowess. Not that I ever put any of them down or anything, but I actually do get impatient sometimes with how long some people take to update… so Kudos to you guys with the 100k word stories. You are my inspiration, and give me hope that I can do something like that eventually. I now understand, and have achieved nirvana as I eat this rice, sprinkled with A1 Steak Sauce, with a side of Chicken.

As for the Title, I'm not quite sure, whether to make Naruto's actual road the 'Maelstrom Road,' however, I think it's a decent title, but if someone comes up with a better one that I might like, please, send me a message for it. In addition to that, if anyone can read the symbols there... hopefully they're the right ones.

In any case… Yeah, originally, Naruto was 14, well I think he was, until it was ret-conned to him being 12… I started reading the manga when it first came out. :P AGES AGO! But, yeah, the AG universe characters are around the ages of 15, with the members of the Original Sleeping forest at around late 20-ish. Therefore, I had to have some way for him to come out in one of their age ranges. I'm not completely sure yet where I'm going with this story, as in when in the AG Universe I'll have Naruto pop in, whether back in Orig. SF times, or when Ikki and his merry band of retarded misfits. Just Kidding. They're all awesome. Except Onigiri, I HATE Onigiri, no matter how hilarious he is. However, he was pretty damn cool in the latest chapters 290-291 So less hate for him of late. But yeah. I'll be going where the Muse takes me… hopefully to bed? Well, it's not that late yet.

As for the date, I set the date at around 163, without specific ages for Hashirama and Tobirama, and ages from Sarutobi and Tsunade, I pretty much fudged numbers around for an actual date. Therefore: After Founding of Konoha. Sadly, I think the whole wanting to have an actual date and time would bite me in the ass later on… but we'll see what happens.

In accordance to the way that Naruto would enter the AG Universe… I'm only having trouble assembling not only his Road, but a pairing, if any, as well. And as for when, out of three points in the Naruto Storyline he would leave. Here, I'm thinking of scrapping the going after Sasuke arc, because of the fact that he would meet Tsunade and be further conflicted on whether to go or not. Bonds are important… especially in the bedroom. *smirk*

As for whether or not I continue the story in first person… well, I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Hopefully, next chapter would give people a sounding board on how I should progress.

But yeah, please review… this is my first story, so I want to get the kinks out of the way, before I go full steam ahead with the story. Most questions would be answered, and critiques and criticisms appreciated. I do apologize for my liberal use of commas, ellipses and howevers, It's the way I write though... DAMMIT!

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