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Chapter 1: birthrights, training, and finals

"Hey Kakashi sensei!"

Kakashi looked up from his book to see Naruto running towards him. Kakashi was currently at the hospital to see Sasuke who had gotten here after he had the curse mark put on his neck by Orochimaru. He had it sealed and was put here so that he could heal.

"Kakashi sensei,:" Naruto said, "Can you train me for my fight against Neji? I've been trying to think of ways to do it myself and I'm coming up blank."

"No," Was the answer.

"What why not?" Naruto asked. He was starting to get really annoyed with his so called sensei. He always took Sasuke off after training to teach him special jutsu.

Kakashi looked around and then leaned down to Naruto.

"I can't tell you here," he said making Naruto raise and eyebrow, "Meet me in the Hokage's office in twenty minutes I'll explain there."

Naruto was slightly confused but decided to just listen to his sensei. He had a feeling this was going to get very interesting.

Twenty minutes later…

Naruto arrived in the Hokage's office wondering what it was Kakashi wanted to tell him. He was shocked to see that Kakashi was already there.

"Your actually here," Naruto said surprised. He ran to the window and looked up to the sky as if searching for something. The Hokage and Kakashi looked at Naruto like he was nuts when Naruto turned around.

"Okay," he said relieved, "It's not the end of the world!"

The two sweat dropped and looked at Naruto as he turned serious.

"Okay then why won't you train me Kakashi?" Naruot asked really wanting some answers.

"Because," Kakashi said, "I'm not strong enough to be your teacher Naruto."

"What?" Naruto was wondering if he had actually heard that right, "Your not strong enough?"

"Naruto," Kakashi explained, "If you are anything like your mother and father you are going to need a really strong perosn to train you. Unfortunately that person is too busy at the hot springs "researching" for a book."

Naruto sweat dropped at that. He had a feeling that he would like this person.

"For that reason," the hokage said, "we are going to give you your birthrights."

"My birthrights?" Naruto asked hoping that this wasn't some messed up fantasy.

"The hokage smirked at Naruto and reached into his desk. He pulled out five scrolls. One was red, another was green, another was white with kanji for light on it, another was black in kanji on it, another was silver with beast in kanji.

"Naruto," the Hokage said, "Your mother gave me these scrolls for safe keeping before she died."

"My m-mother?" Naruto asked wanting to know more.

"Yes," the old man said, "You see your mother, Kushina Uzumaki, was not form Konoha. She was from the whirlpool village in water county. The Uzumaki clan founded the village and lived there for many years. She came to Konoha under the wishes of her father who wanted and alliance with us. Here she met your father. The two fell in love and after a while they married in secret."

"In secret?" Naruto asked, "Why?"

"Your father," the old fire shadow explained, "had a great deal of enemies in and outside the village. He married your mother in secret to protect her and you from those enemies."

"Who was my father?" Naruto asked.

"I can't tell you," the hokage answered making Naruto pout, "However, I will tell you if you win the tournament and gain the rank of chuunin."

"Okay old man," Naruto said puffing out his chest I wont let you down. Now I have to ask what's with the scrolls?""These," the fire shadow explained, "are scrolls containing fighting styles form your village."

"What are they?" Naruto asked his curiosity really starting to get the best of him now.

"The red one holds the Red Leg fighting style," the Hokage explained, "This particular fighting style uses only the legs to fight. The Uzumaki were known for their skills in a forge and thus made this fighting style to protect their hands from harm. The green scroll contains the Santoryu sword style. This particular style uses techniques that use fewer or more swords. In certain cases with no swords."

"Why would I need a sword style like that?" Naruto asked. The hokage smiled as he gestured to the las three scrolls.

"These three scrolls," he said, "each contain a set of swords. The white and black scroll hold the swords of light and dark. Both sets were forged by a pair of rival brothers. The one who forged the swords of dark defected from the village. The one who forged the swords of light worked for the village and brought his brother to justice."

"Cool," Naruto said interest in the two sets, "but what about this last one."

"This set," Saruto said, "has a bit of a legend around them. It is said that the founder of your clan actually managed to gain favor from the nine bijuu. It is said that he carried these blades and upon gaining there favor they gave a bit of their chakra into the swords. Thus creating the swords of the tailed beasts."

Naruto was floored. Not only had his clan made their own fighting styles and weapons but they gained the favor of the 9 bijuu? This was really starting to get interesting. He flet Kakashi tap on his shoulder and he turned to see his sensei holding a scroll.

"Naruto," he said, "these are some strong jutsu that I learned over the years I want you to take these and learn them."

Naruto smiled widely as he took the scroll. The his face fell.

"Hey old man," Naruto said, "how am I supposed to learn these before the exam in two months I don't have that kind of time!"

"Naruto," the old man explained, "the shadow clones you use are able to relay info to you up being dispersed. Just don't do to many at once it could give you a major headache."

"Thanks old man," Naruto said. He reached out to the scrolls but Sarutobi stopped him.

"Naruto," the man said, "I will only give you these on two conditions. 1) you drop your mask and show everyone the real you. And 2) you get rid of that orange monstrosity and get some real ninja wear."

Naruto nodded his head. Then he took the scrolls and put them in his bag. He was about to race out when he remembered something.

"Hey old man," Naruto called back, "why don't you try to use shadow clones to do the paperwork for you?"

The hokage was about to answer when realization donned on him. Naruto left and so did Kakashi since had to go train Sasuke. Just because he was though it didn't mean that he would enjoy it. As soon as those two left Sarutobi took out a paper that is students had given him. He unfolded it to reveal the words "hit head here" written on it. He then placed said paper on his desk and started banging his head against it going saying "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"


Naruto was walking down the road to find a ninja store. He ignored the glares he got from everyone and found a shop that had a sign in front of it that consisted of two swords crossed in an X pattern. Naruto walked in and saw the last person he expected to see."


Said girl turned around and saw Naruto.

"High Naruto," she said, "What's up?"

"Well," Naruto said, "I came here for some business."

"Really?" Ten-Ten asked getting interested, "What is it?"

"Simple," Naruto said, "I want to get rid of this."

She looked at what Naruto was wearing and couldn't agree fast enough. She wnet through some stuffin the back and brought out some clothes for Naruto to try on. He walked into the back and decided to try them on. After a few minutes Naruto walked out. Instead of the orange jumpsuit he had long baggy black jeans and a pair of black combat boots. He had on a black T shirt that fit him and showed off some muscle that was hidden by the orange jacket he used to wear. On top of that he had a blue sleeveless trench coat with the kanji for rage on the back. Ten-Ten took in Naruto's new appearance and blushed slightly.

Naruto was examining his new look when he noticed something on the wall. It was a black violin with red and gold trimmings. It also had many kanji symbols written on the side.

"What's that?" Naruto asked walking towards it.

"That?" she asked, "It was supposed to be a musical weapon. If you play it while pushing chakra into the symbols it's able to cast powerful ninjutsu or genjutsu. Unfortunately no on has been able to play it. If you do some screeching noise plays instead of music.

Naruto reached out for it and took the bow. He placed the bow on the strings. Before Ten-Ten could warn him he dragged the bow across the strins. Instead of a screeching noise like Ten-Ten expected a lovely tune played. It was so beautiful she found herself lost in it. When it stopped she pouted to herself. Naruto smirked he found a scroll beneath it that had the kanji for music on it and took it too.

"How much will this cost?" he asked. He didn't really have much money.

"Well since we've had that thing a long time and you're the only one whose been able to play it I guess it's free That'll be 600 ryo," she said fighting down her blush.

"Thanks Ten-chan," Naruto said as he paid and left.

'He called me Ten-chan,' she thought with a happy grin on her face. She was really starting to like the new Naruto.


Naruto sat in is apartment with the three sword scrolls around him. He sighed as he undid them all. The scroll of light had the pictures of a dove, a lion, a wolf, a butterfly, a dragon, a leopard, and a phoenix. The scroll of darkness had the pictures of a fox, a large dog, a white fox, a bear, a hawk, a boar, and another fox only this one was red. The third scroll had the pictures of all 9 biju. A one tailed racoon dog thing, a two tailed cat thing, a three tailed turtle, a four tailed monkey, a five tailed dolphin horse thing, a six tialed slug, a seven tailed horned beetle, an eight tailed giant ox and finally a nine tailed fox.

Naruto had a feeling that this was probably not going to be easy. He focused into each scroll and then there was a sudden burst of chakra. In the wake of the burst he was hit with each burst and he lost consciousness.

Naruto's mindscape…

Naruto woke up in a sewer. Naruto looked around and saw a huge door with the words, "Get in here stupid" written on the door in neat handwriting. Naruto groaned at being called that but walked in none the less. He nearly lost it at what he saw. He saw all of the animals from the scrolls he had seen. He even saw the bijuu only they weren't in cages, except for Kyuubi, and they were spacing out.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked.

"Kit," the nine tailed fox said from in his cage, "The bijuu outside the cage ar eth mental representations of the swords you have. They are currently deciding whether or not you are worthy of wielding them."

Naruto was quiet for a minute then the beasts all snapped out of the dazes that they were in. they all turned to Nartuo. The beasts then talked to each other. After they finished the dove, the red fox, and Kyuubi looked at him.

"Child," the dove said, "me and the other beast of the swords of light have come to a conclusion. We have decided to let you wield us. You have shown great courage and a pure heart. For that we allow you to use us."

"Boy," the small fox said, "The swords of darkness have talked and we shall let you wield us. We know that you are willing to kill and that you have incredible strength that will not falter under normal circumstances. For this you will be allowed to wield us."

Naruto smirked happily at that. Then he turned to the representations of the demons who still looked a little dazed when they snapped out of it they looked angry. Naruto knew to back up. As soon as he did the two tailed at roared.

"Impudence!" she roared, "I can't believe how narrow minded these pathetic humans are!"

"I agree sister!" the ox snarled, "I think it's time they learned the difference between a monster it's container."

Kyuubi chuckled to himself. He had a good feeling about this. They all turned to him and they whispered to him trying to keep there voices hushed. Naruto was surprised that they could do that since they were like what five stories high.

"Kit," the fox growled, "we have seen your past and we know the suffering. As an act of retribution we allow you to wield our swords, but we have one condition."

"What would that be?" Naruto asked.

"That you find a group called the Akatsuki and destroy them. And while your at it destroy Orochimaru. That dang snake has been alive for far too long."

"I accept your terms," Naruto said smiling."

"Good," Kyuubi said, "Now there is something you should know. To be able to use our swords you must adapt to our chakra. The result will be some physical changes."

"What kind of changes?" Naruto asked wondering what would happen to him.

"Well heightened senses, some height, increased strength and speed, a few tails, nothing major."


"Yes," the fox said, "there will be signs when you master all the swords. For the swords of light and dark a crystal will appear on the hilt. For our swords you will grow a tail. By the end of that you will be strong enough to take on the greatest army."

"Okay," Naruto said, "but when I start to grow tails could you put up an illusion so other people don't know. I don't think anyone will appreciate me having tails. I have enough problems with the whisker marks on my cheeks."


At that moment all nine beasts breathed in and let out massive burst of chakra at Naruto. Naruto took each blast and then blacked out.

A while later Naruto woke up and looked around. He saw that he was still in the forest only it was night time. He apparently was talking to the people longer than he thought. Naruto decided to head home and go to bed. He ran home at a speed he didn't even know he could go. When he walked into the bathroom he found something that really made him reel. He saw that he was taller making him as tall as Sasuke and that he had some red streaks in his blonde hair. He checked back and saw that he didn't have a tail so he knew that he knew hadn't grown that much. Naruto thought one thing as he put on the pajamas and went to bed.

'Look out Konoha your punching bag is ready to punch back."

Time skip two months later…

Naruto had trained his butt off for the two months. He learned the jutsu that Kakashi sensei gave him pretty quickly thanks to shadow clones. Unfortunately he also found out that the old man was right. To many shadow clones dispersing at once really did give you a killer headache. Naruto also trained in the swords Santoryu style and mastered a few moves. He had only mastered the les complicated moves. The decided he would give one move a try in the fight with Neji to see if he could pull it off. The Red Leg style Naruto managed to get down easy. He had difficulty at first but managed to get it down. He found one move that really peaked his interest. The Devil Leg as it was called used enormous friction to increase the damage of a kick. As much as he wanted to he decided to leave this one be. He was good but he wasn't strong enough for a move like that yet. Naruto learned many songs with his violin. He also found out that when he played it he became very relaxed. At the end of the day he practiced and learned a great deal of songs. Finally at the end of the two months it was time and Naruto had an idea for a flashy entrance. He learned from Kyuubi that the enhancement he took to wield the swords of the nine bijuu also gave him an affinity for each element since it took all nine bijuu to do it. He would have asked Kakashi sensei for some new jutsu be he just decided to leave it be. He didn't want to end up arrogant and demanding like Sasuke.

At the arena everyone was gathered. All the fighters were in the arena while everyone else sat in the stands waiting for the fights to start. The only fighters that weren't in the arena were Naruto and Sasuke.

"I wonder where Naruto is?" Ino asked.

"Who cares about that blonde idiot?" Sakura asked, "He probably get beaten by Neji. The only one worth watching is Sasuke-kun."

Ino looked at her friend. She was surprised at how she had belittled her teammate. She was starting to wonder what Naruto saw in her.

In the Kage booth the "Kazekage" and Hiruzen sat and waited for things to start.

"Where is he?" Hiruzen asked, "I hope he doesn't end up late."

"Yes," the Kazekage said, "I am also wondering where the Uchiha is."

"I wasn't talking about him," Hiruzen said, "I was talking about someone else."

The old man stood up before the Kazekage could ask him to clarify.

"To those who made it the far," he said speaking into a microphone, "I congratulate you on making it. Here we will choose who will receive the rank of chuunin. To those who participate good luck. To those of you who didn't there's always next year."

"All right," the proctor, Genma, said, "Would Neji Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki please approach the center of the arena."

Neji walked forward when he noticed that Naruto wasn't to be seen. He smirked to himself.

"The failure apparently figured out that he could not defy fate," Neji said smugly.

Genma rolled his eyes. Why was it that every clan member with a bloodline was so arrogant? He was about to call the match when a clap of thunder reached his ears. Everybody looked up to see the clouds turning dark and forming a funnel. Then out of said funnel something fell. It looked like a large comet only it was made out of the five main elements. Water, Earth, Fire, tightly compressed air, and lightning. The tail was made of lava, boiling water, a liquid metal, and wood that was breaking up as it fel making look like a comet's tail. The comet slammed into the ground in the center of the ring. When the smoke cleared everyone had to do a double take with what they saw.

In the center of the crater stood a tall blonde with red streaks in his blonde hair. He wore a black skin tight shirt that showed his muscles causing a blush to go through the girls and women of the arena. The had on long baggy jeans and a pair of black sandals on his feet. Over his shirt he wore a black trench coat with kanji for rage on the back and red flames licking at the bottom. In between the rage and flames was the image of a fox with nine tails. A few people bristled at that. He also wore a belt that had the konoha symbol on the buckle. Unknown to everyone on the back of the belt under the trench coat he had the three scrolls for his sword sets connect to the back. He had on a pair of black gloves fingerless gloves and the kanji for music tattooed on his forearm. Naruto grinned and looked up as he had been previously hanging his head hiding his eyes with his bangs.

"Naruto Uzumaki…Is here!"

Dynamic Entry! So what do you think? Good? Bad? I know I may be making Naruto too strong but I wanted him to be on par with the Akatsuki. Naruto knows some strong jutsu and I think that I'll have a few weapons made for the other guys. At least Naruto's friends. And I think I'll get Teuchi and Ayame to learn the Red Leg Style. I want Naruto to be strong but not the only one. Oh and Maiden of the Bloody Rose thank you for inspiring this.