A quick one shot I made while I worked on the next chapters for my stories. Just decided since it wouldn't leave me alone.


School Of Seven Bells


"Hurry up and pick already!" Harley whisper yelled in my ear.

"Calm your tits dude I need to find someone believable." I snapped, scoping our general area of the food court. Then I saw him. The perfect target. I smirked. "Bingo."

"Who?" she asked. I showed her in my head who he was. He was perfect. Cleaned up nice, had an expensive pair of sunglasses, charming. Yep. He was perfect. I saw him stand and begin to stand and walk out so I stood quickly and circled around so I'd come face to face with him. I saw Lash and Muse out of the corner of my eye and barely nodded. Lash smirked and Muse raised a brow when she saw who I'd chosen.

'I still don't see why we couldn't have just used Mom's ID. I mean, she did offer.' I thought.

'How else would you learn buddy? This is what Dad did with me and that's how I got so good.' Lash thought cockily. I rolled my eyes and made my way to my target. I'd done this before but last time I just barely made it. If it hadn't been for the crowd I would have gotten caught.

He was getting closer and I took a deep breath and began walking. I bumped into his right shoulder with my left and swiftly reached into his back pocket as I turned. I pulled out his wallet and stuffed it into mine as he turned to me.

"My bad dude, didn't see ya there." he said.

"Don't trip man. It was my fault." I said. He nodded and kept on walking. I walked over to the doors where Harley, Lash, and Muse were waiting.

"So…" Muse said expectantly as I walked out the doors and they followed. I pulled the wallet out of my pocket, smirking at Lash as I did so.

"You're growing up Matt." he said, throwing an arm around me in a semi chokehold. "I'm so proud!" he exclaimed.

"Shut up it's not that hard." I said as he took the wallet from my hand and pulled out the ID and some bills.

"Either way, courtesy of you, a Mr. Steven Forbes is buying us our drinks for tonight." he said, wrapping an arm around Muse's waist and Harley reached to intertwine her fingers with mine.

"Good job babe." she said, kissing my cheek. I smiled at her, reveling in the feeling of praise for a moment before I caught her lips with mine.

Seriously, who'd want to be a hero when this feeling of accomplishment was so addictive?

Not serious. Just a short drabble.

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