Title: Silent Love at Concert B

Pairing: Ichigo and Toshiro

Summary: Toshiro Hitsugaya has been mute for as long as he can remember. After moving to Karakura town with his grandmother and his cousin Momo, will Toshiro survive without a sound and how will Ichigo help the poor white haired teen that can't even speak his own feelings? Can they express each other through the art of music?

Yukiko: Yay! Another Bleach fic! I wanted to try something new; I wanted to try an Alternate Universe of Bleach… so here is my results. Don't worry I'll update the other stories… later. Anyways here is: Silent Love at Concert B




'Hand Signs'

The sound of an alarm clock beeped through the early morning of Thursday in a town called Karakura. The disturbance in the morning silence was coming from a house that is connected to what seems like a clinic and had a sign written in Kanji, "Kurosaki Clinic". A lone window, above the clinic's sign, was a teenager's bedroom where the noisy alarm clock resides. To the side next to the window was a twin bed with a blue bed cover; a hand shot out from underneath, grabbed the alarm clock and chucked it towards the wall causing the clock to shatter into pieces and making a small dent.

"Dammit!" An orange patch of hair poked out of the bed covers and looked at the dent on the wall.

Shit, now I have to buy another alarm clock.


A man came crashing through the window sending shards of glass everywhere including those wedged into his foot and for that, the man earned a punch in the face just as he came into the bedroom. Ichigo sat up fully and glared at this idiotic father with a little tick mark on his forehead,

"Dad! Will you shut up! It's too damn early to be shouting!"

Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo's father's name, jumped back on his feet and placed his hands on his hips in a mocking way,

"Well! You know the Kurosaki rules Ichigo! Everyone must be up by 6:00 in the morning sharp! You left your alarm clock ringing for how long? My idiot son!"

That earned Isshin another punch to the face by his son. With a sigh, Ichigo slid off his bed and grabbed his uniform before walking to the bathroom leaving his broken nosed father on the floor mumbling nonsense.

After Ichigo took a nice warm shower and got dressed, he went back to his room to get his schoolbag before descending downstairs. When he walked into the kitchen, he was greeted with the smell of hot breakfast and a good morning from his little sister who was in front of the kitchen stove,

"Morning Ichigo!"

Ichigo sat on his breakfast table chair and smiled at his sister, "Morning Yuzu, that smells great, what is it?"

Yuzu looked at the plate next to her, "Rice, sunny-side ups and bacon."

Lighter footsteps was heard coming down the stair and a raven haired girl walked through the door and sat next to Ichigo, "Morning."

Ichigo looked at his other sister, "Morning Karin."

Yuzu approached the table with the hot plate, taking off her apron before sitting down with her siblings,

"Where's dad?"

Karin looked behind her and her eye twitched, "He's at the giant photo of mom again."

Ichigo laughed a little, but kept eating his food. Misaki Kurosaki was Ichigo and the twins' late mother. When Ichigo was little, he loved playing the violin and his mother was a professional violinist so she taught him how to play. Whenever he played it sounded like a chorus of other violins instead of one, he was known as the Violinist Prodigy. At the age of 6, Ichigo had his first violin recital with his mother watching and supporting him, Isshin was busy at the clinic so he asked Misaki to record it. After the recital, Ichigo and Misaki were heading home but ended up in a car accident killing Ichigo's mother in an instant for she took most of the blow protecting Ichigo who only had a broken arm and scratches. Ever since that day, Ichigo never played the violin, that is until he turned 12 when his father signed him up for a school's talent show and Ichigo with much persuading played and found his passion for music once again. Ichigo still played the violin but only when he was alone or with his little sisters.

"Ichigo, you're going to be late for school!" Yuzu's voice rang inside the carrot top's head. Nodding, he downed the last of his juice, grabbed his schoolbag and this violin case near the door and left the house with a wave back.

Ichigo was able to reach to his first class just before the school bell rang and sat at his assigned desk waiting for the teacher, who would show up 30 minutes later doing who knows what.

"Good morning Ichigo!" The said teen turned around and saw his big breast friend coming towards his with one of his other friends who had a spiky short black hair, "Morning Orihime, morning Tatsuki."

Tatsuki playfully punched Ichigo on the shoulder, "Hey, did you hear that we're having a new student to the class?"

Ichigo raised an eyebrow, "In the middle of the semester?"

Orihime nodded, "Yeah, I think I saw a glimpse of the new student as I was walking pass the main office."

"Hey Ichigo!"

The said Berry groaned and looked at a small petite raven girl, "What do ya want Rukia?"

"Did you hear about the new student?"

"Of course I did!"

As if on cue, the teacher appeared into class and everyone took their respected seats,

"Alright everyone, I'm going to take roll and then I'm going to introduce to you all, our new student."

After 5 minutes of talking roll, the teacher called towards the door which suddenly slides open and the new student walked in. Everyone took it by surprise that an elementary student was going to a high school! Ichigo looked at the students features:

The new student was a guy.

He was probably 5'0 or something.

He had white hair!

Has emerald green eyes.

The new student went up to the board and wrote his name down which spelled Toshiro Hitsugaya. Putting the chalk down, Toshiro turned around and just stood there not saying a word. Ichigo looked at Tatsuki who shrugged her shoulders at him.

"Alright everyone, this is Toshiro Hitsugaya. Please make him comfortable with our class and Toshiro you make take the seat next to Ichigo there, the one with the orange hairdo."

Toshiro nodded and walked down the aisle and took his seat next to Ichigo staring at the board as the teacher was erasing his name that he wrote a couple moments ago.

Ichigo looked at Toshiro, "Hi, I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, welcome to Karakura High School." Toshiro just looked at him and again without a word turned his head back to the lesson.

Well that was rude. Ichigo just shrugged it off and turned his attention back to the lesson. By the end of the day, Ichigo found out that Toshiro was in the same classes together and Ichigo still couldn't get a word out of the white haired kid. At nutrition, Ichigo invited Toshiro to eat with a couple of his friends but again Toshiro said nothing and walked away to sit under a tree a few feet away from Ichigo and his group. At lunch, Ichigo tried again but found Toshiro sitting under the same tree reading what appears to be a binder filled with papers.

So, Ichigo was walking home from school thinking about why Toshiro was so anti-social.

Not to mention RUDE!

With a sigh, Ichigo looked towards where he was heading and saw a familiar white head.

"Toshiro!" called out Ichigo.

Apparently Ichigo caught Toshiro off guard and the poor kid jumped a good foot in the air before turning towards Ichigo and sprinting away from him.

"Hey wait!" Ichigo ran after him but saw it was too late for Toshiro ran up to a house, took out his keys, opening the door, rushed inside, and slamming the door shut. Ichigo went up to the house's front gate and took a good look at the house. It was a standard two story house with a light blue paint. After a few seconds of memorizing the house, Ichigo continued down the street and saw that he was already at his house. He turned around and saw that Toshiro's house was only a few houses down. Ichigo let out a laugh and took his keys out and went inside his home.

Toshiro's POV

I was gasping for air as I sprinted away from Ichigo Kurosaki after school. Was he stalking me? I leaned against the door and slid down and hugged my knees; trying to catch my breath. School was so weird; I am enrolled in Karakura High because my grandmother, Kyoko Hitsugaya, told me to do so. When I first walked into the classroom, every pair of eyes were on me, like I was some kind of freak or something or maybe it was my hair; it is white after all. This guy, Ichigo Kurosaki keeps trying to get friendly with me; asking me to eat with his friends and such. He's even in all my freaking classes! Now he's following me home? Who does this guy think he is?

After I caught my breath, I took off my shoes and ran to the window, opening it slightly to see Ichigo still standing there looking like some idiot. Luckily he left which made me relax.

"Toshiro! Toshiro is that you?"

I smiled and walked over to the living room and saw my grandmother sitting on an armchair looking at me, turned away from her soap operas.

"How was school?" she asked me. I gave her a shrug and an innocent look before pointing towards the ceiling telling her that I was going to be in my room.

"Alright dear, dinner will be ready soon." I nodded and went to go upstairs, that is I was going upstairs. I was suddenly attacked from behind with a hug,

"Welcome home Little Shiro! How was school?" My cousin Momo, who was currently living with me and grandmother because her parents went to America to work as professional Physicians, hugged me tightly. I pushed away from her before picking up my stuff with a huff and climbed the stairs.

"Come on Shiro! Tell me how was your day?"

As we reached my bedroom, I let her in and closed the door. My room was simple: wooden flooring, a simple twin bed with a white bed cover with a blue Chinese dragon print on it, a desk filled with books and scattered papers, a closet and dresser. Momo immediately went on my bed and looked at me,


I sighed, pulled up my desk chair and began telling my day,

'When I first got to the classroom, every pair of eyes were on me, like I was some kind of freak or something or maybe it was my hair. There's this guy, Ichigo Kurosaki keeps trying to get friendly with me; asking me to eat with his friends and such. He's even in all my freaking classes!'

Momo looked at me, "Why didn't you eat with him or his friends?"

'Because! What if they don't like me? I mean come on!'

My cousin shook her head, "How would you know? You never gave it a try? Maybe this Ichigo and his friends really are friendly. You never gave it a chance."

I let out a huff, 'They'll never accept me for what I am.'

Momo's eyes sadden and understood me very well.

Yes I, Toshiro Hitsugaya, am mute.

Yukiko: Aww, man! Poor Shiro!

Toshiro: 'You made me like this!'

Yukiko: I can't understand sign language, I wish I can learn it!

Momo: He said, "you made me like this".

Yukiko: Well sorry if it was Ichigo then it would be awkward with this story.

Toshiro: 'SO?'


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