Seattle, WA


I inhaled the crisp air of fall as I walked to my Thursday nine o'clock class. I had my coffee in hand of course. Leaning my head back, I took in the overcast sky and admired the variation of leaves that slowly floated down from above. It was my kind of day. That is until I failed to notice the uneven part of the sidewalk, and went flying to the ground face first.

Bella Swan, the klutz. I would never lose that nickname for obvious reasons.

I slowly picked myself up and checked for damage. My coffee had gone flying about five feet down the path, and the knee of my jeans had torn just a bit. I looked myself over more and noticed that my hands were a bit scraped. Good thing I keep a first aid kit in my backpack.

I pulled my bag off my shoulder, and dug around in it until I found the kit. Aha! An antiseptic wipe will work perfectly for this job. I finished cleaning the scrapes, and put away the kit before picking up my bag and walking towards the spilled coffee. Of all the times for my coffee to spill… I really needed it today! I shook my head and threw the empty cup in a nearby trashcan. Class was going to be just brilliant today without my liquid focus.

"Oh shit, class!" I hurriedly pulled the little cell phone out of my pocket and looked at the time. 9:05 a.m.

Dammit! I didn't dare run, so I settled for a brisk walk. I was never late for class, so when I walked in and saw that my usual seat in the front row was taken, I sighed audibly.

Oh, was it that loud? The whole class turned around to face me as the professor glared. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. I quickly grabbed a seat at the very back and buried my face in my hands. I looked up and tried to get comfortable with the new view for the day.

How was I supposed to pay attention up here? There were way too many distractions in front of me. Like that girl two rows down, her hair towered upwards at dangerous heights. I wonder what kind of hairspray could hold that well.

And then there was the guy sitting directly in front of me. He texted into his phone furiously, and I could read every word. Poor guy, I hoped his mother would be able to pick up his hemorrhoid cream before his date with Ashley tonight.

My eyes wandered to the guy three rows over to the right. I'd never seen such a strange shade of hair before. Fiery bronze and perfectly messy, as if he'd run his hands through it furiously. I bobbed my head around until I saw his face. I gasped. He was, without a doubt, the most beautiful guy I had ever seen. His jaw was sharp and masculine, and his nose was straight but rounded softly at the tip. I wondered briefly what he looked like from the front.

How had I never noticed him before?

Ah, that's right, front row seat, usually on time, and leaving after everyone else was gone. For once, procrastination seemed like a great idea. I spent the remainder of class staring at him. I longed to watch him longer, but Professor Andrews dismissed the class.

Everyone closed their notebooks and grabbed their things hurriedly, with either better things to do, or another class to rush towards. I slowly gathered my things and prepared to leave. A throat cleared down in front.

"Miss Swan?" Professor Andrews quirked an eyebrow at me before gesturing that I join him down in the front.

I made my way to down the steps, paying close attention to every move my feet made.

"I'm sorry, Professor. I fell down on the way to class and my things went flying, and I scraped my hands. I won't be late again." He smiled and shook his head.

"That's alright, Miss Swan. I just wanted to ask how you were coming on the short story for the Young Writers of America contest?"

I shrugged. "It's coming along, but I have to admit I'm stuck at the moment. I guess I just need a bit of inspiration to strike."

He nodded. "Very well. I know you're determined to get that scholarship money. I have faith that you'll be able to pull it off. You and one other student are the only ones that are registered to enter from UW. You should be very proud."

"Thanks Professor Andrews." I turned to leave but I ran into something hard.

"Oomph!" I looked up and realized that I had just run face first into the bronze haired god.

Oh my God, his eyes.

They were the most vivid shade of green that I'd ever seen. I gazed stupidly into them. A breathtaking, crooked smile slowly crept onto his perfect face.

"S-sorry." I muttered. My cheeks burned as I moved around him quickly.

"Professor, I just wanted to turn in my short story. I finished editing it last night." Ah, the other contestant. Impressive. I listened to his voice as I climbed the stairs. There was something about the way he talked. I couldn't put my finger on what seemed different about it. I kept listening to try and figure it out.

"Edward, I notice that it isn't typed."

Edwardsighed lightly. "Yes sir, I try not to use the computer if possible." Really? Was he as terrible with technology as I was with walking?

"Look, I know about your background. If you feel uncomfortable using a computer, I have a typewriter in my office that you can check out." Edward answered sounding relieved. "That would be great, sir. Thank you." I began pondering everything I had just heard. I may have been able to give it more thought if I hadn't collided with the door.

I exited the classroom as fast as possible after that.

Thank God for Friday's.

After my shift was over at the bookstore, I headed home to get ready for a night at the bar. It was my usual thing. I didn't go with anyone, but I almost always left with somebody. Looking in the mirror, I brushed through the thick strands of my chestnut hair. I sighed, wishing that it stood out more.

I applied a bit of a makeup to my dark brown eyes, and then a touch of Chap Stick to my lips and that was it. Tonight my outfit consisted of a long-sleeved black top and dark skinny jeans, paired with my tall black boots. It was simple yet sexy, and it was enough to get me laid. It wasn't that I was easy per se. I just liked to keep my "relationships" casual. Nobody gets hurt that way.

I decided that tonight I would hit up a small pub. I hadn't been to this particular location in a month or so. Walking in, I inhaled the smell of beer and cigarettes.

Ah, time to relax Bella. I grabbed an empty barstool and set my clutch on the counter. The bartender turned around and asked me what I wanted.

"Whiskey on the rocks, please."

He smiled and then winked, "That's my kind of woman."

He was hitting on me, awesome. I guess he wasn't too bad to look at - tall and muscular, dark hair and dark eyes. I rolled my eyes as he slid the glass to me. I tipped back the glass and let the drink warm my throat.

"So, what's your name, Mr. Bartender?"

He refilled my glass and smiled. "Jacob. And what's yours, Whiskey Girl?"

I snorted then downed my drink. "It's Bella. Nice to meet you." Jacob licked his lips and turned around to look at the clock.

"Here's the deal, Bella. I get off in five minutes. So what do you say?"

I laughed, "Really? Sorry, I don't do five minute men." He blushed and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Okay, Jacob. Pour me another drink first and then we'll get out of here."

Wow, this was going to be easy tonight. Five minutes later, I was feeling tipsy and hanging on Jacob's arm. We headed to another bar where a local band was playing. It was loud and crowded. I usually didn't like places like this but I had a feeling we wouldn't be here long.

"I'm gonna go get us some beer, I'll be right back." I nodded and turned towards the band playing on stage. I heard a high pitched "Bella!" and turned towards the sound.

A blonde hair girl approached me. "Rose! Hey, how are you?" We hugged quickly and she pulled back smiling. "Bella, I haven't seen you in forever! I've missed you," she squealed.

"Rosalie, you've been hanging out with Alice too much. She's rubbing off on you." I elbowed her and smiled. Alice was Rose's boyfriend Emmett's sister.

"What have you been up to, girl?" Rose asked eagerly.

"School, work, writing. Same old story. What about you?"

She shrugged. "School and hanging out with Emmett as much I can. Alice and I go out occasionally."

Alice. I'd only met her a few times briefly, but she was perhaps the most talkative girl that I'd ever met. She hugged me each time like we were the best of friends. I had frequently wondered if she was on something.

"How's Emmett? I miss the big oaf!"

Rose laughed. "He's good. Just really, er, preoccupied lately. Oh! Tomorrow there's a huge party at his place. You should come. Alice and Jasper, Emmett and I will be there of course. And his cousin."

I smiled. "Uh, I might. Text me the time and address. Okay?" She grinned widely and her blue eyes filled with excitement. "Oh Bella, I hope you decide to come! I know it's not really your thing but I've missed you and so has Emmett!"

I nodded, "I'll really try and come Rose. I've missed you too." She gave me a hug and then we said our goodbyes.

I was glad she left before Jacob returned. Rose knew about my casual affairs and didn't approve. We were the best of friends in high school but after leaving Forks, she met Emmett and we grew apart. She just couldn't understand why I wouldn't settle down with one guy. If only I had told her about what had happened with James, she might get where I was coming from. But I had never told her, and I didn't know why.

I should be ashamed of my behavior, but I just couldn't let go of how carefree it felt. I was a good girl who had been hurt, and I never wanted to feel that pain again.

Jacob returned with the beer and we both sipped casually. He noticed that I'd become somber and grinned widely, hoping that I'd catch on. I was starting to feel sick from all of the thoughts bouncing around in my head. I chugged my beer, much to Jacob's surprise, and then grabbed his arm.

"Are you ready to get out of here or what?"

His eyes darkened and he nodded. He flagged down a taxi and whispered into my ear. "My place or yours?"

I swallowed noisily. "Yours."

We climbed into the taxi and he gave the cab driver his address. His apartment was on the third floor, so we took the elevator. I was pretty drunk by the time we reached his door, so while he fumbled with his keys I began kissing his neck and jaw.

The door opened and he groaned as I pushed him into the apartment. We hit the couch and I straddled him. After several minutes of making out, I stood up and began taking off my clothes. His eyes roamed hungrily over my body while he removed his own clothing. Jacob lay back on the couch with his rather *cough* large erection in tow.

He pulled a condom from the coffee table drawer. Slick. I grabbed it away from him and tore it with my teeth. Let's just get this over with already.

I rolled the rubber over his length, and then took a deep breath before raising myself over him. I plunged down and relished in the half pain, half pleasure that shot through my body. Jacob moaned loudly and began to rock us slowly. I shook my head and pinned his arms to the couch.

"Let me."

He looked up at me and I had to shut my eyes to avoid his gaze. I wanted to see the green eyes that I had stared into yesterday. I pictured that it was Edward buried deep inside of me. I began pounding up and down furiously, picturing his hands running all over me.

"Mmm… Bella," Jacob grunted.

I scrunched my eyes as tight as they would go and thought of Edward calling out my name. My stomach twitched as my inner walls clenched around Jacob.

"Oh God, yes. Ungh." I felt him fill the condom and I immediately pushed myself up.

He laid breathing heavily for a minute, before his snores filled the room. I sighed with relief at the fact that I wouldn't have to stick around and pretend to care. Pulling on my clothes and boots, I took a deep breath and headed for the door. I had gotten what I wanted and I was satisfied. The whole way home, I tried to ignore the empty feeling that resided in my chest. Why was I starting to feel this way?

I'd never had a problem with these flings before. It disturbed me and I slept restlessly, dreaming of green orbs, and red flames. Tomorrow was a new day.