By: MIA202

Summary: Harri Potter is a twin, not to mention a girl. Her older twin brother is named boy-who-lived, while she is swept aside, letting her brother have all the fame and spotlight. Eventually sent to live with the Dursley's. Harri grows up very different from her brother, and anyone else in the wizarding world. What happens though, when it turns out Dumbledore made a mistake? What if Harri has already made herself into a new person and barely remembers her past? Will she be bothered to save a world that has never thought anything of her?

Warning: fem!Harry, child neglect and abuse, offensive language, some violence

Disclaimer: I do not own or have any rights to any Harry Potter character or plots or universe. I only create plots and put the Harry Potter universe into them.

A/N: I'm back! I hope! I'm trying to put my ideas for this story down again. It's not that I'm stuck- it's that I have no time. I'm working on it…

Chapter 14


I watch them run off before running back to camp. I wish I could go with them, but that ship has sailed and it's my own fault.

Halyn had returned for the Christmas holiday the winter after we started being more intimate. It was a surprise for all of us- she never came home from school before the summer, but there she was, sitting next to me in camp two days before I returned home to see my family.

"Halyn!" I cheered, picking her up and twirling her around in a hug. She laughed softly before taking my face in her two small hands and kissing me on the lips right in front of the whole camp. I wasn't sure if the heat that spread through me then was from embarrassment or her. Maybe it was a bit of both.

From the moment she got back we spent every second together. She would follow me every day while I did my job and come back to my house at night to relax and get reacquainted. After the first night we spent together I knew I couldn't leave her behind at camp. I explained my situation and over the next day or so somehow talked her into coming home with me to meet my family. I wrote my mum and told her I'd be a day late, but would be sure to arrive for Christmas with a guest. The females in camp were more excited than Halyn was about her coming home with me and packed her a suitcase with clothes from Merlin knows where. I guess it was a good thing because I had no idea what type of clothes she owned or if they'd be suitable for the trip.

"Charlie!" My mum called happily as she engulfed me in a huge hug as soon as I stepped out of the floo. "It's so wonderful to see you! I always worry about you being so far away! I do hope you are eating well enough. How are you? Come in, come in."

"Let him be Molly," my dad laughed as he walked into the room, "and just look at the boy. He looks to be doing just fine." My dad grabbed me into a hug just as my mum let go.

"Charlie!" A chorus of voices I knew belonged to my four youngest siblings sounded as they ran into the room. Ginny jumped on me in a hug while Fred, George and Ron all stopped when they were by my side. "I missed you!" She said as I let go of her from the hug.

"I've missed you all as well," I laughed and looked around. Only Percy and Bill were still missing.

"Why hello," the twins suddenly said at the same time, from behind me, "who've you come to visit?" George asked as I begin to turn. "I do hope it's me," Fred said next. "Because you're quite pretty," they finish at the same time. I saw that they had already moved in and had their arms over her shoulders. Halyn didn't respond, just looked up at me. I gently pulled her out of their grasps and to my side.

"She's my guest," I explained, with my arm around her, "her name is Halyn. Halyn, this is my family." I introduced everyone individually. Halyn nodded and gave small smiles. Ginny huffed at her, while Ron, Fred and George ogled her like a piece of meat. Mom had a weird look on her face, but dad smiled warmly.

"Is she the daughter of someone at the camp?" My mum asked once we all sat down.

"No, she's my girlfriend." I explained, giving Halyn's hand a gentle squeeze. A choking noise drew my eyes back from Halyn's.

"What? Isn't she a bit young?" My mother, red faced, asked.

"I'm sixteen." Halyn provided, softly.

"WHAT?" my mother stood quickly then.

"You heard her, mum. Halyn can speak you know."

My mum just looked from me, to Halyn, to me again before hurrying from the room. I looked to dad quizzically, but he just shook his head and followed mum. Ginny left too then and Ron was huffing, red faced. I didn't understand what the problem was.

"Well, seeing as everyone else has their knickers in a twist," Fred said standing.

"Why don't we give you the grand tour!" George finished, and they both bowed.

"Charlie?" Halyn asked.

"Um, yeah, let Fred and George show you around? I have to talk to my parent real quick. Ok?" I said, kissing her quickly before heading into the kitchen where I was sure my parents, or at least my mum was.

"Mum?" I asked, walking in, "What's the matter?"

"What's the matter? Charlie, she's too young for you to be dating! She's Ron's age for Merlin's sake." She exclaimed, scrubbing furiously at a pan.

"She's much more mature than Ron is mum. If you'd get to know her, you'd realize she's acts older than she is."

"It doesn't matter how old she acts! She's only a child!"

"She's not though! She's been on her own for a long time now and she can take care of herself like an adult. She's not just a child." I defended.

"That's even worse! No parents! She's probably a hooligan, left on her own to grow up as shed like; no one to scold her or set rules. Why else would she think to try and seduce a grown man?" Mum exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air.

"Mum don't go making assumptions, you don't even know her! She's not like that!"

"Oh, then I suppose you made the first move then? I didn't raise you like that Charlie." My mum practically hissed.

I stopped for a moment then, to think. Halyn did make the first move, sort of, but I'm the one who gave in.

"Charlie," my mum said much more calmly then, "I'm just saying. She's a child- this is probably all a game for her. She's not good for you, son. You're a grown man. You need a woman who will be at home taking care of you. Not one who will run off and do as she pleases when she pleases because there are no ruled for her."

Was my mum right? Was this a game for her? I knew she had to go to school, but even when she wasn't she wasn't always around.

"I'll let her stay for the holiday, but think about it Charlie." My mum said, before pushing me out of the kitchen.

I found Halyn, Fred and George out back milling around the garden. Fred and George were punting half frozen gnomes at each other while Halyn sat on the tree swing watching. She looked in my direction instantly as I approached. Fred and George looked in my direction too when they realized she was no longer watching. They gave me an odd look before looking back at Halyn who shook her head 'no'.

"Everything alright?" I asked once I was closer. Fred and George looked to Halyn again, but she just gave me a small smile and nodded, before getting up and grabbing my hand so I could lead her back inside.

Halyn slept in Ginny's room that night. Ginny wasn't too happy about it, but shut up real quick when mom gave her the look. Christmas was the next day and I woke up to Halyn smiling face as she shook my shoulder.

"Hey, what're you doing in here?" I asked, sitting up.

"Merry Christmas," she smiled and leaned in for a kiss. I don't know why, but my mum's words flashed through my head then and I moved so she'd kiss my cheek. She frowned at me when she pulled back, her eyes were sad. I tried to brush it off by smiling at her and telling her I'd meet her downstairs. She didn't smile, just nodded and left the room.

When I got downstairs, she was sitting at the table next to Fred and George. I sat down next to her on the other side and began filling my plate.

"Oh Charlie, why don't you sit over here? Bills here now and that's where he usually sits." My mum said. I just nodded and moved. She was right; Bill did usually sit there. When I took my new seat I looked across to Halyn. She was frowning again. Bill came in then and took the seat I just vacated.

"Hello, who're you?" He said cheerfully, "A friend of the twins'?"

"She's Charlie's friend," mum spoke up before anyone else could. I just nodded in agreement. Halyn frowned deeper, while the twins looked between each other, her and me.

"From the reservation?" Bill asked, looking at Halyn.

"Yes, I live there." Halyn told him with another small smile, but it didn't reach her eyes.

"That must be exciting. How long have you lived there?" He asked, she had his full attention.

"For almost my whole life. And it is, a bit. The dragons are nice."

"Do your parents work with dragons?"

"I don't have any parents. I live by myself when I'm not at school."

"Really? That's amazing. You seem to be doing well for yourself, from what I can tell in the five minutes we've been talking." Bill joked, causing Halyn to giggle. What the hell? Was she flirting with my brother? Maybe mum was right. I glared at Bill, who was still talking with Halyn, Fred and George over breakfast.

After breakfast everyone went into the living room to relax. Halyn sat on the loveseat, with the twins by her feet, looking at me as I walked into the room and sat across the room in the recliner. She frowned again at me, but I was still mad about breakfast.

Bill came in and relaxed on the sofa while Halyn played exploding snap with the twins. I glared at Bill again, missing when Ron walked in and sat beside Halyn. I wasn't even aware until I heard the slap. I looked over and saw Ron sitting there holding his cheek and Halyn running out the front door.

"That bitch slapped me." Ron growled.

"You deserved it," George said angrily standing up and walking out.

"You bloody prick." Fred finished, following. I heard the two stomping up the stairs.

Bill sighed, "Someone should go after her."

"I will," I snapped and left the house as well. By the time I got outside I spotted Halyn making her way down the sparsely used road in front of our house, towards town.

"Halyn!" I yelled, jogging to catch up, "Halyn! Wait!"

"Why?" she called back as me, still walking away. I sped up to catch her quicker.

"Because it's Christmas!"

"What is that supposed to mean?" she called back over her shoulder.

"I invited you here for Christmas with my family, and today is Christmas. You can't just leave." I said finally catching up. "Come on, can't you just stop for a moment and talk to me?"

"About what?"

"Why did you hit Ron?" I asked the first thing that came to mind.

"Because he was being perverse and suggestive." She said, turning to face me, frowning angrily. "And no one was stopping him, so I did."

"He was just being friendly, maybe flirting a bit."

"It was more than flirting," she snapped, turning back around and walking again, "Not that you care."

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked, pissed off now, as I followed her again.

"I came here as your girlfriend and wound up becoming just your friend, without any discussion between us."

"I bet you like it that way, so you can flirt with Bill." I groused. "Shows how much what we had meant to you! You are such a child; immature."

"I was not flirting with him! I was taking to the only person in the house beside the twins who was being normal and civil to me! I thought I would get that with you, but the minute we got here you started to change. You're the one who is throwing this, this thing we had, away. I don't like it. What ever it is that your mother said to you changed you."

"Don't blame my mother!"

"I'm not! I'm blaming you!" she hissed at me. "And you say I am juvenile!"

I stopped then, watching her walk away from me. What had happened? Had I really changed that much over one day? I was so confused. Was I just defending her from the things I'm now accusing? I needed time to think.

"Halyn! Halyn wait!" I ran to catch up with her again. "Can we not do this now? Can't we just go back?"

"Back to where?" she asked, sounding weary.

"For now? Back to the burrow," I said, softly.

"Why?" she asked, just as quietly. At least she had stopped walking.

"It's Christmas there." I tried, but it must not have been what she wanted to hear because the little bit of hope she had in her eyes faded away.

"It's Christmas everywhere." She told me, "It doesn't matter where."

"But my family is there." I tried again. "It's tradition."

"Your family, your home, not mine. I don't have family to have tradition with. I don't have a home to make traditions in. Maybe it's better this way. It doesn't matter where I am today, it will be Christmas there. What matters is who I am with, and right now I would prefer to be where I am welcomed wholly and where I don't have to worry about being me."


"You have a choice to make, and I won't force you into one. You know who I am, but for some reason you act like you've forgotten. I tried to do this for you, but I should have known nothing good would come from trying to be something I am not, going where I am not welcomed. I am not like other women, other people. You know this as well as I do, and every one of my instincts said not to come here. I know better now. You can only do what you want to and I can only do what I feel I should. I know who I am and what I want. Do you?"

I felt like my heart had dropped into my stomach as I watched her starting to walk again. I closed my eyes and counted to one hundred before I heard the tell-tale crack of apparation. I knew she had gone then. And I had let her, because I doubted. I should never have doubted.