I pulled up into Forks High with my sister Rose.

Great, everyone knows we're the new kids and they're already staring.

Rose and I had moved here from Texas to live with our cousin Alice our parents had been killed in a drunk driving accident, we'd just moved here last week.

Alice had came for the funeral, since it was during her Spring Break.

She told us all about Forks and how much we'd love it, seeing as though we hadn't been there since we were 12 and it was only for Christmas weekend before our families went on vacation together.

She couldn't wait for us to meet her friends, Edward Cullen, Edward was Alice's boyfriend and all she did was talk about him.

Then her best friend Bella and her twin Emmett Swan.

Their father was the Chief of Police, but they had money, because Alice said Bella's grandfather had founded Forks and they owned 75% of all properties still, but they lived pretty simply.

Anyway, I pulled up in my Dodge Dakota Truck, it had been a birthday present from my parents, top of the line, fully loaded 2010, Metallic Gray, Rose had gotten a Dodge Charger, Candy Apple Red, with black racing stripes, my sister loved cars.

But we decided to take mine on the first day.

Alice was riding with Edward and was meeting us, speak of the pixie.

"Alice, why is everyone staring?" I asked.

"Well, we've got two new additions and you're both gorgeous! Everyone will be wanting you!" she giggled.

A black and silver Range Rover pulled in next to Edward'sVolvo and a huge beast of a guy got out and I heard Rose's breath hitch and her eyes went wide.

"Oh, everyone this is Emmett, Em, this is Jasper and Rose." she smiled.

"Nice to meet you Jasper and Rose, a beautiful name for a beautiful woman." he kissed my sisters hand and looked at me with challenge in his eyes.

We were all talking and laughing when a motorcycle pulled up and a guy Emmett's size got off, pulling a tiny girl off with him, her hand wrapped in a bandage and a red mark on her face.

Emmett stormed past everyone.

"Here comes the shit storm." Alice sighed.

"What the fuck did he do to you Bells?" Emmett shouted.

"Nothing! I slipped coming out of the house." she snapped back.

And the other big guy had a smug look on his face.

Emmett didn't care "If I find out ANY of this is from you, like last time, I will go to my father." Emmett hissed.

"Leave it alone Em," Bella whispered and tried to cover her beautiful face, Emmett hadn't seen that yet, her hoodie partially covered it as did her beautiful hair.

The big guy pulled her to him and whispered something to her, she nodded and he applied pressure to her wrist and she winced, Emmett had walked away to calm down, but I was watching through my downcast eyes.

He kissed her roughly and kind of shoved her away.

She was holding her hand and I could see tears coming down her face.

Alice took off after her without a word and Rose, surprisingly followed.


Jake arrived at my house like he did every morning, shortly after Emmett left.

Those two hated each other.

Jake strolls in as I'm sitting breakfast on the table.

"What the fuck are you wearing?" he roared.

"A new sweater I got for Christmas, my mom sent it." I smiled.

It was nothing special, it was a deep blue v-neck sweater and I had a black tank top on with black skinny jeans and biker boots, plus my handy hoodie.

"You're not wearing that sweater to school for all the guys to see your tits hanging out!" Jake yelled.

"Jake, I have a tank top on underneath, they can't see…" and before I could finish, he'd backhanded me and I fell onto the floor, my wrist hitting the fridge.

"Go change NOW!" he pointed upstairs and I ran.

I put on a baggy Forks High sweatshirt and changed into sneakers.

I came down stairs with my hand wrapped as well, it was starting to turn purple.

"Bells, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." and Jake kissed it all better.

He drove me to school, since school on the Rez started an hour later and Emmett would bring me home after cheerleading practice, which ended when football practice did and since my brother was the star quarterback, that's where one of his problems with Jake was.

Jake was the star quarterback for his school as well and they were both matched in size, Emmett being only about two inches taller and the fact that Jake was so 'possessive' of me, my dad just wrote it off as 'young love' because him and Billy were best friends and Jake always promised not to hurt me again and we'd kiss and make up.

Today as we arrived at school, I noticed a new truck in the parking lot, it must be Alice's cousins, she's went on and on about them forever.

As I got off of Jake's bike, I flipped my hair over my face, knowing Emmett would notice my hand, he always looked for signs that Jake had hurt me.

Emmett came flying over and started shouting and I told him it was nothing, I fell.

I pulled my hood closer and put my head down, Jake grabbed my sore wrist, I winced in pain "Don't forget who you belong to." he whispered in my ear as he applied pressure to it, until I agreed and then he kissed me roughly, before shoving me away and taking off.

I headed inside without talking to anyone, I could hear the clicking of Alice's shoes behind me as I entered the bathroom.

"Bella, why do you let him do that to you?" she had her hands on her hips and was glaring at me, some strange blond beside her.

"I slipped Alice, no big deal." I spat.

"And that slip left his hand mark across your face?" the blond said.

"What the fuck do you know? Who are you?" I yelled at her.

"Relax, I'm Rose, Alice's cousin." she came closer to me and took my hoodie down slowly and for some reason, I trusted her and let her.

"Shit, there's some blood." she said

"DON'T let Bella see or smell it, she'll pass out!" Alice shouted, but it was too late, I'd turn to look in the mirror and touched the blood trickling down my cheek.


"Shit, Emmett is going to freak out and kill Jake now." I said to Rose.

"Let me take care of the big bear. Are you close with her family? I heard Emmett shout something about telling his dad, doesn't his dad pay attention?" Rose enquired.

I sighed "Rose her father is the Chief of Police. She's dating the Chief out at Rez's son, they're best friends, when she comes home with bumps, bruises, once a concussion, he explains it away as Bella being clumsy. She's really not as bad as she use to be, since she started cheering two years ago. They've grown up together and her dad just sees it as her playing 'rough' with the boys." I said.

"Shit!" Rose exclaimed.

"Well, we've got 10 minutes before class starts, so we need to do something. You can't miss your first day." I whined.

"I know Ali. Text Emmett and I'll meet him in the hallway, to calm him down." Rose smiled.

Ahhh, I had a good feeling about those two. Emmett hadn't dated since Tanya last year and thankfully they'd moved, she was sucking the life out of Emmett, but I could see Rose being his perfect equal.

I heard shouting and then Emmett burst through the door with Rose on his heels.

"Emmett Swan! I told you if you're going to go caveman, to keep your ass out!" she shouted at him.

Emmett looked up at her and stood to his full height, Rose was 5'9", so she wasn't short, but next to Emmett she looked tiny with his 6'3" and huge frame, but she didn't waver, her hands on her hips and pissed off face.

"Look Rose! This is my sister and some asshole has laid their hands on her and hurt her! So unless you know what she's going through, shut the hell up!" he spat.

No one ever said or did anything to Emmett's twin, they had a freaky bond and he was beyond protective of her, Jake was going to die!

All of a sudden there's sobbing and we both look to see Rose crying.

"Shit, Rose. He's always a gruff bear! Why do you think his nickname is Grizzly!" I smiled at her.

"I know what she's going through! Last year in high school, I had a boyfriend beat the crap out of me. It happened twice, but then I told my parents. He never hit my face, so I could hide the bruises, but after he drank one night and we fought, he shoved me down and then kicked me with his boot. He broke a rib. I HAD to tell my parents, I needed medical attention. I was so embarrassed." she sobbed.

And to my surprise, Emmett grabbed her and held her.

"Alice, call my dad and tell him to come get Bella, she passed out. We can explain everything after." he sighed.

He calmed Rose down and whispered apologies of an asshole who would lay hands on a woman. Rose cleaned up her makeup and Emmett told us to go to class, he'd call us later tonight.

We made it to class, right as the first bell rang.


I awoke to a beeping sound and Dr. Cullen smiling at me.

"What the hell am I doing in the hospital?" I asked.

My hand felt heavy, I picked it up and it was in a cast.

"Well, first things first, Do you want your dad present while we talk or just you and I?" he asked.

"You and I" I smiled weakly.

"O.K., well, firstly, you passed out at school and gave yourself another nasty concussion. The second one in 6 months, when they brought you in to ER to check you out, they saw traces of old and new bruises. Plus your hand is fractured and you have a lovely huge hand print on your face, obviously from a man." he sighed. "What do you want to tell me or do I need to assume you're being abused?" he looked straight at me with those eyes, stupid Edward eyes, we'd been friends forever and I couldn't lie to him because of those eyes!

I sat up "No! My father is NOT abusing me, Dr. Cullen why would you even assume!" I shouted.

"Bella, the hand print, the accidents, the concussions, you don't get from what you said happened. But until something happens, I have to believe you and today was that something." he sighed.

I started crying. I was so scared, Jake was going to hurt me so bad.

"Can I have my dad and Emmett in here, please. I only want to tell this once." I cried.

He shook his head and left to get my dad and Emmett.

An hour later, Emmett was ready to murder him.

My dad calmed him down and said things had to be handled differently because of the Rez thing and him and Billy were friends and Jake was a future Chief.

My dad said he put a warrant out for Jake, they went to his school to get him.

Dad went and talked with Billy and said he'd be by later to let us know the details.

I slept on and off all day, with Emmett there, I felt safe and he said he'd text our friends and they'd be here after school.

I relaxed and decided to take a nap and Emmett was going to the cafeteria for lunch, saying he'd be back soon.

I snuggled down and fell fast asleep.


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