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The maid latte was sold by a despicable man: Mori-san. He changed it into a strip club. He hurt Misaki because she didn't want to cooperate. Usui has left. It has been 3 months that she didn't have any of his news, she found on the internet that he works in London. She asked for help to Igarashi. He decided to bring her to london. And there she is, 3 months without seeing each other!:

She turned the doorknob slowly and opened the door, peeking around the corner. It was very dark, that the only thing she saw was a small flame in the fireplace slightly hidden by a massive sofa facing it. Someone was sitting on it, hypnotized by the smooth dance of the flames. At first, she didn't recognize him, the only thing she could see was the back of his head, but the firelight helped her, illuminating his shimmering blond locks.

She cleared her throat and finally managed to say something,

"Long time no see, Usui."

She tried to sound calm, but the nervous gasp she let out betrayed her composure.

He remained in the same position he was, so still that she almost thought he was a decoration.

Maybe it's just my imagination and he's not there…

But he finally decided to move and take a sip of his drink, although remaining silent.

Abandoning her was one thing, but ignoring her when she finally does show up, is something totally different.

"You could at least answer me, idiot," she said, upset about his silence but soon regreted the last word that slipped of her mouth.

He took another sip, but still didn't turn around.

"Hmmm… what do you want, Ayuzawa?"

The coldness of his voice almost made her shiver. But then again, she couldn't seriously hope for a warm greeting after three months of absence. Still, he's the one who quit on her. She simply stood there, attempting to find her inner strength, but her throat constricted from the indifference that he pronounced her name with.

"I-I j-just wanted to ask you something," she stammered, feeling uneasy.

He finished his drink and leaned back on the sofa.

"You took an eight hour flight just to ask me something…a phone call would have been enough, you know," he said spitefully, still looking at the fireplace.

Yeah, someone told me that…

In fact, she much preferred the way Igarashi pointed out the absurdity of her choice; he was just making fun of her. But even though Usui said virtually the same thing, the way he meant it means something totally different. He doesn't want her there.

Three months ago, she would have smashed him for such remarks.

But those three months changed her, making her weak. She doesn't even have the strength to make a proper reply. Something warm came out her eye, but she immediately wiped it away, trying to keep what was left of her pride.

"Yeah… I shouldn't have… I was wrong… I'm sorry to have bothered you"

She waited, secretly hoping for him to say that she wasn't a bother. But no words were spoken as if the silent was her only audience.

She decided to turn away, but something made her stop, something that she would never had wish to hear. Frozen cold words uttered by the most bitter version of himself.

« You're right, you souldn't have come »

She could have collapsed,

Or she could have cried

She even almost screamed from pain

But she didn't…

Because he no longer cared…

So she turned the handle in order to leave.

He was not worthy of her tears,

Neither of her torture

It was something she must bring back with her,

He doesn't care…

So she opened the door, but, strangely, it immediately closed.

She raised her head and saw two hands preventing the door to open. It was his hands. She could feel his cold breath on her neck.

She turned around to face him, still trapped in the jail of his arms. His jade-green eyes were hidden behind his locks as he breathed slowly but loudly.

She didn't see that coming,

And she didn't understand it either, but she didn't cared because…

He doesn't cared…

So she made a second attempt to leave but was soon stopped by a pair of strong but shaky arms enlacing firmly her shoulders. He pushed her gingerly on the closed door like he was about to fall.

"Please… Misaki d-don't go.." he murmured painfully.

Her mind went blank. She didn't know what to do,

what to say…

how to react…

She felt her body rising off the ground, only to placed on a sofa. A pair of sparkling green eyes looked at her attentively.

Damn that she had missed those eyes…

He laid his body on her, cautiously, and hugged her, hiding his head in the crook of her neck. She shivered from the feeling of his breath on her skin.

This is not right…

She realized that if he continued to do that, goodbyes would only be harder. If it was an other way to mess around with her, she won't fall for it again because her heart couldn't take it anymore.

"How far are you ready to go to destruct me, once again, Usui…"she whispered.

He tightened the hold that he had on her body, like he was trying to prove her something. Strangely, she did the same thing even if her head was telling her to let go.

"Seriously, why are you like this…" she tried to push him away, unwillingly, remembering his letter "…what about the girl you love"

He raised his head in order to see the face that he dreamt so much about these past months. Now that she was in his arms, he was unable to keep himself from touching her. As he caressed gently her cheek, he noticed all the sadness in her eyes.

"She's right in front of me," he simply said with a glowing smile brightening his angel face.

She didn't understand the meaning of his words; she was so puzzled that she looked behind her to see if there was someone.

"But the way you acted 5 minutes ago? And you wrote-" she began to say, realizing that he was speaking about her, but was cut off by the lips of Usui softly rubbing against hers.

She missed that also…

"It doesn't matter what I wrote… the letter was a lie… "he pushed up on his two arms, so he could clearly see her.

"You're the only one for me, don't ever doubt about it again," he leaned back down to kiss her, but Misaki stopped the kiss with her hand.

"A lie?" she said, angry for some reason, "all of it was a lie? Are you kidding me? I cried for nothing during 3 months, afraid that you didn't care about me, afraid that I'll never see you again… and you are telling me that the letter that destructed my life, WAS A LIE?"

She was so pissed that she tried to get away but both of them didn't really wish to let go of their hold, so she just managed to push him on the floor, falling on his body. A tear slid down on her face to fall on Usui's cheek.

"I-I was scared that you forgot me, idiot" and she hid her face on his chest, no longer able to retain her tears.

He patted her hair, and enlaced her tightly, never wanting to let her go again. He would never have thought that the strong president would have cry for an idiot like him.

"Even if I wanted, I couldn't forget you," he said, hurt that she could have thought that.

"Then why did you write that letter?"

He took a deep breath, almost as he was unable to believe what he was about to say.

"I wanted you to hate me, so you could move on with your life and forget about me…so when I saw you… standing so close to me after three months… I couldn't just abandon the idea, I still wanted you to hate me…but… I guess it didn't work out that well,"

"You're really an idiot…how could you come up with such a ridiculous plan?" she rolled her eyes.

He cupped her face and wiped away her tears.

"I just wanted the best for you, it wasn't as ridiculous as you think…a part of my plan did work…you're happy now with Shintani, r-right?"

Usui's voice, which was always steady, trembled at his last words.

Misaki looked at him, puzzled by the question.

"Uh, yeah… he has been an incredible friend to me recently," she said, still confused about the reason why he asked her that.

Still denying it… Usui thought.

"Just a friend? Don't bother hiding it from me, Misaki," he said, trying to keep his tone under control, the goal wasn't to scare her. He wanted her to tell the truth by herself.

Which never happened. She remained silent, looking more dumbfounded than ever.

"I've saw the picture of you two kissing ," he finally said.

Misaki boiled at the misunderstanding. She flushed red.

"N-No, you got it all wrong! He was the one who kissed me! I immediately pushed him away. It just happened once, we're just friends, nothing more than that!" she explained, like a little girl who was trying to convince her father that the guy who kissed her outside, wasn't her boyfriend. But in her case, it was true.

Usui's eyes were wide opened, feeling relieved by what she said. He leaned up and got on the couch while picking Misaki off the floor and placing her on his lap, holding her close. He expected a comment like "you pervert, I'm not a toy!" But she didn't even struggle, choosing to snuggle against his body. He smirked at her action.

"So my plan was totally ridiculous after all, you didn't even move on," he said as he kissed her head.

He realized that keeping himself away from her, was the worst thing he had ever done. He was fine to be the only one to suffer from her absence, but regretted the fact that she felt the same way since the beginning; he could have never guessed that.

"Well idiots make idiotic plans… but why did you leave in the first place?" she asked, enjoying the warmth that emanated from his body.

He caressed her hair and cleared his throat in order to look serious.

"After what happened between you and Mori-san at the club… I promised myself to never see you that weak again,"

He looked troubled, probably remembering the Misaki from that night; delicate and hurt.

"And your solution was to never see me again?" she asked, finding it absurd.

"No, I simply didn't want you to be weak again, so I called my grandfather and asked him if he could buy the Maid-Latte to bring it back to its old vocation: no more poles, no more Mori-san. He accepted but only at one condition: I had to work for him for 2 years. So that's why I wrote you that letter, not wanting you to waste your life for 2 years waiting for me, because a part of me would have wanted that…"

Misaki listened to him, attentively. It was now all clear to her. She softly played with his watch.

"You know you didn't have to do that for me. I was glad that Maid-Latte was back to normal, but it doesn't even compare to what I felt after you were gone… you didn't respect your promise: I'm weaker than ever, Usui," She whispered, unable to stop the words coming out her mouth. She was slowly admitting her feelings, finally.

"I'm sorry for this, but… "be said, remorse in his voice.

"…who could have known that the demoniac president fell in love with a strange alien like me?" He stated, the remorse melting away, leaving teasing in its place. He looked at Misaki who was now red from embarrassment. He waited for her traditional "I-m-not-in-love-with-you" hit behind the head.

Instead, she re-positioned herself to sit astride his legs to face him. She hid her gaze behind her purple locks and nervously played with the shirt of Usui.

"Y-You're right… thinking that I lost you, it made me realized how important you are to me, it made me realized my feelings that I've denied since the beginning, it made me realized that I…" she choked out, hesitating in continuing her sentence.

"It made you realized that?" Usui helped her to pursue, wanting so bad to hear her say it, even thought he already knew it.

"T-that I…" she gulped and looked deeply in his eyes,

"…love you" she managed to say, surprising herself more than Usui.

She laughed happily and repeated it, "yeah that's it, I lov-" but was cut off when he kissed her forcefully, overjoyed that she finally said it. He pushed her back on the couch to kiss her with more strength.

"I know," he breathed between kisses, "I love you too."

Neither wanted to let go. They didn't want this to end.

She pulled away suddenly, "will you come back to Japan?"

He stopped, and caught back his breath from the kiss.

"Anything for you,"

So much better than a yes

They didn't know how they would manage to convince his grandfather, but they knew that one day they'd succeed. After all, love was a wonderful power. And when a stubborn and strong maid-president joined forces with an uncommon and handsome alien, nothing could ever stand in their way...

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