They lived in 2 different worlds, they had 2 different dreams, but as their hearts long to become one, Kurt steps up. Amy is forced to choose between to love ones-and to make it worse, she is soon diagnosed with cancer.

It had been 3 years since the hunt was over and Amy and Dan rightfully claimed their prize, after that they disappear. But their lives take a surprising turn. He had no idea that walking into a Starbucks could change his life forever, she had no idea that being in a Starbucks could change her life forever.


I walk down the streets with Natalie by my side, she was playing with her phone, as usual and I was lost in my thoughts. I remembered these streets too well. Boston was very busy in the morning which I really didn't like-but I came here for a reason and I'm not going to leave until I find her. I missed Amy, Amy and her soft stutters, Amy and her scarlet blush, her jade eyes, her silky red hair, I missed everything about her.

Natalie and I had decided to get some coffee before going to the mall, Starbucks was a block away from our rented condo so we decided to walk. When I opened the glass door I froze. My whole world froze.

The girl that I have been searching for, for 3 years was now sitting right in front of me. She had black knee length boots on, dark blue skinny jeans, a grey off the shoulder dress-shirt, her hair was in loose curl and had book in one hand. It took all I had to not drool over her, as my heart restarted I noticed that her dumb brother, Dan was sitting with her. Dan looked up and then elbowed Amy, she turned her head and then looked towards me. Her eyes lit up and her bright pink lips curved into a smile, I didn't know if I was looking at a human being or an angel but before I could react, Amy hopped up and headed towards me.

My hearts banged against my chest and I actually gasped, I held my breath until she was finally in front of me.

"Ian, Natalie, I haven't seen you guys in like forever!" I was surprised that Natalie was beside me, I had completely forgotten that she was standing right there-but I was even more surprised that Amy hadn't stuttered.

"It has been awhile hasn't it? How've you been?" I asked.

"Great, why are you guys in Boston anyways?"

"I wish I knew. Ian dragged me here." Sighed Natalie, her eyes were fixed on Dan, and to my surprise his eyes were locked with hers too.

"After the hunt our mother went bonkers, she's not used to losing." I explained, "we found a lawyer and-well I am now Natalie's legal guardian but our parents still have to pay for our credit cards"

"Where are you guys staying?" Amy asked,

"We rented a condo about a block away from here," I replied,

"You guys could stay with us, we live like 4 blocks down and we've got plenty of room. We just moved into a new house and our guest rooms are all set, couldn't they stay with us, Ames?" Dan had gotten up and was now standing by Amy, he said this while looking at Natalie the entire time.

"Yeah," Amy beamed.

Amy had given us her address, her number and a little pocket map. After that Dan and Natalie went to the Cahill's place and Amy and I went back to the condo to pack. As we were walking my hand had the sudden urge to hold Amy's hand but I refused, It's been 3 years, she's over you! I thought. After talking to myself mentally for a couple of minutes, Amy's hand found my hand and soon we were walking down the streets like a couple. Her hands were soft and warm and made my heart pound.


He was shaking! Ian Kabra, THE Ian Kabra was shaking because I was holding his hand. I held Ian's hand the entire walk to his rented condo, letting go of it at the door had made my hand numb for some reason, it just didn't feel right. Ian led the way into his condo, it was small, probably Ian's choice, Natalie would never choose anything small. There wasn't a living room, just a small kitchen to the right and a little hallway on the left. Ian found my head and pulled me down the hallway, I could tell I was smiling, maybe he really does like me! I thought excitedly, Ian showed me Natalie's bedroom, it was small-but pink. Everywhere you looked was pink, the bed, the window frame, the closet door, the lamp, the suitcase, EVERYTHING! I guess he knew what I was thinking because he muttered, "I know, it's a nightmare."

"You can put her clothes in that suitcase and everything else is already in there," Ian's British voice was so smooth it gave me goose-bumps .

"So, you never did tell me why you have been avoiding me the last- say, 3 years?" Ian's question had totally taken me by surprised and I could tell I blushing furiously. I tried my best to calm down, keep it cool Amy I said to myself.

"Um well, I wouldn't say avoiding-" before I could finish Ian had already interrupted,

"Oh please, Amy. You can't be serious,"

I sighed in defeat, and a smirk landed on his face from victory. "Fine," I could tell that I sounded stubborn, might as well just get it over with. "after the hunt, I guess Dan and I just wanted to start over, you know, continue the childhood that was taken away from us. I wanted to forget everything that happened and if that meant, stay away from you guys...but I knew I would bump into you guys again at one point so I decided to just-go along with that. Ian, I really want us to continue the relationship we had before the hunt, before we started hating each other-"I trailed off. By the way Ian looked at me, I could tell that this was the first that he ever really looked at me for who I am, from my point of view. He stood there, just looking at me for just a few minutes before saying,

"I cannot imagine the pain that you and Dan have suffered, t-the pain from your loss. The Pain that Natalie and I-I c-c-caused y-you," I couldn't help myself from smiling for 2 reasons. 1, I could tell Ian was sorry and ready to put everything behind us as well and 2, he was stuttering. Ian NEVER stuttered, it made him sound so-so, so normal, just like he was just another person in the world.

"I should probably start packing." Ian quietly said, and with that,Ian left the room to walk across the hall into another room, probably his own.

I finished packing all of Natalie's clothes and then pull the suitcase into the hallway. Ian's door was closed, I was just about to know on it when Ian opened it.

The way he looked at me made my heart skip a beat, it was just like how he looked at me in Korea but this time it was more real and soon, I don't know how but my lips found his.