Disclaim: I do not own death note or Haruhi Suzmiya I am a fan ps: because of my learning disability some grammar is incorrect I cannot help it I try and misa does not excised in this story sorry thought are in italic this is my first story so enjoy

It was a normal day for Haruhi Suzmiya and for her normal meant boring as hell, so to ease her boredom she decided to take the SOS Brigade out to search of strange actives around town, little did she know it would change her life forever. (On the other side of town) "Ryuzaki how long do we have to be out her" Light asked the raven haired man next to him, Watari had suggest no forested him, Ryuzaki and the other members of the task force to take the day off and go outside. He said that spending 3 months straight in a office billing sitting in front of a computer screen not seeing the light of day scents we first came was bad for you and maybe it was but he couldn't keep going on like this he was sill killing the same amount of criminals per day "at this rated L's going to catch up to me, I'm under enough suspicion as is it would be so helpful if I had a partner." Well said Ryuzaki backing Light's train of Thoth Watari said he didn't want to see us back at that billing till 4:00. Light looked at his watches 12:30 just great. (Haruhi P.O.V.) "Auuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not one account of strange active in this whole town" Haruhi screamed as she banged her head on the café table "relay why do I have to live in shuts a boring town." Look Haruhi maybe it good that we live in a normal town, it's lest dangerous" said kyon but what he meant was "you crazy idiot stop looking for danger, I can only imaged what you do if you found out you were god, you probably blow the world up, be happy with your "normal" life." But of courtsheed never tell her that. "What are you talking about Kyon, I live for danger and can't stand it to be boring, I thought you of all people would know that" Haruhi at kyon with tears running down her face but kyon rolled his eye "that was it the last straw" she ran out of the café leaving the SOS brigade sitting in silent.

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