Title: Cold Feet

Pairing: Yusuke/Kurama, Botan/Keiko (eventual)

Summary: A wedding is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but for Yusuke Urameshi it is nothing more than hell. Why can't he just make up his mind about what he really wants?

Disclaimer: If I owned them, I would not be writing about them.

Notes: So here is the rewrite, hope you all enjoy. Also, the boys are in their twenties (in their human forms of course) in this story…more like 21 or 22, around there. Oh and sorry if the characters are a little OOC, I try to make them as IC as possible. Do tell me what you think of it. Enjoy.

Wedding Mix: How I messed up everything.

At exactly nine A.M. the phone conveniently placed on the table beside a dark haired man began bellowing out the lyrics to "Eye 2 Eye." A harsh groan rumbled out of the man's throat as he tried to reach for the disturbing thing and smash it to pieces, but with his eyes closed he couldn't get it. He huffed and opened his eyes immediately making contact with the damned sun and muttered a bunch of curses to whomever thought leaving open his shades was a good idea.

The music stopped playing as soon as he sat up and he glared at it like it contained some kind of horrible disease. He picked it up begrudgingly and noticed that all of the racket was because someone had decided to leave him a text message. His best friend and best man, Kazuma Kuwabara, had left him a message to be exact. He opened his phone, rubbing some of the crust in his sockets and stared…and stared some more.

"Shit!" He cried as he wrenched the covers off of his body and ran into his bathroom for a quick shower. He had to get smashed last night and forget that his wedding was in a few hours. He had to be at the tailors to go and pick up his tux. If Kuwabara hadn't texted him…

After his shower and hurriedly putting on some garments, Yusuke Urameshi had left his apartment and was met with someone he had no intention of seeing until the next few hours. The hair at the nape of his neck stood up as his gaze locked onto emerald eyes and a soft smile. "Kurama, didn't think you'd be at my apartment so early in the goddamn morning."

"Surely you did not think you would be walking to the tailors? It's nowhere near your…humble abode." Kurama gave him a look that was clearly teasing, especially since Yusuke's home was always in a state of disarray no matter how many times Keiko had fixed it up. Oh well, when they would get back from their honeymoon it would be fixed up anyway, courtesy of Botan and Shizuru (because they hated to see his house so messed up).

"And you're the one giving me a ride?"

"It would seem so." Kurama started to open his door and get inside but he stopped when he saw Yusuke fidgetting. "Are you nervous about the wedding?" Kurama seemed curious…a little too curious.

Yusuke put his hands in his pockets and started to wander to the passenger's side and clambered in. "Me? Nervous? Never." He gave a forced chuckle, which Kurama didn't buy but turned on the ignition and started to drive. If Yusuke wasn't going to admit to his nervousness then he wouldn't push it. He gave the man beside him a reassuring pat which made Yusuke bite his lip…why oh why did it have to be Kurama taking him to the tailors? Kuwabara couldn't do it? He had a car as well!

One awkward car ride later, they reached their destination and Yusuke couldn't be more thrilled to get in there and get his tux. He wasn't that excited to be married, but more to get out of the car for someone whom he had had many awkward altercations with three months prior which has left a dangerous imprint on Yusuke's mind, body, and libido. Yep…you read that right. Yusuke had a crush on the redhead (that after a few years had gone but three months prior reared it's ugly head) that wasn't going away any time soon. As both men walked inside of the store the owner as well as Yusuke's other groomsmen were eagerly waiting his arrival.

"Boys!" Yusuke grinned as he saw them and was immediately congratulated and clapped on the back. He was scared for the impending event of this day, but it felt good to be smiled at because of it. There was something about weddings that left you with a bittersweet feeling, especially for himself. It was the end of his single life and hopefully the end of wanting Kurama as more than a friend…only he could hope so.

"Finally you've arrived and here I thought I was going to have to sacrifice Kuwabara to get you here." Good ol' Hiei was as ill-tempered as ever, especially when it came to his future brother-in-law.

"Hey! What was that you little shrimp? After all these years you're still making fun of me?" Kuwabara picked up the short man by his collar and the tailor had to force him to drop him or else there would be no business.

Yusuke laughed. "It wouldn't look good if my best man was dead right before my wedding Hiei. Besides, everyone would know it was you who did it." He sauntered over to the tailor ready to try it on. It had fit snug and made him comfortable. He wasn't used to these things one bit and as he came out to show the others, only Kurama was sitting outside on a chair facing his changing room in his own tux. Yusuke gave a smile, "How's it look?"

Kurama stood up getting closer to the other man checking his cuffs and nodded, "You look amazing, I'm sure Keiko will happy to see you in a tuxedo." Yusuke could pick up something in his tone that said not only Keiko would like it but that Kurama fancied him in it as well, but Yusuke pulled back just as Hiei and Kuwabara came out looking just as spiffy.

"Well the ladies are gonna have to eat their heart's out when they get a load of us." Yusuke laughed as they all stepped up the mirror admiring themselves (except for Hiei who just looked once and turned back into his room). They quickly changed and took their tuxedos, starting to go into their rides. Hiei had decided to go with Kurama and Yusuke thought of switching it up and going with Kuwabara, after all he was the best man and they had to do some "talking." Kurama made no comment, but Hiei gave him a look as if he knew what Yusuke was running from.

Kuwabara and Yusuke were the first to leave after stating they would all meet at the grounds where the wedding would be held, especially since Yusuke and Kuwabara still had to go and pick up the rings before they could even get to the wedding grounds. The drive was silent for a few more moments until Kuwabara glanced over to his friend. "Something the matter Urameshi, you haven't been this quiet in my car since…well…never."

Yusuke stared at the dashboard for quite some time before speaking. "You know what's been on my mind Kuwabara. I told you about it a while ago."

"You mean Kurama? Saw the way he was looking at you today. But you're gonna marry Keiko so it doesn't matter anymore right?" Yusuke shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "Look man if you don't wanna marry her then don't do it. You know what's going to happen."

"You mean my head on a platter?"

"That's exactly what I mean Urameshi. Shit's gonna get weird if you marry Keiko and you still want him. If I remember right you were the one who said three months ago when you saw him again you had the urge to kiss him and you thought it was because of that whole demon thing." Yusuke huffed in response and looked out the window. "Urameshi?"

"I'm going to marry Keiko."

"But will you be happy with that? Staying in a marriage to someone you don't even know if you really want now?"

Yusuke glared at him. "I love Keiko. I made a promise to marry her, and I'll see it through to the end…she'll be happy. Besides, we've spent so much on this damn thing she better be fucking happy!"

Kuwabara said nothing and continued driving until they picked up the rings and drove to the grounds. Everything had already been set up and now all that was needed was the bride, bridesmaids, and groomsmen to get dressed and saunter down the aisle. It wasn't awkward at all, everyone had the pre-wedding jitters, more Yusuke than everyone else of course but that was because most of the time Kurama's proximity was a bit too much. And he wasn't even that close! It was just his energy touching Yusuke…almost enticing him, and he really wanted to give into that sweet and sinful temptation in the middle of-No! Yusuke, smacked himself over and over. You can't do this to her, behave damn you!

Kuwabara felt that his best friend was a sad, sad man that needed to be stopped before he could do more harm to himself and to the woman he was about to marry. Throughout the entire time they had been getting dressed, as well as fixing everything else that needed to be done so this day could be perfect, he had been bringing Yusuke over to the side to give him some words. He had almost gotten his teeth knocked out of him a few times for even exclaiming that Yusuke shouldn't be marrying, but of course it only goaded the stubborn dolt further, soon enough Kuwabara began to grow tired and decided to stand by, offering a supportive shoulder when the shit would hit the fan.

At the moment, each of the groomsmen were silent, lost in their own little worlds, until Hiei came next to Kuwabara. It was something that was extraordinary in and of itself, but then he made gestures for the other man to follow him out of the room so they could have a little chat. That left Kurama with Yusuke, and the younger did everything in his power to act as if the other were not so different from the paint splattered over the walls.

"Yusuke, I am not simply going to blend in with the scenery if that is something you are wishing to happen. You have been acting very strange for the longest time my friend. Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm totally fine." Even though inside he was having a total panic attack and ready to shit his pants. He was staring at Kurama now, and it was weird. He was having the fantasy of ripping his clothes and taking him right then and there, and making him beg for whatever he could give him. And he wondered if Kurama would like it. He would hope so. Yusuke shook himself, he had to get his mind out of the gutter as far as where his friend was concerned. Honestly, what was his deal? So he had noticed Kurama was attractive since they first met and eventually it grew…then it faded…and came back with a vengeance. Maybe he should just stay away from the redhead forever?

Staring at those emerald eyes that regarded him with curiosity, he could not turn away from that and leave him behind in the dust. No, he couldn't leave someone who was probably a sex god underneath the carefully concocted personality that was Kurama. He could probably make anyone drop their pants in under a minute if he requested it. And he would be good, damn good. Yusuke licked his lips as if his appetite wasn't satisfied. Kurama's eyebrow had raised and before Yusuke could even try and say anything, Hiei and Kuwabara came back to the room, staring between the two.

"It's almost time. Are you ready Detective?" Hiei was almost amused because he could see the sexual energy emanating from Yusuke. It was emitting harsh waves that were sent purely to Kurama. He would revel in what would happen when he found out that marrying Keiko was not going to quench his desire for the fox demon. It would only make the poor fool lose himself and probably wear him down before breaking him, and then and only then will he give himself wholly to Kurama. He knew that calculating bastard was already wearing him then with games, he could see the mischievous sparkle in the fox's eyes. He had been a lover at one point, but he felt more inclined to be a partner in his shenanigans than in his web of pleasure, even though it was fucking fantastic.

Kurama made love that could make whores sing church songs for days on end. And that would only be a mortal's perspective. If Kurama's acts in the bedroom were what decided the king of the Makai, he would triumph hands down. No one could make a web of pleasure like he could. And he knew it. But he wasn't so vain as to stay such things, it was in the regality in which he carried himself.

Once again silence descended on the groomsmen and the door to the room had been knocked on before pushed slowly. The door revealed Yukina, glowing in her bridesmaid's dress and Kuwabara had flew to her as if gravity was a foreign concept that he had yet to grasp. She smiled brightly at seeing him before her and reminded them that they needed to be out already. The ceremony was about to start at any minute. Keiko was fully prepared and ready to go. Then men filed out one by one, Yusuke (on shaky legs) being the last one out.

It was go time.

The wedding went by in such a blur that Yusuke barely had any time to process the deed that he had just done. He was married, not engaged, not dating, fully and completely committed to Keiko for the rest of his days. He was incredibly fucked because he felt no desire to sleep with his wife tonight, and yet he had to consummate his marriage. It was something he had been living to do with Keiko for the longest time…although he never expecting to do it after they were married. More like when they were still kids and it was just for a good time. Of course they did it while they were dating, but now…consummating a marriage…it was…it was scary as all living hell!

And here he was drinking his woes away while so many had congratulated him, kissed him, and hugged him. He was drowning in the love and attention he was receiving. He wanted none of it now. He felt like a fraud. He didn't know what he was going to do now that he had taken someone else's place; someone who was a great man and had a lot of potential not to be a complete fuck-up. He had no idea what to do.

And so he did the only thing he could do. He walked out of the reception and out into the world. His best men had followed him and gave him a look of "I told you so."

"Fuck off Kuwabara."

"Only want to help you man."

Yusuke glared at him. "And how the fuck are you gonna do that? I just married the girl that I have loved for-fucking-ever and then all of a sudden the shit is changed because I might be queer for Kurama? No…just fucking no!" He was spiraling out of control and he really needed to release all of his pent-up frustration. The whole situation was just pushing buttons that were pushed three months ago, and he really wanted the entire ordeal to be over and done with already. What in the fuck was he going to do?

"Look, just go on your honeymoon with Keiko and forget about everyone else for now. Then when you get back…"

Yusuke grabbed his friend by his clothes. "And then what? You forgot that this whole thing started when I went to the Makai to speak with Enki and then came back home. Every time I am away I won't think of him because I'm busy but then when I see him again, I just-"

"Want to be his?" Yusuke and Kuwabara flinched at their new arrival. How long had the short demon been there listening in on them?

"Hiei…what are you-"

"Do you really think avoiding your attraction for him will do anything? It will only grow stronger each and every time you run away. And here I thought that you would fear nothing, but you feel the fox more than you do anything else. What is it that frightens you?" Hiei was curious, humans always had this fascination of blaming it on the "masculine vs. feminine ideal" and he knew Yusuke would say something about it.

"It's he's a guy and I'm a guy and we're two guys who aren't going to be turning into a woman at any rate…" Hiei was not disappointed.

"Humans are always hung up on gender." And with that he vanished from sight. Yusuke and Kuwabara just stood there and looked at each other. They were both confused and neither would tell anyone of the conversation they just had. Hiei was not one to follow that unspoken rule.

He had gone straight to Kurama, and found him talking to the Detective's beloved new wife. He said next to the fox, "The game has begun." And crossed his arms saying nothing else. Kurama on the other hand was quite perturbed and wondered what his friend had done until he looked across the room and found Yusuke and Kuwabara staring at them. It was a long night until Yusuke and Keiko had left on their honeymoon.

Yusuke and Keiko had not gone to their home because Genkai had actually paid for a hotel room at a grand hotel for the newlyweds. Yusuke had carried his new lady into the room and plopped onto the bed with Keiko ending up straddling him. She pulled at his clothes, begging them to come off and he had obliged. He was going to have sex with his wife and forget everything that had turned his life hellish. He showered her with attention and kissed all of the spots that made her writhe in pleasure, this was what he wanted, this was what he needed no one else could do better, especially not Kurama.

Yusuke shook himself trying to get his thoughts away from the redhead, especially as his and his wife's garments flew off and ended up piled all over their room. Her nails raked over his back as they kissed with fevered passion, slow was not a pace they would do right now. Need was evident in the way that they attacked each other's lips and flesh. Soon they would need to release with one another because the heat was too much for them. They ground against one another, melting into one another but despite the pleasure he was receiving Yusuke's mind turned elsewhere thinking of long red hair and a mischievous gaze that captivated him in a spell.

Passion and heat caught up with him as Keiko kept on riding him until they had burst and saw stars. She collapsed and kissed him sloppily, and it felt more like he was being devoured than feeling any sort of love and tenderness after the deed. He felt like he had betrayed someone by sleeping with her, and as she rolled over falling into sleep, he sat there with his head in his hands wondering what he had just done. He had to move off of this bed. And wrapped some sheets over his naked bits before exiting to the sitting room they had.

He laid upon the couch with his hands behind his head as he stared at the ceiling. And of course there was greenery in this damn room which made his thoughts of the fox demon reappear with vigor and he cursed his luck. What would it take for him to forget the fox?

Could he even do it?

Three months had come rushing back into his damned mind.

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