Broken Feelings

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For Laurie. Enjoy.

Takes place after Cat's New Boyfriend

Tori sat on the hospital bed waiting for the doctor to take a look at her nose. It had been nearly an hour. The others had gotten released and paid her a visit. She wasn't in a particularly good mood. Someone knocked on the door and then entered. 'Finally. I've been waiting for almost and hour.'

'Sorry to keep you waiting,' Andre' said. He sat on the chair next to the bed.

'Andre'? Sorry I thought you were the doctor. You came to yell at me too?'

'No, I just came to talk to you. Who yelled at you?'

'Everyone,' she said as she fell back on the bed. 'No one.'

'Which is it?'

She sat back up. 'Well, they didn't exactly yell. Cat punched me in the face. STILL WAITING TO SEE A DOCTOR,' she said loudly hoping to get the attention of a nurse. 'Jade just laughed and made snide remarks which Beck tried to coax her out of the room. Robbie said he was disappointed and Rex called me a meanie for hurting Cat.'

'You did kiss her boyfriend.'

'I know, I know. But he was my ex-boyfriend first.' She looked at Andre' who looked as though he had a lot on his mind. 'Go ahead. Tell me how I deserved it. How I was stupid.'

'I wasn't going to say that.'

'You look like you want to say something.'

'Is that why you didn't want to go to the Kickback with me?'

'What,' Tori asked confused.

'I'm just trying to understand.'

'I kissed my ex-boyfriend who happened to be dating my friend at the time. What's there to understand,' she asked.

'Why'd you kiss him in the first place?' Before she could answer he stood up and kept talking. 'I thought WE had something. Or was working towards something.'

Tori didn't know what to say. Clearly her kiss affected everyone not just her, Danny, and Cat. She was taken aback.

'Did I imagine the looks that passed between us? The lingering touches?'

Tori shook her head, 'No, you didn't.'

'Then why? Why did you rip my heart out,' Andre' asked as he took her hands and placed them over his heart.

'I don't know. I saw Danny and old feelings just surfaced.' She left her hands fall to her lap. 'I thought I was over him. I guess I wasn't. I'm so sorry Andre'. I wasn't thinking about you or Cat or anyone. I was caught up in the moment.'

'I like you Tori, a lot.'

'I like you too Andre',' she said as she playfully pushed him.

'We can't just forget this and move on.'

'Why not?'

'You hurt me.' He placed his hand in hers. 'It's going to take time but I'll always be here for you.' He hugged her and she blinked back tears.

'Thanks for understanding.'

'It's one of my many endearing qualities,' Andre said as he broke the hug. 'I understand why you kissed him. I'll talk to everyone and tell them to go easy on you.'

She smiled as he headed out. 'Can you see if you can find a doctor?'

When he opened the door Jade, Robbie, Rex, and Cat nearly fell into the room.

'We were just . . . . Eavesdropping,' Andre' said as he cut Robbie off. 'She's been through enough. You've all had your say now leave it be.'

'Fine. It's not like Cat broke her nose,' Jade said.

Everyone made their way to the waiting area. 'I'll go find that doctor,' Andre said as he closed the door.

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