AN: Like I mentioned, here's the separate fic taking place before E-witch's "Jawbreakers, bed knobs and broomsticks", it explains a few loose ends and how they ended up with a few dinos in the very first place. Well, here's the beginning enjoy!

There almost seemed nothing out of the ordinary during the night on this isolated tropical island. But this one night would lead to yet another great change in the lives of a group of special young people.

Isla Nublar

120 miles west of Costa Rica

Year: 1997

For moments only the sound heard was the rain falling on dense foliage. Then a roar rises up from the jungle, deafening. The trees shake as something very, very large plows ahead through them.

There's a crash of lightning as a group of rough, armed men ran through the bushes shouting warnings. Five of them were carrying bags and holding them close as though they'd been looting treasure.

"Hurry to the boat! Here they come!"

More armed men were waiting on a large cruiser boat as their comrades rush over. They pull up and escape into the raging sea.

Behind them, anguished animal cries were drowned out in the rainstorm.

Downtown Tokyo

The streets were busy with people buying from the stalls there.

Among them was a group of young teens trying to buy unusual herbs.

Over the past year these youngsters have experienced the strangest of events many cases that the human population were quite ignorant of.

Every few years, the powers of the elements would choose a worthy owner to reside in for all eternity, therefore, that living being would become a guardian of the Ethereal Veil. And so as it is, their eternal gifts would not only be those of their respective element but the respect and friendship of the animal kingdom.

For thousands of years, each coming generation of Guardians grew stronger, and culminated in the arrival of eight girls - the strongest who'd form the Ethereal Guardians, the most powerful magical force ever.

"Careful with those!" instructed a girl wearing dark clothes to a merchant unloading some jars.

Zaira Baker, with her violet eyes, cynical views on ideals and dark colored clothes, she appears rather aloof, but she's actually good-hearted and independent.

"Why are we shopping here instead of the local stores?" asked a little girl with flaxen hair and green eyes.

She was Dana, the youngest Pantheon sister and guardian.

"Dana, we told you, it's because most of the missing ingredients we're looking for could be found here." replied Kylie.

Kylie was the palest of the Pantheon daughters, even though she was adopted. Her eyes were clear blue and her flaxen hair fell down to her waist. She was also quite unusual; what you'd call a 'bookish blonde wallflower', for she was quite shy and loved to read.

"Like any other store would actually sell sesame powder or something." A nearby boy said rolling his eyes.

Tony Goodman looked almost nothing like his sister.

Their eyes shape and bangs might be similar but they were different color. His hair was light brown and he had light blue eyes. Today he wore his trademark long-sleeved orange shirt and brown-green shorts.

His twin sister Sara was a straight-A student where he was average. She had long strawberry pink hair and a friendly disposition, not to mention a hard-working student.

"Yeah hand me a jar of that boomslang skin too." mentioned another girl to the vendor.

This one was needless to say, exotic – at to the Japanese locals. She had a wild mane of dark hair, sometimes decorated with the occasional beaded braid and there was a spark in her hazel-brown eyes that inspired confidence.

Which is true, Theo Schaffer was sassy, passionate and great at making wisecracks.

Today only five of the eight guardians were with their friends in the place gathering herbs and unheard bits for their potion-making.

Unfortunately, this particular marketplace not only sells unusual ingredients but also a few underground items as well. Such as the case with the earlier rough men were doing.

"You got the goods? "

"They're in here."

"Sure we should be taking these here?"

"This is as good as we decided."

One of them sets the two bags down on a stall next to another similar looking one. Out from one of the bags, two egg as large as cubic tissue box fall into a bag carrying girl gym clothes. At the same time, Theo had dropped her jacket on top the bag.

"And there you are." The merchant said to the teens after they each paid up.

Sara G. looked at her watch. "Yep, it's time."

The teens grabbed their bags. Theo picked up her jacket unaware she was also carrying something else.

However, instead of gym clothes the girls took the bags containing the eggs while the men took Kylie and Dana's gym bags.

Neither one of the youngsters had any way of knowing exactly what they were bringing back to Kibou manor.

To be continued

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