"Ah ..." A shift. "J-Just give me a while …"

Suddenly, a thrust, and then, a curse. "Merda, if I had known that it was this good—"

"I said to give me a minute, bastardo!" Ezio harshly squeezed his legs tighter around the other man, as he angrily butted his chin, wincing in pain, even through the great abhorrence of Cesare's self-gratification. "What part of 'for the first time' do you not understand?"

Groaning in carnal ecstasy, the younger male buried his face into the assassin's neck speechlessly, allowing the greedy ministrations of his mouth on bared angles present the very words he meant to say—the grip around his cock, the need to simply move si yes fuck just a little more all of it: Such factors fueled the desire to snap his hips forward, to finish what he had started.

"You can take it."

Ezio widened his eyes in disbelief. "N-No, you would not—"

A selfish grin. "Oh, I know you can."


"Or I would not have decided to nail this mattress into the wall."

And the surge is better than before.