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"Marry me, Danno!" Steve yells and then unloads a clip into three men headed their way.

Danny glares over from where he's taking cover behind a stone pillar and wonders, not for the first time, what he's gotten himself into. He blames the way his heart speeds up on the adrenaline pounding through from their situation.

"Are you out of your mind?" He yells back. Danny spots another shooter the level above them and ducks out of the way just in time as bullets embed themselves right where his head had just been. He takes a breath then comes around the other side of the pillar, squeezes out two shots and watches as the man falls.

"Is that a yes?" Steve calls back over the sound of his gun. Danny valiantly resists the urge to bang his head against the stone.

"Now is not the time!" He snaps. Bullets fly and he tries to spot the shooter without getting shot in the process.

"I'll cook you a romantic dinner when we get home." Steve promises, face deadpan and ducks, running over to where Danny is. They crouch; foreheads pressed together, breathing coming out fast and hard between them. "I don't hear a 'no'."

"You're insane." Danny murmurs, momentarily distracted by Steve's mouth.

His partner laughs, presses a quick kiss to his lips and darts over to the next pillar. "What's gotten into you?" He calls after him, amused despite himself and the situation.

"I think we should get married!" He loses sight of Steve for a moment, his heart pounding harder in his chest. He grips his gun tighter, eyes darting around. Then Steve reappears from where Danny knows there had been a gunman. His partner smirks; looking much too pleased with himself and Danny has to remind himself that in the middle of a gunfight is not the time to be thinking about how hot his boyfriend is.

"And you thought now was a good time to propose?" He demands as Kono and Chin pick off the remaining bad guys.

"No time like the present, Danno." Steve appears at his side and Kono and Chin head their way; the matching smirks tell Danny whether they've been listening to their ill-timed conversation.

He sighs, scrubs a hand over his face and lets a slow smile spread over his face. He'll be dammed if he admits to his partner that he doesn't, exactly hate the timing of the proposal.

"Fine." Danny says and Steve raises an eyebrow.

"Just fine?" He asks, teasing.

Danny rolls his eyes and tries to look irritated. "Yeah- fine."

"Okay." Steve's lips quirk into a half smile, eyes shining with warmth. He grabs Danny by the tie and pulls him in, kissing him soft and then harder. Danny chooses to ignore Kono and Chin as they go around to check on the gunmen and winds his hands up around Steve's neck and into his hair.

He pulls back just far enough to speak.

"Yes." Danny breathes against Steve's lips and then leans in to kiss the smile that settles there.