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Demon: is a being [magical and non-magical, human or otherwise] that has absorbs so much magic that it has changed it [being and the magic it absorbed] entirely into something else.

Chapter 1: A Sweet Revenge For Dessert

"Boy come down Right Now." Came the voice of aunt Petunia Dursley's shallow voice. It had been only two days that he had arrived at Number 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey, but it felt like ages to him. He quickly went down stairs and entered the kitchen to join his muggle relatives.

The Dursleys were as always a pain in his you-know-what, but this year they were a little more tolerable. Perhaps it was because they knew that Harry no longer feared them, instead he was there for the Dursley's safety. Harry had found out about the blood protection over his relative's house by accident.

Flash Back

Harry tried to be as quiet as possible. He knew someone was downstairs and if he were to be caught, he wouldn't be able to sneak around anymore. He didn't want to talk to anyone. They always somehow manage to bring up the subject of Cedric. Didn't anyone understand that he simply just wanted to forget everything! Not for long, just until he had a little bit more control over his emotions. He wanted to think about it when he could think clearly.

"My dear, I understand you want Harry to stay with you but it is not possible." Harry stopped on the stairs and listened. Why was he being discussed in the middle of the night?

"But Albus, you can't simply send Harry away to his muggle relatives, not now. Harry may not want to talk right now but at the very least he knows he has people around him when he is ready." Remus spoke strongly. Harry's heart skipped. They were planning to send him back.

"Remus you know it is for Harry's safety, the blood protection at his relative's place will keep him safe as well as the muggles. Harry will have time to think everything through and be back to normal when he returns." Harry felt sick listening to the headmaster as if it was simply the matter of putting a misbehaving child in time-out. How can a person be normal after watching someone murdered.

"Those muggles don't like Harry, Albus, they would never see to what Harry needs." Remus tried to convince the other man.

"They are his relatives, of course they will."

"Albus..." Remus didn't get to finish his sentence.

"Let him go Remus, he doesn't want to be here, then let him go. We could all use that time to strategize and when he is ready we'll pick him up." Silence followed Sirius' statement. Harry swallowed hard willing himself not to cry. How could he sound so casual? Didn't he want Harry?

"He is your son! How could you say that?" Remus whispered but Harry heard it. Son? "The day you blood adopted him, you promised you would take care of him. He is just as much as your son as he is Lily and James'. You know it as well as I do, no blood protection is going to protect Harry from the abuse his relatives cause him."

"Now Remus..." Remus cut Albus off.

"Shut up you old goat, this is of no concern of your." Harry had never heard Remus speak in such way and to the headmaster at that, but he was preoccupied with other thoughts to think more on the man's behavior.

"Neither is it yours." Sirius stated. Once again suffocating silence filled the room. A minute past then another, no more words were uttered. Harry almost succeeded into making himself believe it was his imaginations work, but alas Molly Weasley opened her mouth.

"I know it is not Harry's fault but I can not get the foreboding feeling when it comes to that boy. I am being silly, I know, however, you have to understand that I -being a mother- can not help but be concerned about my children safety."

"Yes of course you have to worry about your children and here sits the man who is suppose to worry about his son but he is scared of getting close to the boy" Remus voice had a cutting edge to it. "What do you think Sirius, Harry is going to wait for you? You're pushing him away Sirius! Even if one day you calm your insecurities, what makes you think Harry would be willing to except you? And what happened to you? Why are you so insecure anyway? You wanted to tell Harry about the blood adoption you preformed when he was born. What changed your mind?"

"He got someone killed!" Sirius replied in a cold voice that chilled the bones of those who heard it. Harry couldn't help it, he ran up the stairs. He didn't care if they heard him or not. He couldn't help but cry.

It was a long night but eventually the sun rose and a new day begun. Harry found out he was to leave for the Dursleys in two days. He spent the days hiding in the dark parts of the house.

He didn't want to spend any time with Ron the jealous prat! He still hadn't come around and frankly Harry didn't care.

Hermione wanted to know everything that had happened. However, it was not to help him feel better, but for knowledge and she clearly showed her intentions. The smile that appeared every time she though he would reveal his secrets to her she was so entitle to know unnerved him.

Ginny was ignoring him. By chance when they crossed paths, she would pretend she hadn't seen him. It didn't hurt Harry as much as he though. If his best friends where acting in such way, she was just Ron's little sister.

Two days passed and he was dropped off at the Dursleys. He soon decided since no one wanted him then he would leave. He had only planned to go for that summer, but what he found made him stay. He forwent his fifth year of Hogwarts only to return for a week to insure his family's safety. Oh and he had a little business with them.

[End Flash Back]

Harry smirked. Payback was a going to be a Bitch. The Dursleys didn't like the look on Harry's face, not at all. They had a bad feeling and they didn't know just how right they were too.


For the first time neither uncle Vernon nor Dudley were interested in food. Harry could tell they were frightened, he could see it in their eyes. They tried to act normal of course, but they weren't very good actors. Harry couldn't help but be a bit amused by all of this.

"We do not have all day for you boy." Uncle Vernon finally spoke out. His voice quivered a little as he did so.

"But you do Uncle." Harry was enjoying this game. He had waited so long for this moment. The year in the real world had been very good for harry. He had grown up reasonably well.

"Boy don't push your luck with me, I..." The overgrown pig attempted to look tough and failed miserable. Before Harry would have been intimated but now it just made him laugh.

"You what?" Harry baited his uncle. He didn't let the man answer however. "Where I'm sitting uncle, you can't do anything."

"What are you talking about?" Ah his loving aunt, not.

"Did you know aunt Petunia, that uncle Vernon sold the deed to the house to pay of the loan sharks?" He could see his uncle pale as the words sank in.

"What rubbish! We are honest people..."

"Like hell you are! Your husband has been bribing his way up the ladder. The last guests you had were con-artists, who are now in jail by the way." Harry turned to his uncle for that bit of information then returned to his aunt and continued. "The black money he invested is now gone, poof."


"Your lying brat, tell him Vernon! Vernon!" But Vernon Dursley wasn't listening. He was shocked learning that he was scammed out of the money he had stolen from others.

"Oh did I forget to mention, Lester Coven was arrested two days ago. He let go of all his schemes for a shorter sentence. The money you put in there as well as the black money you already had with him has been confiscated. It's all gone!" Harry couldn't help but smirk. He was happy at their misfortune. How could he not? He had no love for them because they had none for him during his stay. Harry decided it was time to drop the first boulder on their bare feet, figuratively speaking of course. Speaking clearly, Harry stated.

"Your Broke!" Just as he expected, hell broke lose.

"Vernon Tell Him It's A Lie!" Aunt Petunia screeched. How was she going to buy that new teapot set? She had to have it for her tea party. Mrs. Barley had just gotten hers and Petunia didn't like being left behind. Harry winced. Oh how he hated that voice.

"I'll Pound You To The Ground Potty!" It took him long enough. Harry knew his cousin was confused until his last statement. He smiled.

"How is Clare?" He asked his dear cousin innocently. Dudley was surprised and it showed clearly on his face. He quickly looked at his parents, when they didn't say anything he looked back at Harry.

"What are you talking about you worthless piece of...?" Dudley realized he made a big mistake when he opened his mouth but it would hurt his pride if he didn't stand up to his freak of a cousin.

"The girl you got pregnant of course!" Second boulder made an even louder sound as it hit it's destined target.

"Stop Speaking Nonsense Boy! After All We Have Done For You, You Go Telling Lies About Us! We Should Have Never Taken You Into Our Home. It's Your Fault! It's Entirely Your Fault! You Parents Died because of y..."

Slap! The sound echoed off the wall. The father and son sat shocked! Harry had slapped his aunt. She too was in take aback. Her hand automatically came up to her aching cheek.

"Don't go blaming others for your mistakes! What they did was their own doing. This 'little' business had nothing to do with my magic or me. In fact you knew something wasn't right. Money doesn't fall from the trees and your not stupid enough not to notice, but you did nothing. You ignored it. You let it continue. Don't blame me; I'm not your scapegoat. How are you going to explain this to the police when they come knocking your door?" Petunia paled. What would happen if it got out? How was she going to explain this to the neighbors?

"I'm here only for one reason and that is to inform you that I am no longer your ward. I have been emancipated..."

"On What Grounds?" Uncle Vernon seemed to have recovered quickly enough hearing this. Harry had to force his smile away.

"On the grounds of taking over the Potter Lordship and businesses… being the heir and all" He could see the gleam in his Uncle and Aunts eyes.

"I demand you repay us for taking you in when we didn't have to. We fed you, sheltered you, we... um…" Uncle Vernon looked at his wife for help. Harry waited.

"What? Can't come with anything else? Why not? Oh, that's right! You didn't do anything. The matter of feeding me, you didn't. You starved me. Shelter me, you said? I wonder if a judge would see it that way, well maybe if you feed them money but seeing as you have none I don't think they will risk it. For paying you back for your generosity, be happy I'm giving you two weeks to either pay up or pack up seeing as this house is now mine, fully paid!"


"Harry..." Aunt Petunia started. She looked in pain saying his name.

"Now it's Harry! My, it seems money can change everything."

"Harry please, where will we go?" She tried to reason.

"I really don't care!" He wasn't the same boy anymore as he was before.

"We Are Your Family!" she was losing her patience.

"Since when?" Harry acted surprised.

"Boy you listen to me right now, you are going to..."

"You know I think I'll cut back one week. You can expect police to escort you out at the end of the week from now if you don't do it on your own." As Harry stated he watched their reactions. They looked absolutely frightened.

"No please Harry!" His aunt pleaded. It felt so nice to hear such a tone from his loving family. After thinking somewhat for a few minutes.

"I'll let you stay, BUT it well be under a contract. You well pay me rent, the amount well be discussed in the presence of my lawyer. Other details will also be discussed then. Do Not Think For A Minute That You Are Free OR That You Can Do What You Want. You will find out soon enough I'm much worse then any loan shark out there. They may break a bone or two but I'll ruin you for life." He left no chances for arguments. It was his way or the streets. Even Dudley seemed to understand the situation they were in.

'Good' Harry thought. 'Everything went according to plan.'

Elsewhere someone else was getting a shock their own...

"My lord! My lord!"

"What are you wailing about Parkinson?" The old man quivered at the annoyance in his lord's voice. He got down on his left knee before he said anything else out of fear rather then respect. He had a feeling of how his master would react to the news he brought with him.

"My lord, we underestimated him. Many of our man have been killed. Some have been badly injured and could not fight. Only few of us are left now my lord." His voice cracked and his eyes watered. Unable to look in the eyes of his master he stared at the ground. Unfortunate for him he was unable to prepare let alone dodge his lord's next actions.

"Crucio" 'How can this be? No it can't. I won't believe it. I've worked so hard, so hard for this. I won't let him take this away from me.' The screams died out capturing the exhausted lord's attention. His servant had lost consciousness.

"Kern!" He spat out with disgust.

"Oh no, I'm just his faithful servant." He let out a laugh, soft enough to be a whisper but loud enough for Voldemort to hear. "Life his not been kind to you Voldemort. Sorry, sorry, My Lord!" The intruder gave a sarcastic bow. With another quick laugh he stood once again to face a surprised red beady-eyed older wizard. The speechless old man finally regained his voice, anger dripped generously from his words.

"What the hell are you...?" The intruder interrupted.

"...Doing here?" the young man finished the sentence knowing it would irritated the old man even more so then he already had. He continued simply ignoring the angry death glares he was receiving.

"You disobeyed him Voldemort." His once carefree voice changed in to a very serious and deadly tone. "He's not very happy with you right now and when he's not happy, I'm not happy." The young man's voice was truly freighting.

Voldemort was quickly reminded of the man he had disobeyed, the only man he truly feared. This young man standing in front of him reminded him of that man. He was ashamed of himself being afraid of this 18-year-old boy. He should just rip him apart while he had the chance but he knew better. He knew what this boy was capable of. This boy was not who he pretended to be. 'I'll find out what you truly are and once I do...' He was brought back to reality by the young man's voice.

"Don't go getting lost in your own thoughts old man, I don't have all day to spent here with you." He never did have patients when it came to this old man.

"You listen here boy!" Voldemort spoke ignoring the warning bells that were going off inside his head. Once again the boy shocked him. He smiled.

"You see Tom, unlike my employer I don't mind getting my hands dirty." With that pain over powered his senses. Voldemort lay on the cold marble floor quivering like his servants had many a times before. If anyone were to walk by, they would not believe their own eyes but those who knew the young boy also knew he was a force to be reckon with.

"By the way, you can call me Darcy, Darcy Evens. I think I'll stick around this part of town for a while!" With that Voldemort blacked out.