Chapter 10

Five years, three kids, a new, bigger house on lots of land and Jasper and I were married!

We'd gotten back together after our picnic lunch in his office and never looked back.

Needless to say, Emmett threatened him to within an inch of his life, should he hurt me again, but when we found out I was pregnant two months later, Emmett withdrew the threat, knowing my baby would need a father. Well, more like babies… I'd had triplets!

I was sick and on bed rest, most of my pregnancy, Jasper was a doting husband (we'd had a quickie wedding on our land) and when he wasn't there, Sue was.

Jake had been sent to state prison, for his last attempt at me, James had made sure of that!

Victoria was my lawyer and asked for a new venue, in Port Angeles and in return, we were rewarded with a much harsher sentence and he wouldn't be out for awhile.

Of course, our new home still had all the best security, to be safe, but with him behind bars, for quite a few years, and Jasper here by my side, I felt safe and loved, more than I ever had in my life.


OK, I know… Sucky ending, but I just couldn't get things right in my head again…

It'd been to long…

I've re-read this story 5 times, trying to work it out, but I just couldn't…

So I gave you a HEA, in a condensed version.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll check out my new stories!

Hugs to you all!