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It was a calm and peaceful day at Maid latte. Some people may think that it's a good thing, but when it has been 3 weeks that the average of customer per day is below 5, that's when there is a major problem. Usually, there's at least 3 maids who works at the same shift. But not anymore…

It was Misaki's shift today. It has been 4 days since the last time she worked. Because the number of customers has decreased, the manager couldn't afford to pay more than one maid for the same shift, that's why every employee has her day.

Misaki looked in the room. There were the 3 idiots, a regular customer and this perverted outer-space alien. Since 3 weeks, it has always been them who came in Maid latte.

5 persons… only 5 damn persons… geez…

When her shift was over, Misaki went into the staff room and saw Satsuki, her manager, looking depressed. That was not a surprise, she had this aura around her since 3 weeks, but tonight was different. She was sitting on the plastic chair, her left elbow on the table with her chin in his palm, and was staring at her right finger moving in circular movements on the table. A document was beside her with a pencil on it. She didn't even noticed Misaki coming.

"Manager? " Misaki said, laying her hand on her shoulder.

"Ah…Misaki… take care on your way home, I'll close the café" she said, trying to smile, but anyone with an average IQ could have easily guess that something was wrong.

"Is there something wrong?" She didn't like when people lie to her face.

"Not at all, everything is fine, Misa-chan… you should go it's getting late"

But Misaki had no intention to go anywhere, not before she could figure out why her manager was acting this way. She noticed the paper lying beside Satsuki and saw the title: Sales Contract. She took the document and showed it to her manager.

"What the hell is this? Don't tell me you want to sell the Café…" She said with a furious tone.

No response…

"Manager? You know that it would be really stupid to do that…" Satsuki's eyes met Misaki's gaze. She deserve to know the truth, she thought…

"Misaki… it's a rough time for the business… since the Sirens Mocha opened beside us, the number of customers has dramatically decreased… If we don't sale we might lose everything…"

It's true that, since his opening, a lot of regular customers quit the Maid latte for the Sirens Mocha. Both restaurants were very similar but, from what they heard, the waitresses were perhaps less dressed. And because the customers they had were mostly men, there is no doubt about what they chose. As for the new customers, it's sure that they would prefer to go to the newest place.

"You gotta be kidding me, it has only been 3 weeks, the customers are still attracted by the newest place, once this phenomenon will be finished, our regular customers will come back, trust me" She didn't know if she was trying to convince Satsuki or herself.

"Misa-chan, I know that this place is really important for you, as for all of us, but I have to think about all the options, and the sale is one of them and maybe the only one"

"But there's must be something that we can do! " Misaki said full of hope.

"Maybe there is, but right now I can't think about one of them… so go home misaki… you are doing the breakfast shift tomorrow with Honoka so you got to wake up early… and don't worry about that , okay?"

"Fine then, but promise me you won't sign this contract, not before we could have think about all the possible solution"

"Okay, I promise, good night and thanks!"

She went to her locker to change her clothes not able to focus on what she was doing, trying to find a solution that does not include the sale of the restaurant.

Lost in her thoughts, she almost had a heart attack when someone closed (a little too hard ) her locker's door.

"Yoo prez!" said the blond hair guy standing in front her, leaning his back on the locker with his arms crossed.

"Us..Usui! Don't ever do that again you baka, I could have die from a surprise attack" she said trying to catch her breath.

"Like I could have let you die my dear Misaki" as he was leaning to her, she turned around and began to walk away. Not far away because a hand grabbed her wrist, this move made her faced him.

"Where do you think you're going dressed up like that" he said while pointing to her shirt.

It was all unbuttoned. She hurried to rectify the situation but was soon stopped by two hands doing it instead of her. Before she had time to protest, her shirt was buttoned. She turned her head embarrassed by the situation but mostly because she was blushing.

"No need to treat me like a kid, pervert"

"I'm not treating you like a kid, more like a girl for who it is dangerous to walk alone on the streets dressed up like you were" he said staring at her with a concern look.

" I'm perfectly able to defend myself… and even if I weren't it's none of your business" after what she walked to the back door and went outside, fuming of anger.

Who does he think he is to doubt of my force.

"Ayusawa's business, is my business… but seriously is there something on your mind?" he said, walking beside her.

"Actually yes, I have something on my mind, it implies you, my hand and your face." she said referring to the idea of punching him. She tried to walk away but Usui was now facing her, grabbing her by the waist with one arm while the other was holding her hand to make her touch his cheek.

"You meant like that? How sweet of you Misa-chan" he said , teasing her.

"Of course not ! From which planet are you to think I would want that.." and then she softly pushed him, but she couldn't let go of her hands on his chest and he did not want to let go of his arms around her waist.

"Misaki, seriously, what's the matter" he said, cupping her face in his hands. She hates it when he does that, she doesn't have any self-power against his gaze.

" I might lose my job, Satsuki wants to sell the Maid latte "

"What ?" He said, confused

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