AN: When I'm tooling around in my car, listening to my MP3 player, sometimes a song comes up that just makes me think of Hatter, or Alice. So I thought…well, write it down! So here are some musical ficlets for your entertainment. ::grins::

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Porn Star Dancing, by My Darkest Days

Kylie won't kiss my friend Cassandra
Jessica won't play ball
Mandy won't share her friend Miranda
Doesn't anybody live at all?

Amanda won't leave me empty handed
Got her number from a bathroom stall
Brandy just got way too much baggage
And that shit just gets old

She don't play nice, she makes me beg
She drops that dress around her legs
And I'm sittin' right by the stage
For this porn star dancing

Your body's lightin' up the room
And I want a naughty girl like you
There's nothing harder

She wraps those hands around that pole
She licks those lips and off we go
She takes it off nice and slow
'Cause that's porn star dancing

It was party night at the Tea Shop, Hatter's favorite night. After a week of dealing with paperwork and sales and crazed customers, party night was a time to relax. A time to reap some of the more…pleasurable benefits of selling Tea.

There was a special room off the main selling floor, outfitted with a variety of couches, chairs and pillows – everything soft and warm and inviting. Hatter went through there himself, before the girls arrived, lighting candles to help set the mood. Not they the girls needed it, but Hatter did enjoy setting the stage.

The selected clientele were the first to arrive, followed closely by the select group of girls that Hatter hand-picked from the many who begged to participate in party night; not everyone had the right…assets.

Hatter sat back and observed the room. Slow and sexy music created a backdrop for the scantily clad girls, who sometimes danced; the best of them could make you forget your own name as they moved their supple bodies in time to the music. Several of the girls came to Hatter, dancing for him, caressing him. Sometimes he sent them back to the clients, other times he kept one or two for himself, depending on his mood. Tonight his mood was receptive.

A long, lean blonde that was all legs sat in Hatter's lap, wiggling her bottom just enough to get his blood moving. A petite brunette with a pixie face was draped over his shoulder, rubbing her hands over his pectoral muscles and cooing in his ear; Hatter kissed her, long and lazily.

And for one night, he could forget what he was. He could lose himself in feminine curves and sweet-smelling skin, and pretend the girl in his arms wanted him just for his body, and not for the Tea she would get at the end of the night. Tomorrow he'd go back to his lonely, double-dealing existence. But for now…for now there was the blonde and the brunette, and that was enough.

AN: This song was actually suggested by my hubby – I'd never heard it before. But it seemed fitting for this little scene I wanted to write.

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