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Of course, the dinosaurs showing their wild side and self-defense mode meant that they were ready to be reintroduced into the wild.

It saddened them but the goodbye was a bittersweet one. Many would think that as the dinosaurs grew, they would forget their surrogate mothers but the circumstances say otherwise.

However secret agreement was arranged that the animals would remain with the Pantheons on the Japanese mainland for Spring and Summertime, but all fourteen would return to their island home at the beginning of Autumn. And at the end of summer, the guardians were always there to see their "kids" off into the island; and would receive monthly reports on their living there thanks to undercover alliance agents willing to see the dinosaurs up close.

It went on like that for an entire year – even when a group of young elementary school students from the United states had arrived in the foreign exchange program, unknowing they will embark into an extraordinary adventure.

And the fic: "Jaw breakers, bedknobs and broomsticks" was about what had occurred there.

For all of them, this was just another chapter in the beginning.

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