2 years later* at the hospital*

It was getting harder to breath, every time I tried to, it felt like a knife jabbing into my lungs and throat. I overheard the nurse talking to my family; she said that I was leaving and that they should come in for my last minutes. Now surrounding me was Ian, Dan, Nellie, Hamilton, Natalie, Kurt, Madison, Reagan, Mr. McIntyre, Eisenhower, Mary-Todd, Jonah, Sinead, Ned, Ted, and Isabel. My family. They were somehow touching me. Ian held my hand while Nellie held my other, everybody else was holding onto my arms. I tried to smile, despite the pain I felt- the smile was worth it. I looked out the window, it was dark outside. The stars were shining, but I didn't need the stars, I had my family right here with me. They're worth more than the stars. Even though I was dying, I didn't feel upset. I couldn't even try to feel upset, I was going to be with Grace, my mom, my dad, and everybody else that I've lost. I was going home.


I squeezed her hand tightly. The machine beside her that made annoying beeps started to slow down. Her heart was struggling to beat while my heart was falling to pieces. Even though the room was filled with people, it felt like it was just me and Amy. Even though her heart was slowing, every beat it made adding more and more hope into the cracks of my heart. Even though Amy was dying, I knew she would live on in my heart. Amy closed her eyes tightly and whispered,

"I love you all," her voice cracked loudly on every word. I could only imagine the pain she must have been feeling. We all smiled, and she smiled back. She let a single tear roll down her cheeks. That one tear was enough to make me cry. The times I've witnessed Amy cry have been dreadful, but this one little tear drop was more. It was excruciating. Nellie wiped away the tear, and as she did so. Amy's eyes slowly began to close, the machines beats were as slow as ever. The nurse rushed in,

"I'm sorry, but you must leave now." Leaving the room was more painful than I could have ever imagined, outside the door you could hear a faint beep from the machine. The beep was quiet, but it rang in my ears like hell.

Beep beep beep beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeep

Then altogether, it stopped. The nurse invited us back in to the room, where Amy laid still and as pale as ever. Unlike the others I wasn't crying, my body felt numb but somehow I made it to Amy's side. I thought of all the memories we've had together, from our child hood to thismorning. Finally, my eyes gave in and an endless amount of tears escaped. Amy was my star, she was my everything. I bent down and kissed her lips one last time.


Well, there you have it. The last chapter. I'm actually kind of upset that it's over. I keep on getting the feeling that once I finish, it's gone forever...

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