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Chapter 5: Sweet Satisfaction For Dessert part 2

"Here!" She was really upset now that she not only had to do things herself, but had to do things for others on top of her own family. During the year she had kept a maid who did the work and cook three times a day. Petunia could wake up late in the afternoon and enjoy her time in the bath. No more. The boy ruined it all. He didn't have any intention of keeping a maid, he had told her up front he didn't, so now she had to get her hands dirty. She would have just let it be and not lift a finger but what if one of the ladies came by as they tended to do every now and then. She couldn't even bad mouth her good for nothing nephew now. Oh just thinking about what the neighbors would say when the found out about the little demon. It just made her want to cry.

"Damian was my grandfather's name and Prince just suits him I think." Harry explained. He felt obligated to do so. Remus had fought for him that day and after he was gone Harry was sure. Now Sirius, he didn't know what to think of him. Harry had though he had gotten over what Sirius had said about him but that was a lie he had been telling himself this past year. It really hurt him. Watching him siting here in front of him obviously worried gave him satisfaction of causing it.

"Good choice. It does suit him. Are you going to add Black to his name." Tonks knew she had stuck her foot in her mouth again when Sirius stiffened. Remus sighed and gave her a small glare. They all patiently waited for Harry to answer.

"I don't know." Harry thought for a minute before adding. His face and voice bear of any emotion "I don't know if I have the right."

Sirius visible cringed. He deserved it. He wasn't going to back down though. Harry had the right to never forgive him but Sirius was going to stay by his son... and grandson. What he did was unforgivable, but he wouldn't give up hope. Lily and James not only gave him the responsibility, but also gave him a child. He realized that now and he wasn't going to stop trying until either Harry gave him a chance or Sirius was no more.

"You have the right." Sirius whispered but everyone heard it. Harry 'humm'ed as a response. Neither Sirius nor Remus knew what it mean but didn't press on it. Tonks' wasn't paying attention to her surroundings. She had gone back to changing her appearance.

"Are you planning on staying for long?." At first everyone was disheartened, but soon understood. Harry and baby Damian looked dead pale. It had been a long day for them both of them. Sirius remembered when he and Harry when through this. It was an experience that he would never forget. The blood adoption used a little blood but it used a large about of your magic and energy to stabilize and alter said blood. Harry's blood didn't change being the parent but the baby would 'borrow' his magic and energy. Without Harry's help Damian wouldn't survive this more then a day.

"We will visit later Harry." Remus stated. Sirius didn't want to leave yet but agreed. He had a lot to process tonight.

"Call before you decide to drop in."

"Harry I know this is too early for me to ask but would you consider coming to Grimmauld Place... for a visit." Sirius couldn't keep the hope out of his voice.

"You're right, it is to early." Harry told the man looking straight in his eyes.

"Will you think about it? I want to help you raise Damian."

"I have too much to think about right now without this." Harry paused "Maybe later."

"Hey it not a 'no'" Tonks was very optimistic.

They could tell Harry was starting to get annoyed and Damian was becoming fussy. He had barely ate any of his food. With a quick goodbye, the young man and the baby were finally alone. The Dursleys had disappeared somewhere upstairs when their uninvited guest were leaving.

Harry readjusted Damian returning to the sofa and took a little nap. He knew the little boy needed it. He felt pretty drained himself.

Harry would have instructed aunt Petunia to cook dinner for them but he knew she couldn't cook. The woman never could. Not that she tried very hard at it anyway. She didn't like doing trivial things such as cooking and cleaning. Before Harry was able to cook aunt Petunia would pay someone to come and cook three meals a day. Of course she would tell the neighbors how good a cook she was but was 'just too busy' looking after her family to spend her day slaving away in the kitchen. Petunia's food was edible but nothing else.

"Come on Prince, lets eat dinner, then we'll have a potion to make us feel a little better. We still have much to do." Harry picked up the little boy as he stood up. He felt better after taking the much deserved rest. He was still feeling a bit loose for the lack of better term but not as if he was going to fall dead any moment. Damian was still a little out of it though.

It was around 6 o'clock when they woke up, usually the Dursleys would have eaten and parked their behinds in front of the Telly already. Today wasn't one of those days. He could hear them from the leaving room.

"Mum I'm hungry!" Dudley's maturity didn't last very long. He once again reverted back to his old whiny self.

"Petunia, how much longer?" It was Vernon this time. The man could take anything, but waiting for food was equivalent to torture.

Harry yawned and Damian followed.

"Copying me are you?" Damian laughed when Harry tickled him lightly on his tummy. walking into the kitchen Harry spotted his aunt attempting to... well he wasn't sure. He spotted beef in the skillet with uneven chunks of pineapple, drowning in the pool of it's juice.

"Good evening." Harry greeted.

"Good... my foot!" Harry heard uncle Vernon mutter under his breath. He just smiled.

"Alright kiddo, I know you don't feel like but you have to eat something okay." Harry pulled out the baby milk formula from the baby bag he had gotten earlier. He want able to go grocery shopping yet for Damian, things like snacks and juice drinks but had made a quick stop to get the formula.

He had a little difficulty mixing the powder in warm water while still holding Damian with one arm. Making sure the formula was just the right temperature Harry passed the bottle to the little boy. Damian didn't make to much of a fuss, Harry figured it must be because he hadn't eaten much the whole day.

Harry retrieved his own food he had kept in the refrigerator under a spell. The Dursleys could see it but couldn't touch it. He had done it yesterday with a notice-me-not spell with only enough magic to last till the morning. Quickly reheating it, Harry took his seat.

His dinner was over before the Dudley and Vernon received theirs. It was fun to be on the other side o the fence. He pulled out two potion bottles, one for him and another for Damian. He quickly drank his and slowly gave the mango flavored potion to Damian. His had been laced with a sleeping potion and soon as he drank it, Damian was out like a light. Their dinner was almost coming to an end before any of them said anything.

"Why are you still here boy?" Vernon spoke as if he still owned the house. Like he used to before Harry ran away.

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"Yeah, I got a problem with it and I all got this." Dudley pounded his fist on the table but it didn't make a sound. The table refused to strain under the heavy fist. It startled him and his parents.

"Might I remind you dear cousin, I don't give a damn about you or what you got."

"Harry won't you like to rest in your room? The... baby's asleep again already." Petunia tried to calm things down before it got out of hand. She didn't know what her nephew was capable of.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm going to be taking the master bedroom so you should prepare to move out of your rooms."

"What nonsense are you talking about boy?" Vernon was starting to become red.

"Just what I said. I'm talking the master bedroom being to owner of house I have the right to it." Harry explained calmly.

"Just because you somehow bought OUR house doesn't mean you can push us around. This is still OUR house and you'll do as WE say. You hear me boy?"

"I guess I should have learned my lesson by now." Vernon and Dudley smirked but Petunia had doubts. She didn't think her nephew would give up this easily. Not that she would complain if he did. "Old habits die hard I suppose so let me tell you again you overweight elephant, My House, My Rules! If you don't like it then get the fuck out." Vernon didn't seem to understand and opened his mouth, Harry was sure to be loud. A quick silencio fix that problem. Harry smiled as Vernon realized he couldn't speak. It didn't stop him from continuing to try.

"What have you done to my husband?" Petunia screeched.

"What did you do FREAK?"

"Lower your voices or I'll do the same with you." Harry's warning was taken to heart by the mother and son. Vernon was still flaring his hands and attempting to somehow manage break the spell.

"Good. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, you can take Dudley's room and Dudley is going to take his second bedroom."

"I'm not sleeping in that dump. Mum!" Dudley complained.

"You don't expect my son to move in there." Petunia tried to reason with him. It was okay when it was the boy but not her son. Her son deserved the finer things in life, not that dump. Plus the boy had lived on there for four years. Granted it was only in the summer but still. She couldn't let her baby be exposed to her nephew's freakishness. God only knew what he had done locked in there.

"Find another place then. It doesn't really matter to me." The Dursleys could hear the ultimatum in his voice.

The baby furniture he had purchased earlier arrived around 9 pm that night. Petunia was ready for a heart attack when she saw the truck pull up the driveway. They had already taken out their cloths, jewelry, and anything important out of the master bedroom. Dudley was still whining about it as he picked up his things.

Mrs. Modrey and Mrs. Wilson came out of their houses under pretense of hearing a knock on their doors. Mrs. Modrey called Mrs. Wilson to join them when she appeared at her window. Mrs. Doughtry also made an appearance when see saw the three ladies from her ladies club talking.

The men also came out. The children played on the street as not many cars passed by there this late in the evening. There was excitement in the air. This usually happened when they had a new neighbor or a black out. Everyone seem to enjoy the chance to be out. The main subject thought was the truck in front house number 4, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley place. It wasn't the fact it was from a furniture store but a baby's furniture store that got them talking.

"What is that?" Petunia whispered, hoping it was all an illusion her mind was coming up with after the hellish day she had.

"First Step baby furniture. I needed a few things for Damien"

"Couldn't you had done your... freakishness and made it less obvious?" Petunia shrieked. Her heart was beating so fast she though it might burst out of her chest soon. Vernon was purple like he was never before.

"Why? I don't have any intention of hiding my son."

"But the neighbors..." Petunia stressed. "What will they say? Don't you know what kind of damage It could do to our..." Petunia paused, she had to be smart about this. "Your reputation. They will spread lies about you boy, don't you get it."

"Like you have done my whole life? If its me they'll say they weren't expecting anything else from me. The only difference is this time they will include you. THAT will be gossip. And don't go pretending you care about my reputation aunt Petunia. You made it clear to me my whole life what you cared about most and wanted me nowhere near to ruin it." Petunia huffed. Her plain failed. Again! The boy was going to ruin her and all that she had worked for.

He had ordered a bed for himself as well, but he wasn't going to tell the Dursleys that. He had also bought new furniture for the room. He though about it for a while on what to do with the old one and came up with different ideas. Out of all his options he thought best if he donated it to charity. Personally he wanted to burn it in front of it's previous owners but bonfires weren't allowed by the neighborhood house association. Plus he didn't want to do magic outside the house if it wasn't necessary. His house elves knew of this as well. He didn't want to take any risks that could cause him custody of his son.

Harry had his trusty, even if a little fantastic house elf, Dobby enlarge the master bedroom, and change the layout of it completely. He made sure to tell Dobby to sterilize every inch of that room... Twice. He would have done the enlarging part himself but didn't have any strength to do anything that required large amount of magic. The blood adoption had done a number on him. The goblin had warned him his magic would be more powerful then he intended, and he noticed it when he placed the silencing spell around the kitchen upon his arrival back to Privet Drive. He had a feeling that instead of expanding the room he would accidentally blow it out of the house. That might be a bit hard to explain to the muggle neighbors even with the help of his elves.

Harry opened the door came face to face with a well dressed man holding a clipboard. The movers were dress in gray but the man in front of him was in an expensive blue button up shirt and khaki pants.

"Mr Potter?" The man looked up from his clipboard and asked Harry. When he revived a nod from him he continued. "My name is Andrew Murray, I'm from First Step Furniture, you were expecting us."

"Yes please come on in" Giving a signal to his men, he entered.

"Which way Mr. Potter?"

"Top of the stairs, the nursery is through the master bedroom that's located at the very end of the hall." When the movers got busy, Vernon pulled him aside.

"The neighbors are gathering boy. Send them away NOW!" Vernon facial colors was changing every few minutes like Harry had never seen. It was amusing to watch.

"No." One word from Harry had Vernon changing pale again. "You might as well get used to it. It's not going to change anytime soon."

First the crib came, then the changing table and with every new piece of furniture Petunia became a shade lighter. Harry would have loved to have watched the show longer but Prince decided to wake up from his nap at that time. Harry had placed him in his playpen he had bought earlier at the furniture store and angled it where he could keep an eye on him from the kitchen.

"Did you have a good nap, little man?" Harry asked when he reached the child. He quickly picked him up. Damian respond with a big yawn and snuggled closer to him. Harry held the boy tighter retreating back into the kitchen. He wanted to continue watching the circus he was directing. He arrived just in time to hear aunt Petunia complaining. She would never approve of the behavior she herself was now showing. Aunt Petunia's grace and elegance was just a mask. Inside she was a whiny old lady who was never happy with what she had.

"Vernon how are we going to explain this to the neighbors. If anyone from the ladies club found out, Vernon those women are the worst. We won't be able to show our faces in the neighborhood again."

"I'll think of something pet. Don't you worry." Vernon tried to calm his hysterical wife. His method didn't work this time either.

"If that worthless brat..." Harry cut her off and came back into the view.

"Now now Aunt Petunia, a proper lady should never use such language. What would the neighbors think." Harry's lecturing tone caused Damien to giggle a little. The young man gave the little boy in his arms a proud smile. It was finally sinking in that boy was a Potter now, his family by blood. He could honestly say if anyone asked that didn't regret being a teenage father.

"Why can't you just leave us alone?" Petunia needed to know. Why couldn't this abomination leave their family be.

"I can't abandon family, after all you took me in when I had no one left. How can I abandon you when you need me the most?" The hate filled look in the boy's tone sent a chill up Petunia's spine. Just that cold atmosphere came it was gone but Petunia knew she hadn't imagined it. "I've called in a few... friends. I'm going to have someone come in and redecorate the house."

"Wha..w..." Harry didn't give her a chance to speak. He was gone before she could get her speech abilities in control.

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