I woke up in the middle of the night and just found the dire need to walk. From what or to what, I had no idea of, but I just had to walk. Luckily Sokka thought it would be smart to camp on a beach for safe getaway and for Katara and I to practice waterbending, and it also gave me somewhere to walk. It was a full moon and everything was calm.

After walking up and down the shore a few times I decided to just sit and enjoy the night sky. It was breath taking. Whenever I looked at anything beautiful, Katara popped into my head. She was equal, no, more beautiful then anything I had ever seen. She had a natural grace upon herself and she was so sweet and caring. Words were too little and insignificant to explain how I felt for her.

So as I sat there gazing at the sky and thinking about her, I heard a small noise behind me. I turned my head to look and saw that it was ironically enough, Katara.

"What are you doing up?" She said.

"Er, well I don't really know to tell you the truth. I was just kind of drawn here for some reason. Why are you up?" I replied thoughtfully.

"I get that sometimes too. It's weird isn't it? And, well I was having a nightmare, woke up and found you gone and thought I'd come make sure you were okay." She said.

"Oh, well I'm fine. Do you want to talk about your dream? Are you okay? Is there anything I can do? I don't really kno-"

"Aang, its okay, I know, Its usually the other way around. You usually have the nightmares, but its okay. And I guess talking might help." She said as she cut me off.

She then sat down beside me on the sandy beach and ran her fingers through the sand, as if distracting herself while she was talking.

"Go ahead. Start from the beginning, you know I'll listen." I just said with a half smile on my face.

"Well, my dream was actually about, er, well you." She said sheepishly.

"Me?" I questioned.

"Yeah, it was a flashback more or less of us all at the south pole. When Zuko stole you right out from under me. But instead of us finding you and Zuko wrestling outside of that shelter…well, you were cold as the snow around you and no amount of waterbending was going to fix it." She said looking rather sad.

"Oh, well Katara, you know you cant take that dream seriously, I mean obviously I'm here and alive."

"I know, I know. It just scared me."

She then suddenly grabbed me and hugged me and I could feel a few wet tears on my chest as I held her there in the moonlight.

I rocked her back and forth saying things like "Katara, Im right here" or "Katara Im not leaving you".

After she stopped crying I picked her up in my arms and we went a little bit further back on the beach where an old log was laying on the sand. I sat her down right next to me and again she just hugged onto me and I just held her. We watched the stars and I told her about the constellations that the monks had taught us and whenever I looked down at her face, I could see the stars reflecting perfectly in her eyes and it just took my breath away.

We both got rather tired and I found myself dozing off with Katara by my side and me holding her, keeping her warm. Needless to say, we didn't have any nightmares that night.