To my dear Dracoessa and all the other readers of Kinships:

As you know from my profile, I've been sick and meanwhile I still am again. So, I wasn't able to write for some months and during this time, somehow I lost my relation to the "Avatar" universe and could only read stories from time to time. Instead ("Thank you, Xenobia ;-) ) I've got caught in the Final Fantasy 7 universe, where I'm writing "A matter of spirit" right now.

So, "Kinships" is officially put on hiatus. I really plan to continue "Kinships" as I didn't lose my love for this story, but I can't tell you when I'll update the next chapter, especially as I don't know if I have to go to hospital for a longer time.

So you may choose among three possibilities:

a) you simply wait until I'm able to update again

b) you adopt the story (Please contact me in that case)

or c) I could mail you two chapters I've already written about later parts of the story.

In case of b or c, you need of course to have an account at ffdotnet.


Avatar Tingal