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Chapter 25: End of the Legend?

Naruto charged pain, the paths of pain and Tobi.

The Asura path jumped forward instantly with its arm turning into what resembled a cannon. The path aimed and fired a large blast of energy. Naruto focused chakra into his tails before spinning around and bashing the energy blast to the side shocking all the people who were watching.

The blonde jumped up and slammed his foot down in a powerful drop kick that smashed the armored limb into the ground smashing the armor to pieces. Naruto then spun on his heel and performed a round house kick knocking the Asura path backwards and sending him flying before catching himself.

Naruto then charged forward with the two swords in his hands glowing.

"Two Sword Style: Double Slash!"

Naruto got close enough to the Asura path and swung his swords in an upward arc.

"Tower Climb!"

The suffered a large gash across his chest sending a spatter of blood.

"Tower Climb Return!"

Another huge gash appeared on the path's chest.


Another gash appeared across his chest and severed his left arm.

"Sand Drawing!"

Two more projectiles sliced off the Asura Path's other arm and slice through its leg.

"Demon Bear!"

The infuriated blonde slammed his swords into the Asura paths chest blowing a hole out the back and completely destroying its chest.

Everyone looked on in shock, even the normally stoic Deva path, at the destruction of one of their bodies so easily.

Naruto then faced the rest of them and growled, "Come on."

The other paths then glared at the blonde and the remaining five paths of pain charged at their enemy.

Naruto dodged a swift punch from the Naraka Path. The young jonin then swung around and growled, "Rib!"

A powerful kick knocked the Naraka in the chest with a loud cracking noise signifying broken bones. Naruto then swung around on the man and called out, "Lower Back!"

Kick connected at the base of the Naraka path's spine making him cry out in pain and knocking him forward. The path caught himself before spinning around and trying to swing a punch at Naruto. As he did Naruto subconsciously called on the gravity powers of his new eyes that cause the path to slow down exponentially.

Naruto then performed a round house kick and yelled, "Three Point Cut!"

There were three loud cracks as an impact hit the Naraka path's chest, face, and throat before he was thrown backwards. Naruto charged again and jumped up and spun like a tornado at the man with his blades extended.

"Yaksa Crow!"

Gashes in the shape of a crow's feet appeared on the Naraka path's chest as the blades sliced through his heart. The man fell back dead with a loud thud.

Naruto was then the victim of a bear hug, and he started to feel some of his chakra drain from him. Naruto glanced behind him to see the Preta path holding him in a death grip. Naruto scowled angrily and used his mighty tails to wrap around the man's body. Naruto then lifted him in the air and slammed him down on the ground with a loud crash. Naruto then threw him like a softball high into the air.

Naruto then swung all three of his swords and yelled, "Three Sword Style: Black Rope: Great Dragon Twister!"

Naruto sent a large dragon shaped twister that actually roared as it flew at the air born Preta path. The path screamed in agony as its body was ripped apart by the monstrous twister.

"Enjoy the inferno punk," Naruto muttered.

Naruto was cut off from his thoughts when he had to dodge a kick from the Human path. A plume of smoke revealed the animal path summoning a large snake and a rhino.

The large beasts charged at Naruto. The blonde simply jumped over the rhino before growling, "Jenga Cannon!"

The powerful kick smashed the rhino into the ground and knocked it straight out since the strike hit the back of the rhino's neck. The snake shot at the blonde with incredible speed hissing furiously at him. Naruto charged forward and called out, "Three Sword Style: Demon Crow Hunt!"

Naruto jumped in the air and performed multiple slashes that cut up the snake and made it fall to the ground as it bled out. Naruto charged furiously at the Animal path. The boy spun on his leg and called out, "Devil Leg."

The boy's leg burst into flames and started glow sending wave of heat outward. The blonde vanished and appeared before the woman with his leg extended and yelled, "Collier Strike!"

The blonde's flaming leg not only burned the woman, but sent her flying and smashed her into the side of a building . On top of that there was a powerful stream of fire that burned through the woman's body burning her to death.

The human path shot out and grabbed Naruto. Naruto instantly started to fee weak.

"Your soul," the human path said evilly, "is mine."

The Deva path rolled his eyes and thought, 'He has to stop watching Mortal Kombat which Isom doesn't own either. Wait…where did that come from?'

As the human path started to pull out Naruto's soul the chakra he had flashed white a loud howl reached everyone's ears. The human path screamed in agony as the fowl chakra burned his body. Naruto, who still had the Devil Leg activated slammed the burning foot into the man's stomach knocking him off his feet and sending him flying.

Naruto threw one of his swords into the air and focused chakra into his free hand and a spiral appeared. There was a loud screeching noise. As the human path rose up from the ground his eyes widened in shock. The chakra sphere in Naruto's hand spread out forming a large windmill shuriken.

Naruto then charged in a sudden burst of speed thanks to the sudden control of wind chakra. Naruto appeared in front of the human path and slammed the attack into the man's body roaring, "Rasen-Shuriken!"

Spiraling weapon slammed into the man's chest and in a blast of a chakra sliced him to ribbons. As the blonde's sword came back down he caught it expertly.

Naruto then became the victim of a powerful push that sent him flying before he righted himself in the air with a moon step before coming down and landed on the ground.

Naruto glared at he faced the Deva path. Tobi jumped downward and landed next to the path.

"Tobi will help Deva thing beat Naruto," the masked man said, "because Tobi is a good boy!"

The path and the real pain rolled their eyes as they stared each other down. The deva path held out his hand and sent a gravity wave at Naruto. The blonde's new eyes flashed and the gravity wave dispersed outward before being throwin right back at him and knocking the Deva path around like a pinball.

Tobi pulled out a chain and swung it trying to rip Naruto up. The blonde simply held out his sword and caught the mid range weapon on the blade before he pulled it back pulling Tobi from his spot.

Naruto pulled back his other arm and snarled, "Stern Beast!"

A high speed punch slammed the masked man in the face making the mask crack. Tobi was sent flying backwards while Naruto hefted his swords and charged.

As Tobi rose up from the ground. He saw Naruto charging at him. As Naruto charged he saw a glimpse of red in the eyehole of Tobi's mask. Naruto immediately recognized the Mangekyou Sharingan eye.


Black flames shot out of the ground right in front of Naruto. As the black flames soared at the blonde Naruto felt an instinkt rise in him.

His eyes burned and he growled, "Flames of Agni!"

Red and white flames shot from Naruto's eyes and completely usurped the black flames much to the shock of all the people that were watching. Tobi was so shocked that he couldn't move. He realized this folly too late as Naruto appeared in front of him, leapt upwards, and growled, "Three Sword Style: Extreme Tiger Hunt!"

Naruto crossed the swords in his hands over the sword in his mouth and swung them as he descended. An aura in the shape of a tiger's head followed him and a loud roar sounded. Tobi stood completely still until his whole body split in two and a large gash appeared over where his eyes would have been. The body fell to the ground just as the Deva path got up and glared daggers at our hero.

The path tired launching another blast of gravity at the blonde, but Naruto's powers kept it from doing just that. Naruto spun on his heel again and yelled, "Storm Leg: Leopard Tail!"

A blade of chakra shot out from Naruto's leg and struck the path exploding before he could react and sent him staggering. Naruto then held out his two swords and started to spin them.

Naruto launched himself at the Deva path and called out, "Three Sword Style Secret Technique: Three Thousand Worlds!"

Naruto ran past the Deva path and stood still for a moment before a gust of wind blew through the area. A huge splash of blood sprayed out from the Deva path as he cried out in agony.

Naruto then turned around and all three of his swords glowed. Naruto stepped backwards a little bit and said, "Three Sword Style Secret Technique: Crossing the Six Paths!"

There was a long silence before the Deva Path split horizontally and both halves split into six pieces.

Naruto then faced Pain and glared at him with his enhanced Rinnegan.

"Your army is dead," Naruto growled, "and the biju are all gone Pain. End this madness now."

"No," Pain growled as he rose up and glared at the blonde, "I will not abandon my vision."

Naruto sighed as he called on the gravity power again and balls of condensed energy appeared on his knuckles.

"Then this is where you must fall Pain," Naruto said solemnly, "Gravity Bullet!"

The condensed ball shot outward and tore through Pain's stomach just barely missing the vital organs, but the attack severed his spin making his legs useless. The man fell to his knees in a cry of pain.

Naruto then held out his hands and a dark aura covered him. The aura took the form of a six armed and three headed statue. To the shock of all the people watching two extra pairs of arms formed on Naruto as well as tow extra heads.

Naruto then charged at the downed Pain. Naruto swung all in a spinning motion like a drill.

"Nine Sword Style: Asura: Drilling Force!"

When Naruto stopped swinging he ended up in a stance where all the swords were extended in a while like stance.

Pain cried out in agony as his body was then cut to pieces.

Naruto's body returned to normal and the bindings made by the Asura power of Pain broke apart freeing his comrade's everyone yelled out victoriously at least until Naruto let out a groan. There was a loud crackling noise. Naruto threw back his head in a sudden roar of pain and power as he flahsed brightly and then vanished in a blast of bright light.

Everyone looked around confused not exactly sure what just happened.

Three months later…

The next few months were spent burying the bodies of the people killed in Pain's attack and rebuilding all that had been destroying in the great battle. Upon finishing repairs a statue of Naruto was erected in the middle of the town square. Everyone, even the people in wave, came and honored the hero. Jiraiiya was placed ina special palce buried next to his first favorite student and his old sensei.

Most of the original Konoha 12 had survived in good health. The same could not be said for Chouji and Lee.

While most of his team had managed to survive being poisoned by the vicious plant man the explosion had greatly damaged Chouji's arm. While the flesh could be healed the chakra coils were burned beyond repair. Instead of being sad like a normal ninja Chouji just smiled and said that he would be able to take over the Akamichi family restaurant when he got the chance.

Lee had gained severe internal injury due to his use of the Second Gear. His body managed to be repaired, but the strain on his muscles had caused them to be put beyond their limits. Lee wouldn't be able thankless the stress of a ninja fight again. Lee's attitude, however, kept him from getting down. He swore then that if he was allowed when he was older he would become a taijutsu teacher with help from Gai sensei who gladly accepted the role along side his favorite pupil.

The rest of the Konoha 12 got along pretty good. Kiba, surprisingly, wound up dating Azula. She apparently had a thing for wild men as she put it. Tsume was glad at this because it meant she would have tough grandkids and little pups for her to spoil in a few years.

Neji actually wound up with Ty Lee which was shocking given Ty Lee's attitude. Apparently Neji had this strange calming effect on her and could actually get her to settle down.

To the shock of all the people in the village Mai and Lee wound up dating. It finally happened after Lee asked her out at least a thousand times making a world record. Mai finally said yes so that he would leave her alone. To her, and everyone else's great shock, Lee was actually quite the romantic. On the date lost his loud personality and because actually quite the charmer. Some girls were actually jealous because it turns out Lee was quite the romantic.

Kira wound up Jirobo who had a much easier time controlling his "wild side" as he called it.

Karin wound up dating Suigetsu. Though it took a while since she had to be some of the boy's perverted tendencies out of him.

Shizune and Kakash got married a month later followed by Kurenai and Asuma.

Iruka wound up getting Ayame pregnant and was promptly chased around town by the woman's father wielding a freakishly large butcher knife and a frying pan. After wearing the old man down Iruka proposed and the two got married much to the relief of Iruka since he didn't have to worry about getting neutered in his sleep by his new father-in-law.

Yuugao wound up dating Scorpion since they did some bonding at the party that Ty lee threw at Naruto's house.

All in all everyone was happy. Well most of them.

Hinata, Mei, Ten-Ten, Temari, and Anko were all in a pretty major funk. A few days after Naruto disappeared Tsunade sent out ANBU to find the boy. She even got help from the other nations since Naruto helped unite them in a sense.

Nobody found anything all over the nations. It was like the blonde had just disappeared off the face of the earth.

A few people tried to approach the girls and try to comfort them. In other words they were trying to get them into the sack. Oen man even went so far as to proclaim the best way to honor their lost love was to move on. The man was then the victim of a Jyuken strike to the nuts.

We now join Hinata and her friends asleep in the Namikaze manor.

Hinata was currently having reoccurring dream about her and Naruto's wedding day. How she thought it would all go out. Just as she was about to kiss her groom everything went black.

The woman looked around and was surprised to see Anko, Ten-Ten, Temari, and Mei there with her.

"What's going on?" Anko asked clearly nervous and wishing she had her swords with her.

"I don't know," Mei said, "but I go at funny feeling."

The sound of footsteps reached their ears. They girls spun around and saw three figures standing above them.

Two were girls one was a man.

The man was tall with pale skin and long white hair. He wore a traditional samurai outfit with a long dagger in his right hand.

The first woman stood as tall as the man with a long white kimono with star and diamond patterns adorning it. The woman had golden eyes with long black hair and creamy white skin.

The second girl was wearing a black kimono with fire and skull patterns on it. She had long red hair with a few black highlights and pale skin with dark red eyes.

"W-Who are you supposed to be?" Anko asked bravely, but was still a little nervous.

The woman with black hair said, "There is no need to be scared. I'm am Kami. This is my sister Yami and my brother Shinigami."

The girls all looked shocked.

"You're Kami?" Anko asked before she, along with Ten-Ten, did a fist pump and yelled, "HA! TAKE THAT YOU SEXIST PIGS! THE MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVERSE IS A GIRL! IN YOUR FACES!"

Everyone sweat dropped at their actions before turning to the three gods.

"What are you doing here?" Mei asked, "Is this an omen or something."

"No," the Shinigami said, "if this was an omen I would be doing it myself not with these two. Anyway it regards your shared lover…he's alive."

The girls all gasped.

"What? He's alive where is he?" Hinata asked desperate to see her lover again.

"Calm yourself girl," Kami said, "There is a great darkness coming. A great evil only one strong enough can defeat which just so happens to be your husband. We called him and sent him on his way a while ago after he spent time getting used to his new eyes."

The girls all looked at each other before gaining sad looks.

"So," Temari said sadly, "We'll never able to see him again?"

Yami stepped forward and held out her hand revealing a few strange looking keys.

"You will see him again," the goddess said, "If you want to see him use these keys in any door. They will take you to him. Now if you'll excuse me I still have to torture that Jashin loving weirdo. I love hearing him scream."

The girls looked at each other knowing that he was referring to Hidan of the Akatsuki.

The girls woke up the next morning wondering what that crazy dream was about. They then realized it wasn't a dream when they found the keys in their hands.

Simultaneously they all smiled knowing that one day. They would see their Naruto again.

The end…for now.


An ancient evil has risen from the darkness.

The screen shows a vast army of monsters made completely out of darkness with yellow eyes while dramatic music plays in the background.

World after world has been consumed by the this evil. One by one turning its inhabitants into vile creatures.

The screen shows the darkness covering an entire planet and slowly and painfully the darkness covers the planets inhabitants into monstrous creatures while the music takes on a more darker tune.

An army of evil lead by 7 cure generals and headed by a vile master.

The screen shows 7 shadowy figures before showing a man sitting on a thrown made of black rock and bones who then laughs evilly.

Now one man stands against this darkness the greatest hero of all time.

The screen shows a man in a hood before he pulls it back revealing…Naruto.

The blonde smirks at the reader and asked, "Who did you expect Goku?"


The screen shows Naruto charging in at the army with his swords drawn and at the ready.

He was able to save his world from destruction? But can Naruto Uzumaki save the world from Eternal Darkness?

Th escreen shows Naruot slaughtering the dark creatures before coming to face a large monolith of a monster that roars. Naruto glares before white chakra covers him and his enhanced Rinnegan eyes flash.

"Come on!" the blonde yells as he jumps up with his eyes flashing as the monolith swings a powerful punch.

Just as the monoliths fist is about to hit there was another flash revealing the title of the story/movie.

Naruto: Eternal Darkness

Coming to a fan fiction site near you. 2012.