Pinkshuchan: LALIHO! Hi everyone! It's Pinkshuchan! I'm sure you all must've been tired of waiting for another one of these to pop up. Well you don't have to wait any longer! Behold! I have a Christmas story for Junjou Fantasy. And this time it's with the Terrorist couple. Yay! However, this story has minor appearances from Egoist and Romantica, but it's still mostly Terrorist. Also, this story is meant to be silly so please laugh at what you think is funny. Now without further adieu I give you The Magical Snowman. Enjoy!

The Magical Snowman

It was a beautiful Christmas Eve as everything in the forest was covered with glistening snow. Evergreen trees stood tall and the residents were hibernating. Deep in the forest was a cottage made of the evergreen wood and strong sturdy rocks. This cottage belonged to a poor merchant and his children; a beautiful daughter and a handsome yet very stubborn son. The merchant would always leave his children in order to get food and money to help them live. The daughter; Risako, would clean the cottage and bake some sweets to pass the time. The son; Shinobu, would be out exploring the forest. Of course eventually everything ended up becoming boring for him. So, he began doing something no one would ever guess him trying to do; he started to build a snowman.

Shinobu worked on the snowman for hours until finally, he build it. And it didn't look like any type of snowman. This particular snowman was built in the form of a handsome man. Shinobu would never tell his father or sister that he found men attractive more than girls. He may end up disowned or worse. But all he ever wanted was someone who would love him for him and take him to a place he would never get bored. He looked at the snowman he built.

"You're really quite the snowman, aren't you?" he asked "It would be wonderful if you were real." He went onto his tippy toes and kissed the snowman's icy lips. Suddenly, the snowman began to glow. Shinobu moved away from it and noticed that it was starting to move. When it stopped glowing, it began to rub its eyes. Shinobu couldn't believe what he was seeing. A snowman that moves.

"Wow!" said the snowman "I must've been sleeping for a long time. But now I'm free from my dreaded curse." He walked over to Shinobu. "Hey boy! Tell me! Do you know where my true love is?"

"Who?" Shinobu couldn't help but ask.

"My true love! The one who kissed me and freed me from my curse."

"Oh. That was me."

The snowman laughed. "No really."

"I'm serious."

The snowman couldn't believe what he heard. "That's impossible. You can't be my true love. My true love is supposed to be a beautiful woman."

"Really or are you just wishing it was?"

"Well, there was nothing in the spell that said my true love was female, but then again, if your kiss turned me human again then..."

"Um... you're not really human, Mr. Snowman."

The snowman looked at him; his eyes not believing what he heard. "What?" he asked "Not human? How can I not be? And what did you mean when you called me a snowman?"

"You are a snowman. Look at yourself."

And so, the snowman did. He was so shocked, he fell to the cold snow covered ground. And surprisingly, he didn't mind it. "That's impossible." he said "I remember the spell perfectly."

"What's the spell?" asked Shinobu.

"'Roses are red and violets are blue. Guess what I'll be doing to you. You'll become white and no longer a man 'til true love's kiss turns you human again.' That's it! I have no idea how I became a snowman."

Shinobu wasn't paying attention. He found something on the spot the snowman was. It was a piece of paper. And it had writing on it. He began to read it.

"Mr. Snowman?" he asked.

"Would you please stop calling me that?" asked the snowman "Call me Miyagi."

"Ok Miyagi. Anyways, you are right about the spell except for the last part. It's not 'You'll become white and no longer a man 'til true love's kiss turns you human again.' It's 'You'll become white and no longer a man 'til true love's kiss turns you into a live snowman.'"

Miyagi grabbed the paper and looked at it. "Aww damn it!"

Shinobu stared at him. "How could you confuse 'human again' and a live snowman' up?"

"What do you think? I'm old."

"How old?"

"I'm 35."

"So what? I don't care if you're 20 or 35 or even 100 years old. I'm in love with you."

Miyagi stared at him. "What the hell do you mean 'you're in love with me'? I'm practically your senior. And even if I wasn't, how could you fall in love with me? We just met."

"I fell in love with the moment you became alive. So now, you must take responcibility for having me fall in love with you."

Miyagi slapped his forehead. "Great. I'm a snowman and a kid has fallen in love with me. I need to become human again."

"Just out of curiousity, Miyagi. How did you get turned into snow?"

"I was cursed by a very sensitive creature. You ask to stay for the night and just as you're about to leave, they turn you into cold white snow."

"Why? What happened?"

"That's not important right now. Right now, I need to get to the ice castle on the other side of the forest and change myself back into a human. If I have to feel a person's foot stepping on me one more time, they are going to lose that same foot." He faced Shinobu. "Anyways, whether you are my true love or not, I thank you for kissing me and making me a snowman instead of just snow, but now I must go break free from this curse."

Miyagi was about to leave until Shinobu ran in front of him and blocked his path. "Not so fast. You still need to take responcibility for your actions."

"What actions?"

"I fell in love with you."

"That doesn't count."

"I don't care. If you're determined to go and become human, I'm coming along with you."

"Don't be an idiot! You're still young! You still have a lot of life in you. You may die in this forest. And besides, what about your family?"

Shinobu walked to the cottage. At first, Miyagi thought he might've been able to convince Shinobu, but then he heard something he didn't want to hear. "Risako? Tell Father I'm going on a journey to help the one I love become human again!"

"Ok!" said the voice in the cottage "Have fun!"

And that was when Miyagi knew. He wasn't just going to break his curse; he was going to have to babysit. The two walked through the green and white forest on the quest to go to the ice castle and turn Miyagi back into a human. Shinobu took this opportunity to find out about Miyagi; who he is, his interests, everything. He just had to know the one he loves.

"So Miyagi, what was your life before you became snow?" he asked.

"Well, I was a scholar who would travel from kingdom to kingdom. I've taught many kings how to read, write, and make cabbage stir fry. One day, I was travelling around until a snow storm came my way. I knew I needed a place to rest. Suddenly, I saw a castle made entirely out of ice. Without hesitation, I went to the castle in need of shelter. The person who lived in the castle was very kind and allowed this old man to rest. When the storm cleared up, I thanked the owner of the castle and was about to leave until he cast a spell on me. And that was how I ended up like this."

"You sure you didn't do anything to anger him?"

"I don't remember. I'm old, remember?"

Shinobu wasn't satisfied with just the story. Not to mention he was getting tired of Miyagi continuously calling himself old. He needed to come up with another topic. "So you're a scholar, right? Do you read some good books?"

"Of course. I read lots of books. I have a few favourite authors; William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Alexandre Dumas, Charles Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Dr. Seuss."

"Dr. Seuss?"

"It makes me feel young. I don't like the feeling of being old."

"You're 35! I've seen 80 year olds able to remember a lot of things and be able to do tricks. Now that I think about it, you've become a snowman that can walk and talk. Could you do anything else?"

"I'm not Frosty the Snowman. I'm just a 35 year old man in the body of a snowman and... AHHH!"

Shinobu looked at him. "What?" he asked.

"My arm's gone!"

That was it? "You're a snowman right now. So what if you lost an arm? I can just make you another one. I can make it right now." And so, Shinobu began grabbing some snow and remaking Miyagi's arm. After two minutes of it, the whole arm was made again.

"Thanks." said Miyagi.

"You're welcome." said Shinobu. And so they continued on their way to the ice castle. That was until Shinobu tripped and fell onto Miyagi; causing Miyagi to become a pile of snow. The only thing of the snow body that was still in tact was the face. "Are you ok Miyagi?" asked Shinobu.

"Well, considering I'm now a pile of snow and you're crushing me into the ground, yes I'm perfectly fine." said Miyagi in a sarcastic manner.

Shinobu blushed. "I... I guess I am on top of you, aren't I?"

"No shit Sherlock. Now, can you get off?"

Shinobu just leaned forward and kissed Miyagi. At first, Miyagi tried to struggle, but then he gave up and just let Shinobu kiss him. And surprisingly, it felt good. They kept up their makeout session until Shinobu felt something cold surrounding him. It was arms made of snow. Shinobu got off and Miyagi was able to stand up with his full body in tact.

"Well, let us continue out journey." said Miyagi. He kept walking until Shinobu stopped him. "What?"

"We just kissed and you don't say anything about it? Like if it was good or not?"

"I'm not into men."

"You looked like you were into that kiss though."

"Maybe I'd forgotten you were a boy at that time. Anyways, let's keep going. We're almost there." Shinobu really didn't want to continue if Miyagi would only have half-assed feelings about him, but he knew that Miyagi was desperate to become human again so he didn't bother stopping. Besides, he was curious to know what Miyagi looked like a human. They continued on their journey and eventually made it to the ice castle. They walked to the door and knocked.

"Who is it?" yelled a booming voice from inside.

"I am the scholar Miyagi!" Miyagi yelled in "The same scholar you turned into snow."

Without warning, the door opened. Shinobu and Miyagi took it as a sign to come in. They walked down the hall until they reached the throne room. There was no one there.

"That's wierd." said Miyagi "The master of this castle should be here."

"And he is."

Suddenly, they saw a giant monster behind the ice wall behind the throne. Shinobu hid behind Miyagi while Miyagi didn't look the least bit scared. The sight of the monster wasn't really clear behind the ice wall, but they could definitely tell he was scary.

"Now what the hell do you want?" yelled the monster.

"You placed a curse on me to turn me into snow and now that I've become a snowman, I want you to change me back into a human."

The demon laughed. "What makes you think I'll change you back into a human just because you want me to? Besides, I don't see why I should change you back after you tried sexually harrassing me?"

Shinobu glared at Miyagi. "You're not into men? What do you explain what you did to the master here?"

"It was just a joke. I'm not gay!"

"It doesn't matter." said the demon "Either way, I'm not going to change you back into a human and there's no force in the universe who'll change my mind."

"Hiro-san? I'm home!"

Shinobu and Miyagi turned around to see a very tall man carrying groceries in. The tall man looked over at the demon. "Hiro-san why are you always hiding behind that wall? Come on out. You have guests. Besides, I got you that devil cake you wanted."

The demon walked out from behind the wall to reveal that he wasn't a giant after all. He still wasn't human though. He turned out to be a satyr wearing a blue cape and a crown made of ice. He walked over to the tall man. "Why must you always ruin the mood? I was scaring them here."

"Oh come on Hiro-san. You're the one always complaining that no one likes you. Well how you treat them doesn't help the situation."

"This is none of your business Nowaki."

"It is my business because I want my beautiful Hiro-san to be happy."


Nowaki just ignored him and walked over to Shinobu and Miyagi. "It's nice to meet you both. My name is Nowaki and you've already met Hiro-san. I have to appoligize for his behavior though. He can be a little grumpy when he doesn't get his devil cake."

"I DO NOT..." Before Hiro-san could continue, Nowaki had already sliced a piece of cake and gave it to him. Hiro-san took the cake and began chomping it down. Nowaki looked back at the boy and the snowman.

"Anyway, is there a reason you're here?" he continued.

"Yes." said Miyagi "A while back that demon turned me into snow and now that I've become a snowman, I came over here to request being turned back into a human."

"I'm very sorry." said Nowaki "Hiro-san has quite the temper, but unfortunately once he's cast a spell, it's hard for him to undo it. But you shouldn't worry. There is someone who can help you. He comes around here at midnight every Christmas Eve so you can wait here for him here. I'm sure he'll be able to turn you back into a human if you ask him."

And so, Shinobu and Miyagi waited in the ice castle with Nowaki and Hiro-san for hours. It was hard to wait but they had no choice. Then midnight came and unfortunately no one came. Miyagi got angry.

"You lied!" yelled Miyagi; pointing at Nowaki "No one's here!"

"I'm sure he's just running late." said Nowaki "He usually is depending on how the night is." Suddenly, they heard jingle bells. "Told you!" Everyone ran out the castle to see something flying in the sky. It was a sleigh. The sleigh continued to fly until it flew down to the ground and landed.

"You took your sweet time again as usual I see." said Hiro-san "It's never any rush to come visit, huh?"

Shinobu couldn't believe his eyes. This was Santa's sleigh. So that meant... "Are you Santa?" he asked.

On the sleigh, a man with silver and white bunny ears wearing a Santa suit faced Shinobu. "Nope." he said "Santa retired 50 years ago. I'm Usagi Claus. And along with me is my little helper."

He picked up what looked like a brown teddy bear wearing a green elf's outfit. The teddy bear didn't look all that pleased and had its arms crossed. "I hate this job." it said "Why must I always be a teddy bear every Christmas? Why not something fierce like a tiger or an eagle or something other than a teddy bear?"

"Because everyone loves teddy bears." said Usagi Claus "Besides, you make an adorable teddy bear." He leaned in and gave the teddy bear a kiss. The teddy bear wiped the kiss off with his paw.

"You can at least turn me back!"

"I will. When we get home to the North Pole, I'll change you back. Then, I will throw you onto the bed, rip off all your clothes, then kiss you 'til your lips bruise and then..."

Before he could say anymore, the teddy bear covered his mouth. "Stupid Usagi! Don't say those things out loud." The teddy bear was blushing at the thought of everything Usagi Claus said. Usagi Claus chuckled and brought the teddy bear close to him.

"You are just too adorable Misaki. It makes me want to take you right here."

"Idiot! Don't you have a job to do right now?"

Usagi Claus sighed. "Fine. Is there any wishes you ask for?"

"The usual." said Hiro-san.

"Of course Hiroki. You wish for all the latest books in spell casting. Here you go!"

The next thing they knew, Hiro-san had lots of books falling on him. He did not look pleased to have thousands of books fall on top of him. "You have to do this every fucking time, don't you Akihiko?"

"What can I say?" said Usagi Claus "It's funny." He looked at Nowaki. "What do you wish for?"

"The usual for me too."

"Hiroki's happiness? You got it." Suddenly, Hiro-san looked happy and he was hugging Nowaki. Nowaki in return hugged him back. Usagi Claus looked over at Miyagi. "And you?"

"I ask to be human again." said Miyagi "You see, that satyr there had cast a spell on me and it turned me into snow. Then, according to the spell, it said that true love's kiss would turn me into a snowman and you can see that's what I am now."

"And tell me, who was the one who kissed you?"

"That's me." said Shinobu.

Usagi Claus looked over at him. "And what do you wish for?"

"All I want is that maybe Miyagi, the snowman, could fall in love with me. I love him and I would do anything for him but..."

"Say no more. Miyagi is it? I'll turn you back into a human if you could at least try to fall in love with this young boy. After all, he's the one that kissed you to turn you into a snowman so you could be here, so now at least do something nice to him."

Miyagi looked over at Shinobu. "Alright. I'll try to fall in love with you."

"Would you really?" asked Shinobu "You're not saying it just to be human again?"

"I am honestly saying this Shinobu. I'll try to fall in love with you. You would really want to be with an old man like me?"

"Of course. I love you Miyagi."

"Alright then." said Usagi Claus "It's time to turn you into a human again." And then in a flash, Miyagi had become human again. And surprisingly, Miyagi's human form looked exactly like the snowman Shinobu made. Shinobu went over to Miyagi and kissed him. Miyagi kissed him back. "Well then." Usagi Claus continued "I'll be taking my little helper back home, turn him back to human, and fuck him all night."

"USAGI!" Misaki yelled at him but Usagi Claus just rode the sleigh back up in the sky and they disappeared. Since then, Shinobu and Miyagi were always together and travelling around the world together. Eventually, Miyagi admitted he had fallen in love with Shinobu and everyone lived happily ever after.

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