Pinkshuchan: LALIHO! Hi everyone! My name is Pinkshuchan but you all can call me Shu. I like lots of anime and Junjou Romantica is one of my favorites. So, I came up with these tiny fantasy like oneshot stories starring the three main couples of Junjou Romantica called Junjou Fantasy. This first little story is starring Misaki and Akihiko so I hope you like it. I don't own Junjou Romantica nor its characters. They belong to Shungiku Nakamura. Now without further adieu, I give you the first story. Enjoy!

The Rabbit King

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a great and powerful king in a beautiful castle. His name was King Akihiko. Ever since he was little, he loved bears. And every year on his birthday, his royal subjects would give him teddy bears. Teady bears, teddy bears, and more teddy bears. By the time he was 28 years old, he had obtained every single teddy bear in existance.

When his subjects gave him the teddy bears they bought for him, he was not pleased. With every teddy bear they gave him, he kept saying "I already have this teddy bear. Take it away!" And all his subjects became ashamed that they were not able to impress their king with the right present. Then without warning, a man in very poor clothes who looked like he was about the same age as King Akihiko came in, carrying with him a box with tiny holes. He came before the king and bowed like anyone else would.

"Good day, Your Majesty." he said "My name is Takahiro. I own the farm in the fields near the kingdom. Unfortunately as Your Majesty can see, I am very poor and I was unable to buy a teddy bear for His Majesty's birthday." The rest of the people gasped at the cruel honesty of the farmer. The king raised his hand for them to stop and allowed the farmer to continue. "However, I didn't come giftless. In this box was something I found lying on a flower bed in a garden that belonged to my mother before she passed away. I know it isn't a teddy bear, but I hope it would be to Your Majesty's standards."

The royal adviser took the box from the farmer Takahiro and gave it to the king. King Akihiko opened the box which revealed the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his whole life.

There, lying in a grass bed deep within the box was a cute fuzzy brown rabbit. When the light shined on it, it began to open its eyes and looked up at King Akihiko. The king was awestruck looking at beautiful emerald eyes. He gently picked up the rabbit and held it close to him. At first, the rabbit was scared and tried to be free from the king's grasp, but when the king began to softly stroke its fur, the rabbit rested itself upon the king's arm and closed its eyes; letting the big soft hands pet him to his heart's content.

"Tell me!" said King Akihiko "What type of flowers was this rabbit sleeping on?"

"They were just blossoms." said Takahiro "They are very beautiful. I can bring one and show it to you if you want."

"Beautiful blossoms? There is no need to bring them. I just asked so I can figure out a name for this rabbit."

"And...?" Everyone asked the king.

"This rabbit's name will be... Misaki."

And so the rabbit, Misaki became the king's royal pet and best friend. From that day, when all his royal duties were done, King Akihiko would go up to his chambers and play with his little fuzzy companion. The rabbit would keep trying to run away from him, but the king would always catch him. Seeing that the king was very infactuated with the rabbit, the royal subjects became calling him King Usagi. King Usagi loved his rabbit and he loved the farmer for giving him to him. He decided that he would ask the farmer over for a feast.

Takahiro was honored to be dining with the king and didn't hesitate to come. As they ate the big meal they were given, the king and the farmer would talk about their lives since the king's birthday and King Usagi would often talk about how good Misaki had been. Of course, the feast couldn't last long and Takahiro had to leave.

"Are you sure you cannot stay for dessert, my dear friend?" asked King Usagi.

"Unfortunately, yes." said Takahiro "I appreciate the king's hospitality, but I might go. Besides, I plan on proposing to a beautiful maiden who has captured my heart tomorrow so I must get my sleep."

"Oh I see. Well then, I wish for you the best."

Without another word, the farmer left the castle and went back to his farm. The king walked through the castle until he reached his chambers; he looked like he was fine when he was actually torn apart on the inside. When he walked into his chambers, he sat on his bed in silence. He felt something brush against his hand. He looked down to see his little rabbit looking up at him with tear felt eyes. The rabbit had actually snuck out of the chambers and saw the whole scene before his own eyes. He knew how the king felt for the farmer and was sad to see his master upset. King Usagi held the rabbit close to him.

"You shouldn't be so sad, my little Misaki." said the king "I guess he and I weren't meant to be." Tears began to run down his face. "I act strong for the kingdom, but in reality, I'm really lonely." The rabbit climbed onto the king's chest and snuggled close to him. "Yes, I know I've got you, Misaki. But I want to have someone to be there for me. Someone who I could hold and kiss to my heart's content. Someone I can dance and walk with. Someone who I can hold their hand and show them my love by placing their hand on my heart. But that may forever be a dream." He put the rabbit on the pillow next to his and laid down; facing the long eared creature. "I wish I could find someone who cares about me as much as you do, Misaki.

The king went to sleep after that. Misaki hated to see his master in that state and wished to do something about it. Suddenly, a flash of light came and a fairy with red hair in a white dress appeared before the rabbit. She looked over at the king, and then back at the rabbit.

"This king wishes for a human with a heart like yours." said the fairy "And you wish to see him happy. Well, I can arrange that. I will turn you into a human to give him all the love and company he wants. This spell will only last until the next day but it can be permanent if the king confesses his love to you and kisses you. And when I mean confesses his love to you, I mean the real you. He must see that you are his beloved rabbit and his true love." She raised her wand. "The spell will be cast the moment the clock strikes midnight and will end the next midnight." And with that said, the fairy disappeared.

The next day, King Usagi woke up to see that Misaki had disappeared. He searched the whole room for his furry companion, but there was nothing. He continued looking until his royal advisor came to the door.

"Your Majesty." he said "You must come and see this. There is a young boy cooking in the kitchen and he wasn't there before."

King Usagi did not really want to see if what the royal advisor said was true, but he knew he had no choice. Besides, maybe Misaki would be back if he left him alone for a while. So he walked downstairs and walked into the kitchen to see that it was true.

There in the kitchen was a boy with shoulder length brown hair cooking in the kitchen. No one knew who the boy was and why he was cooking but they knew it wasn't his place. When everything the boy cooked was ready, he began sending one plate out at a time. He then looked over to King Usagi, bowed, and gestured to the meal. The king was dumbfounded.

"Have you made this for me?" he asked.

The boy nodded. The king looked at the boy closely. His face was definitely young; around 18. He was very skinny and short which could help him pass as a girl. But what caught the king's attention was that the boy had beautiful emerald eyes that reminded him of Misaki.

"Tell me boy! What's your name?" he asked.

The boy opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. King Usagi didn't care. It would've been better if he was able to speak, but the only thing that mattered was that there in front of him was a boy who was a lot like his rabbit. He asked for the boy to not only eat breakfast with him, but to spend the whole day with him. The boy did not object.

They spent the whole day together. There were times when King Usagi would be so infatuated by the boy, he would hold him in his arms and sometimes try to kiss him, but the boy always kept trying to get away.

After dinner, King Usagi took the boy over to his private garden. He picked a bright red rose from the ground and gave it to the boy. "This is a thank you for today." said the king "Dispite how I act, I'm actually very lonely. I'm telling you this because I can. I can open myself up to you. But I don't know if you feel the same for me. After all, we've just met and..." He could not speak another word. The boy took his hand and brought it close to his chest. King Usagi was overwhelmed with joy feeling the strong heartbeat of the boy. He picked the boy up bridal style, carried him back to his chambers, dropped him on the bed, and they began to make love.

When the king woke up the next morning, the boy was gone. He looked around the room but that beautiful boy was no where in sight. He placed his hand over his eyes. He didn't understand why he would leave him. After all, they made love with each other. Suddenly, he felt something rub against his head. He looked down to see Misaki snuggling against him. King Usagi picked the rabbit up and hugged him.

"There you are, you little rascal." said the king "Where were you yesterday?" The rabbit just looked up at him with those emerald eyes that had taken the king's heart many times. It then made the king wonder about something. How come Misaki and the boy had the exact same eyes? Now that he thought about it, both the boy and the rabbit were exactly similar in a way.

"Misaki." asked the king "Would you call me strange if I say that I'm in love with you dispite the fact that you're a rabbit?" The rabbit's eyes began sparkling. King Usagi leaned forward and kissed the rabbit. Then, a bright light came from the rabbit and he became the boy the king spend his time with. The king and the rabbit that turned human got married and they lived happily ever after.

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