A/N: My first multi-chapter fic! Oh, I'm so happy. :)

It is also the first Supernatural/Percy Jackson crossover...mmmmm my favorite things! Of course, this had something to do with freakin' Jake Allen Abel, the sexiest beast to grace both PJO AND Supernatural.

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The day, predictably, started out like any other.

Not that Percy didn't like predictability. It was a lot better than the alternative—looking over your shoulder for the world to come down any second now—but, to be honest, it was also a little boring.

Give the boy some credit. He did manage to help save the world. That was always a good thing. But blame it on the ADD, or the restlessness, or anything—he was bored. Really bored. So bored he found himself wishing for another near-Apocalyptic death match between him and anyone else just so he could get the hell out of camp.

Chiron sent he, Annabeth, and Thalia on a couple of missions earlier during the year, retrieving more claimed demigods, but it was getting to be winter now, and the magical border of the camp could only prevent so much snow. The road to Camp Half-Blood had been snowed in, upwards of five feet, the week before.

All of this and more is why, when Annabeth shook him awake on a peacefully dull Thursday night with a look of panic on her face, Percy jumped right up with a smile on his face.

Thalia barged in as Percy pulled on armor, knowing from the little intel that Wise Girl left with him before sprinting out the door that there was an intruder. That was always fun.

The expression she wore was more threatening and angered than he'd ever seen on her, which was saying something. "Get that smirk off your face, Jackson," she muttered, voice cracking furiously, like a whip against skin.

Percy just shrugged, ignoring that weird gut feeling and the hairs on the back of his neck foreshadowing the things that came next. "But it's action." He knew the daughter of Zeus had been dying for it, too.

The words rebutting left her lips scathingly as Thalia stormed out of the door, but her tone wasn't what gave Percy the distinct feeling that his lungs had been crushed. The words themselves were what hit him, hail against a tin roof, ringing in his ears and leaving him stunned and deafened for so long that he barely heard Nico screaming for him right outside the Cabin Three door.

"It's Luke, you fuck."