"Don't talk."

"That's not nice, Reborn."

He ran his small, dainty hands through Reborn's raven-black hair. The hitman had his head comfortably positioned on Lambo's lap and had been dozing off for the past half hour, obsidian eyes occasionally losing their focus but never closing.

He had begun to doze off as well. As time went by, he began slipping down the back of the couch and rested his head finally on Reborn's belly. He kept running one hand through Reborn's hair and the other he clenched and unclenched in Reborn's stark white sleeved vest.

"I'm tired." He admitted to the dangerous hitman.

"Not my problem." Was Reborn's uncaring retort.

He sighed and his eyes flickered shut, hiding emerald green beneath thick, effeminate lashes. "So mean…"

He twirled a dark spike around one finger; his breathing began to deepen and he slowly fell to unconsciousness.

As he did so, his hand slid from Reborn's hair across his face to rest above his heart. He snored softly, lips parted gently. The hand that had been tangled in Reborn's sleeved vest curls against his mouth.

He looked absolutely adorable.

Reborn, not asleep, studied him. He lifted a hand and ran it through Lambo's black sable curls. He watched each silky tendril fall back into place, slipping over Lambo's forehead and obscuring his shut eyes. His lips twitched as a hair tickled them and then he rubbed at his cheek with one loosely fisted hand, eliminating the nuisance.

Reborn shifted his head lower, using Lambo's thighs as his living pillow instead; in response Lambo became more tightly coiled around him. More content now, he began to drowse.

Three hours later, Lambo awoke to a gun going off.

He being so close to Reborn, he thought the hitman was aiming at him. He jumped, startled and suddenly awake. "I'm up, I'm up… huh?"

Standing before them was a shell-shocked Vongola; in his hand hung a wonderfully destroyed Kodak camera, a perfect hole through the center of it.

He lifted his head slowly, rubbing one fist across his eyes as he tried to stretch but failed; Reborn had sat up, balancing on one flat palm behind Lambo's knees.

The thunder guardian sat up on his elbows and watched curiously. "… Yare, yare… What happened while I was sleeping?"

"Nothing." Was Reborn's clear-cut response; he glared at Vongola. "Dame-Tsuna was just leaving."

Numbly, Vongola nodded and then hesitantly began to back out of the room. He shut the door cautiously behind himself.

"… Why did Vongola have a camera?"

"He had a death wish."


"Go back to sleep."

"Good idea." He lifted a hand and ruffled it through Reborn's raven-black hair. "Good night, Reborn." He rested his head back on Reborn's belly.

Reborn laid back down, his skull on Lambo's thighs. "Whatever." He stared up at the ceiling; he slowly fell back to sleep.

Lambo scrutinized the door: Vongola + camera + a pissed off Reborn = …?

Completely blind to how adorable it had looked having Lambo and Reborn cuddled together, the thunder guardian just could not figure out what had just happened.

Left to his own thoughts, he slowly faded back into dreamland.

He had a nightmare about guns, cameras, and Reborn. It didn't make sense at all.

Then again, that is life with Reborn.

Author's Note: I've been craving RL fluff! Except I can't find it, so I have to make it myself! Sadly, I don't think I accomplished my own goals…