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A/N: First of all, I have to apologize for the lack of updates. Good gods, it's been months. All I can say is that life took a terrible turn for me a while back, and because of the hell I was going through, this fell by the wayside. I couldn't deal with the drama in here, and in my own life. Not to mention I created a Draco that I absolutely despise. So it was hard to get motivated again. However, I am back to work on this story and looking forward to seeing how my darling readers are doing.

Few things I want to address before we get into the chapter. A reader asked me a question earlier and I thought it warranted reviewing here as well, in case others have wondered. It is a rather important line of thought, and will set the basis for chapters to come:

If they were in love, why did Draco treat Harry the way he did?

Harry was very much in love with Draco, hence the rather lengthy recovery from Draco's treatment. That question is really tough, quite honestly. I have been... and gotten out of... two horribly abusive relationships, and in both, was told time and again how much the other person loved me, only to be beaten when they got angry. I don't really understand the mentality of an abuser, truthfully. For some it is their upbringing; for others, it is in their nature. And I'm not here to argue either point.

Draco, from what I have read and seen in both the movies and the books, wasn't treated exactly nicely by his father. True, you could argue that Harry had it worse, and that's no excuse, and I'm not saying it is. But for me, I see a man who is still very much a little boy, still spoiled and wanting the world, but not giving much back... which will come out very clearly in the next few chapters. Harry was his steady, someone he took for granted, and assumed he could use however he wanted to. He has yet to mature and even realize his actions towards Harry, and how very wrong they were. He loved the IDEA of Harry, but not the underneath. Trust me though, he will soon know exactly what he lost.

I also want to emphasize that what Draco did to Harry in the first chapter was abusive. Just because you are in a committed relationship, whether married or not, does not give either partner the right or excuse to demand sex, or take what they want when told 'no.' It is a common misunderstanding that rape cannot happen within a committed relationship, but it can, and is just as damaging, if not more so than when it is done by a stranger. The shattering of trust between the partners soon follows. I am not by any means minimizing the other. Fact of the matter is- Rape is Rape. And while I know Harry didn't exactly say no... he sure as hell didn't want what Draco did to him.

Just a reminder- it is rated M and the rating will certainly apply to this chapter and others to come. Mild lime-ish here, and some rather bad language. Erm... let me know how you think it turned out. I'm really out of shape so to speak, when it comes to writing 'smutty' stuff. Sorry for the horribly long note. O_O

Foolish Games Part 14

Beads of sweat rolled down the toned chest, mingling with the remains of his body's release. His legs clutched around pumping hips as his neck arched and he moaned again. Above him, his lover quivered, holding himself steady through the last of his orgasm, wincing as pearly white teeth clamped down on his shoulder.

"Fuck, Draco, that hurts. I've told you not to do that," he hissed, jerking back away from the smug blond. Draco opened glazed grey eyes and smirked.

"Quit being a git, Blaise. I know you like a little pain with your pleasure."

Blaise untangled himself from the prone body beneath him and sat up, a sneer marring his handsome features. He stared straight ahead, his eyes locked on the wall before him. Draco rolled to his side, his fingers dancing along the darker man's spine. Blaise moved away.

"Such a bitch," Draco spat, his lips curling in a disgusted manner. Blaise rolled his eyes and stood, gathering his trousers with a smooth motion.

"Takes one to know one, Drakey," he snarled back, pulling on his clothes.

"Merlin, what the hell is your problem?" the blond asked, his eyes lingering on the dark flesh before him, the lust still in his eyes. His friend was one of the finest pieces of arse around, and he simply loved to look, knowing the marks on his skin were caused by him.

Blaise shoved a hand through his sweaty hair, ruffling the thick black locks, reminiscent of a certain Gryffindor Draco was trying so very hard to forget. He turned back around, his gaze hard, and inspected the tousled man. "You just don't get it, do you?" he asked rhetorically. "You think only of yourself. No wonder Harry left you."

Draco's eyes popped wide and he was out of the bed in a flash, his fist clenched and ready to strike the taller man. Blaise stood his ground, not impressed. "Don't," Draco spat out, "say his name."

"Why not? That's what this is all about anyway, isn't it? You don't talk to me in over a month, and suddenly you want to fuck. Coincidentally, it's the same week you find out your little plan worked. You got what you wanted. Potter signed on to that stupid museum project, even though he knows it means working with you. What more do you want?"

"To destroy him," Draco responded instantly, his eyes darkening with hateful longing. "No one walks away from a Malfoy. He made that mistake, and now, he'll pay for it."

Blaise shook his head with a dark laugh. "Gods, how shallow can you be?" Although his face didn't show it, he was worried for his friend. The situation had the makings of being a monumental disaster. It wouldn't be just Harry that was hurt in the end. Despite all his roaring and stomping, Draco was still an insecure little boy, crying over his lost toy.

Not that Blaise thought Harry was a toy, far from it. During Draco's relationship with the green eyed man, Blaise had gotten to know him remarkably well. And he liked what he saw. Harry was a force to reckon with. Full of quiet fire and strange beauty. They had been as ying-yang as possible, but still, he truly thought they had something worthwhile. It was somewhat shocking, and not a little disappointing when Draco called him up the first time and requested their interlude.

At the time, however, Blaise had believed Draco's assertions that Harry and he were on the verge of a break-up. Not that it excused his actions. He still felt the pangs of regret and guilt, knowing now that Harry hadn't a clue what was unfolding within his supposed happy relationship. And Blaise was certainly not the last of Draco's illicit rendezvous. Over the course of a year, Draco had wracked up quite a name for himself within certain circles. If he thought he was improving his reputation by being the Slytherin Slut, he was sadly misguided.

Not that the blond cared on twit about it.

Blaise sighed. He hadn't seen Harry since before the break-up, hearing that the younger man had went into hiding, living a quiet life outside of the spotlight. He hoped dearly that he was happy with his life. Harry deserved every bit of peace he had. Hence his rather vehement displeasure at Draco's grand plan. Damn the Malfoys and their infernal pride. It would be the downfall of this one, he was sure.

He finished buttoning his shirt just as a voice called out from downstairs. He rolled his eyes. If he was against the plan, Pansy was more than happy to cheer the idiot on.

"We're up here, Pans." Draco shouted, finally wrapping himself in his black silk dressing robe and flashed Blaise a hungry look. "We are not done here," he warned.

Blaise just shook his head, stepping into his shoes. "Yes, we are. And don't call again, alright. I won't be your fuck toy anymore."

Draco leered with a smug smirk. "We shall see," he replied.

"Shall see what?" Pansy asked, casting a glance over the two with a knowing look. "Ah, I've interrupted, haven't I?"

Shaking his head, Blaise moved to leave. "No, we were more than already done. I'm out."

Pansy grinned, her face scrunched up in a rather ugly expression. She wasn't exactly pretty on the best of days, with her pug nose and sharp gaze. Just now, she looked feral. Blaise cringed and stepped towards the door. Her hand shot out, sharp nails digging into the fabric of his shirt. "No, you might want to hear this, dear Blaise. It does involve poor little Potter after all."

Blaise leveled a sneer at her. "And this concerns me how?" he asked.

Giggling in her screechy way, Pansy plucked at his sleeve repeatedly. "Because, you idiot, it is important to Draco's plan."

Tugging himself free, he rolled his eyes. "Again... why should I care?"

Pansy shrugged, flopping herself down on the bed and patted the place beside her. Draco sat down, giving her a kiss on the temple. She beamed. "So he replied?" she asked.

Draco tossed his white blond head and simpered. "Of course he did. You know he couldn't resist something like this."

"Hmm..." Pansy hummed, playing with her blonde locks, a look of curious boredom on her face. "And the family?"

"Scorpius is with Mum and Father. Astoria is in Rome, with her new flame."

"Oh? I take it you've already had him?"

Draco laughed. "Twice. He's good, but disposable."

Pansy giggled. "Well," she began conspiratorially. "I heard from a certain source that Potter was sighted in Surrey two weekends ago."

"Surrey?" Blaise questioned. Pansy nodded.

"Apparently he was attending a funeral of some sort."

"His relatives lived in Surrey," Draco supplied. "Although I don't know why he would return there, after the treatment he received by them."

Blaise snorted. Merlin, but the man was dense. "Probably for the same reason he signed on to your project, even with the knowledge he'd have to see you again."

Pansy looked confused. "And what would that be?" she asked, not seeing the correlation between the two.

"A sense of duty perhaps. Or maybe he just wanted closure."

A harsh laugh cut across the room. "Well, he certainly will not be getting any closure from me," Draco proclaimed. "I want him to rue the day he stepped out our door."

Pansy nodded adoringly, a malicious glint to her gaze. "He will, I'm sure, Draco. Your plan is brilliant. And if what you say is true, then he will be emotionally fragile right now."

Blaise flinched. They really were horrible. "I still don't see how this is really important."

"Oh, I didn't tell you the best part, though," Pansy replied. "Guess who was seen accompanying him?"

"Weasley? Longbottom?" Draco rattled off.

Pansy cackled and shook her head. "Your Godfather, darling. Snape! Can you believe it?"

Draco sat as though frozen, his already pale face drained of color. His fists bunched in the fabric of his dressing robe and his jaw was set with rage. Two bright spots of red flamed in his cheeks. "Come again?" he hissed, bringing all attention back to him.

Pansy winced. "I said that Professor Snape was with him. They arrived and left together. He was even seen protecting Potter from some outraged woman. Seems he had to almost carry Potter away from the grave site. I guess his magic went a bit haywire, although I'm not really clear on that point."

"Severus... with Potty?" Draco ground out. "What the fuck would he be doing with the Golden Boy?"

Shaking her head, Pansy shrugged. "I was told they appeared to be close. Don't tell me you knew nothing of this?"

Standing and pacing around his spacious room, Draco glared. "No, of course not. As if I would allow such a thing to happen."

"Allow?" Blaise interrupted. "As if you could have stopped anything. They are both grown men, Draco. Harry doesn't belong to you anymore, no matter what you seem to think in that mental mind of yours. Merlin, you are more blimey than Lovegood lately." He sighed deeply. "Look, just leave it be. Seriously. You are only going to find yourself on the losing end."

Draco stopped, his eyes flashing. "Malfoys do not lose."

Blaise threw back his head and laughed. "Yeah... 'cause you were on the winning side of the war, eh?" he shot back. Seconds later, the dark holly of Draco's wand was pointed at his throat, those grey eyes filled with unholy fire. He could see now that Draco was truly coming unhinged. He pushed it away slowly and smoothed down his shirt. "Just remember what happened then, Draco. Remember what happened to the last guy that went up against Harry, and how well he fared," he admonished and with a crack, was gone.

Draco dropped his hand and bowed his head. Anger burned in his belly and his face moved into an unattractive expression. Pansy sat up cautiously. "What will you do?" she asked quietly.

Turning back around, his eyes pinned hers. "I meant what I said before. No one walks away from a Malfoy... especially not some two bit pretty boy." He grinned, his lips pulled back into sadistic smile. "I'll take everything he cares about. Starting with my Godfather."

A chill swept through the room, and Pansy had to wonder just then, whether or not Blaise might be right. "So..." she murmured. "When will you begin?"

"As soon as possible. Keep your ear to the ground, will you?" he asked, sliding easily up beside her and hooking a hand around her waist. He toyed with her hair and pressed his lips against her cheek. She shivered, but nodded. "Good," he whispered, pulling her closer.

Closing her eyes, she damned herself once, and Draco twice.

"Are you sure about this, Harry?" Hermione asked, a worried look on her face. Ron's mirrored his wife's.

Harry nodded. "Yeah. Despite who is paying, it's a good cause. Besides, won't he be surprised when we all show up?" he grinned mischievously. It was infectious, and something neither had seen in a while adorn his face. They both smiled back.

"Alright," Ron replied. "We'll help. I'll have to get some time off, but I'm sure Kingsley will okay it."

Harry gave a grateful smile. "I requested that we meet somewhere neutral to start. Less likelihood of Malfoy making a scene. He is far too concerned with his image. The board agreed. So tomorrow evening, we will gather in the backroom at *Bacchetta Magica in London."

Hermione's eyes glittered. "How did you get reservations there, Harry? The place is booked out for two months at least."

Shrugging, Harry flashed a lopsided grin.

"I never thought your intelligence would be failing so early in life, Mrs. Weasley," Severus' silken voice floated into the room. Harry turned in his chair, his green eyes lighting with an inner fire. Severus trailed his hand along the back of Harry's chair, brushing the younger man's shoulders in an affectionate gesture that did not go unnoticed by Hermione's observant gaze. She smiled knowingly and met the dark man's eyes.

"I assume you used your name," she concluded with a nod to Harry.

"Yeah," Harry blushed. "It's nice to know it is still good for somethings."

Ron snorted. "Merlin, mate. It's good for a lot more than that, you know. You just have to use it."

Harry waved his hand, turning his face up towards Severus who still hovered behind him. "But then I'd be a glory seeking Gryffindor prat, right?"

Severus shook his head, a small smile twitching the corners of his mouth. "I was under the impression you have always been that way," he countered.

Harry laughed with a roll of his eyes. "Of course."

Hermione and Ron shared a look. Both noted the relaxed atmosphere surrounding the two, the happy look in Harry's eyes and the softening of Severus' usually sever expression. It seemed something had finally been resolved in the past few weeks. And neither could find it in their hearts to begrudge the two men their happiness. Merlin knew, they both deserved it. And Hermione had a feeling they would need each other more than ever in the months to come. She shivered slightly at the thought, rubbing her arms as a chill ran through her. If only she could capture this moment, and let them have everyday just like it. With a sigh, she stood.

"Just owl me the time, and we will be there. Have you talked to Neville and Luna?"

"Yes, as well as several others we thought might be useful."

"And Ellie?"

"Andy will have her. Teddy is looking forward to spending time with his cousin, and Andy, I dare say, dotes something terrible on her," Harry responded. He got to his feet and hugged both his friends tightly. "Thank you," he whispered.

Hermione and Ron nodded together. "You know you can count on us, mate," Ron assured him, then grabbed his wife's hand. "We'll see you tomorrow, then." With a shout and a flash of green, the two were on their way home, plans and thoughts whirling through their minds. Come what may, they would be ready to stand by Harry and Severus' side.

Harry turned to Severus as soon as the Weasely's were gone. "How was work?" he asked, standing a few feet away and looking every bit the beautiful creature Severus had come to appreciate. He gestured to the kitchen, intent on fixing them a cup of tea. Severus grabbed the younger man's hand and tugged him to a stand still. He ran his gaze over the lithe body with searching eyes. He noted the tired glaze to those green orbs, the pinch of pain in his features. Running his fingers over the man's cheek, he led Harry over to the sofa and pushed him down onto it.

"As astoundingly mediocre as usual, of course. You look tired, Harry. Did you rest today?" he asked, his tone concerned.

Harry fought back a yawn, realizing the exhaustion flooding his body as it washed over him. "No. Ellie was rather restless when I laid down with her. And then, after she fell asleep, Hermione and Ron stopped by. I must admit, I feel slightly drained." He gave Severus a shamefaced look.

The tall man shook his head with fondness. It was amazing how much Harry could worry over another, and completely forget about his own health. He was still recovering from his breakdown a few weekends back, and so had been admonished by both his love and Robert to rest as much as needed. He wanted to follow orders, really he did. However, life had a way of intruding on his plans.

"Sit here and rest. I will get the tea. When do you expect Ellie to awaken?" Severus asked.

Harry cast a glance at the clock. "Within the next half hour. She's a bit excited about tomorrow night, you know."

"And you?" Severus questioned keenly. "How are you handling the evening's arrangements?"

"I'm fine," Harry replied quickly. A quirked black brow had him chewing on his lip. "Alright," he folded. "I'm as nervous as all get out and ready to hex something." He fiddled with the fringe on the blanket over his legs and looked out the window. "There will be a lot of people there that I haven't had contact with in months, even years. Severus, what if they can't forgive me?"

Tea forgotten, Severus picked up Harry's legs, sat down beside him and settled the limbs in his lap. He smoothed the blanket down, then gazed at the troubled man before him. "Harry," he called, waiting for those green eyes to focus completely on him. "I do not say this often, and most likely not about the ones you call your friends, but you have forged strong relationships with most of the people invited. They respect you, have stood beside you through the rage of a Dark Lord, and beyond." His long fingers grasped Harry's chin, holding his beloved face still. "Can you sincerely doubt that they will not be there for you now?"

Eyes bright with a whirlwind of emotions, Harry shook his head minutely. "No," he whispered.

A thumb brushed over his lips and Severus' dipped his head in agreement. "Then I suggest you put that fear from your mind. Stand tall and strong. Show Draco Malfoy who Harry Potter truly is." He leaned forward, replacing his lips with his finger in a breathtakingly gentle kiss. Harry sighed into it, his fingers tangling into Severus dark hair. Lazily, their tongues played against each other in a heated caress.

Harry shivered, scooting forward until he was almost in the older man's lap. A small tug around the waist and Severus lifted him, planting him firmly on his legs. Arms wrapped around his neck, toying with the hair at Severus neck. And just like that, a switch had been flipped. Both knew what the other wanted, and neither were quick to say no. A groan issued between them as Harry rocked forward slightly, brushing their groins together.

Severus pulled back gently, his hands resting on Harry's slight waist, his fingers massaging circles there. Panting, they leaned their foreheads together as Harry resumed his rocking. Heat coiled in their stomachs, Severus' hips lifting in time with Harry's, granting the men continuous friction. A breeze picked up around them, toying with their hair and sweeping gently along their heated skin. Severus slipped his hands under Harry's shirt, his fingertips tracing patterned on the fevered flesh.

Moans and breathless words tumbled from their lips. Magic crackled and danced along their forms, joyously melding the two together. As they picked up speed, Harry's teeth nipped at Severus' neck, his tongue swirling over the scars. He pressed tender kisses to the marks, delighting in the whimper he pulled from the stoic Potions Master. Their movements grew frantic, each seeking to give release to the other. With twin cries of ecstasy, their shuddered together, letting the waves of pleasure crash over them until bonelessly, Harry slumped forward, resting his head on Severus' shoulder.

Neither said a word, their breaths harsh and rapid. They sat, basking in the glow of their experience, not once regretting their actions. It had been a long time in coming, they knew, and there was something sweetly special in sharing this moment with the man they loved.

Eventually, Harry sat up slowly, his face blushing hotly, but his eyes twinkling brightly with the unspoken love he felt. Severus reached up and brushed the sweaty hair from his brow, placing a tender kiss there. With a wave of his hand, Harry cast a cleansing spell on them, grinning sheepishly.

"Tea now?" he asked.

Severus could only laugh.

*Bacchetta Magica- Italian for Magic Wand

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