Quest for Camelot 2


Kayley and Garrett are starting a new life in Camelot near the castle. King Arthur is still king and his recovery from last year's debut is quite good. Excalibur is safe and sound within the castle walls, protected by the people of Camelot. Now, back to Kayley and Garrett, they have started their new life off with a nice cottage by the sea, much like Kayley's old home. Lady Juliana fixed her land and made it look better than before. Ruber is gone, and the days are happy once again. The three rings on the Camelot shield still represent the unity between all. Devon and Cornwall, the dragons that helped on the Quest, are now top fire-breathers in all of dragon land and still visit Kayley and Garrett every once and a while. Life couldn't get any better.

Chapter 1

"And I will fly on my father's wings . . ." Kayley sang. It was the song she had created after the death of her father. She had her long brunette hair tied back with a bow, and she wore an apron over her clothes as she prepared breakfast. Her voice was pure bliss, and she sang straight from the heart - just like her father told her to. "- to places I have never been. . . . There is so much I've never seen, and I can feel, his heartbeat still, and I can do great things . . . on my father's wings!" She continued. The eggs scrambled, the bread baked, and the porrige simmered as she continued to sing.

She was caught by the waist and spun around like a ballerina. She gasped in shock, then screamed in joy when she was flung back until she was a foot from the ground, only being held up by two strong arms. Staring down at her were two deep blue, sparkling in love, pair of eyes that were half covered by his golden brown bangs. His lips were soft and curved gently to fit the gentleness of his face, making him look like he belonged on a throne where all of the handsome princes sat.

Even though he was blind, he could still find Kayley's lips just fine. He touched her lips softly with his own, and supported her with one hand on her back and the other on the back of her neck. Kayley moved her hands to his shoulders, and giggled with a smile after they parted.

"I love you," said Garrett.

"And I love you," said Kayley, getting back on her own two feet.

"What's for breakfast?"

"Your favorite! Eggs with bread and porrige."

"Lovely," he said with a wide grin. "Can't wait. Oh, I'm starving!"

Kayley set a plate of food in front of Garrett and he began feeling for the spoon and forks. Kayley helped him.

"Thank you. You know," started Garrett, "you're beginning to turn into an Ayden! "

"Oh, don't be silly, Garrett!"

"It's true! You've become my eyes . . . and I'm thankful for that," he smiled, " and I also thought I felt some feathers growing on your arms by the way. . ."

Kayley gave a scoff and went to open a window. It was a beautiful day outside and there was a nice breeze. Ayden was the silver-winged falcon that Garret had met after the horse stable accident blinded him. One night, a horse stable in Camelot had caught on fire and at the time, Garrett was only a teenager. He was caretaker of the horses, so he rushed to save them from the blazing fire. A few horses busted out of the stable, hitting Garrett, setting his whole world of color into a world of blackness. After the accident, Kayley's father taught him how to fight and protect himself even though he was blind. Kayley's father was a knight of the round table so he stayed in Camelot with Garrett for a long time. After Sir Lionel, Kayley's father, had passed away, Garrett moved to the Forbidden Forest and that's where he met Ayden. He guided Garrett through everything - he was Garrett's eyes. She remembered it all so clearly . . . the day she met him in the forest. They were both stubborn and inconsiderate but somehow that brought them closer together. He didn't want her to be in the forest because she would only bring danger, and she didn't want him in the forest because she knew she was independent and didn't need any help. Now look where it has brought them!

Suddenly, she spotted something coming up the dirt road. A wagon was approaching.

"Garrett . . . " Kayley gasped.

She hadn't seen that wagon in over a year. It was the exact same wagon that Ruber's men had rode in to place the attack on Camelot. The cloth was shredded and the wooden frame consisted of sleek cut marks - only made by long, sharp, metal claws.

"What is it?" he questioned.

Kayley couldn't speak because of the terror she felt in her stomach. She wanted Garrett to hold her and take her away from this house. She thought she was safe. Now, it feels like she can't hide anymore.