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Another world similar to ours but...

Review of the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' series taken from doomedfromthestart.com.

After the success of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie (1992) and its two sequels, Aaron Spelling bought the rights to the TV series, and in 1998 the first episode 'Welcome to New York' premiered at 8pm on NBC's 'Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday' line up. Reviews of the first episode were mixed but most critics agreed that Kirsty Swanson successfully brought her role as Buffy to the small screen. Spelling's interpretation of BtVS as teen angst drama that confronts its inner demons and the demons outside drew attacks from the die-hard fans of the movies. "People talking about nothing and where are the vampires?" was a leading charge from many of the anti- Buffy TV series websites.

Particular criticism was drawn to the role of Buffy's watcher Mr Giles (David Hasselhoff) and his marriage to Buffy's mother Joyce (Heather Locklear) at the end of the first season. Few, if any reviewers, felt this plot arc added anything to the TV series. However, most fans of the series at the end of the first season argued that it was a success. Buffy's constant battles against the Master (Roger Daltrey) aided by her trusty sidekicks, Xander (Jason Van Der Breek) and Willow (Katie Holmes) were highly praised.

However, season two was indeed a different story. Most of the episodes were deemed to be stand-alone, with little continuity. The writers of the series decided to introduce romance in the shape of Buffy's boyfriend, Angel (Jason Priestly). The plot was centred on Buffy trying to make Angel the vampire with a soul  human again. The last episode of the season 'Becoming an Angel part 2' was seen as about the only highlight of season two where Buffy inadvertently sends her boyfriend to heaven. During season two, ratings fell owing to the weak plots and the series got bounced around NBC's schedule and ended being placed against ABC's 'Survivor'.

Owing to the poor ratings, BtVs was radically revamped for the third season. The character of Willow was transformed into a New York socialite and Buffy became what was universally agreed as a third Xena. New characters were introduced into the series to bring back viewers. Two little known actors (in the USA anyway) were brought over from England. Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley played Spike and Dru and their dialogue often caused unintentional hilarity.

Excerpt from 'Groucho':

Spike approaches a passer-by on the streets of New York.

SPIKE Ummm, you know, hello can you help me?

Tosses back floppy fringe.

PASSERBY Hey gee, you're English. That's so neat. What can I do for ya buddy?

SPIKE Ummm, well I'm lost here. Oh bugger it, I'm hungry.

Pulls the face and devours passer-by.

The attempt by the writers to portray Spike and Dru as a vamparic Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor was derided by critics and fans alike. Halfway through the season, the episode 'Be Quiet' achieved the lowest ratings so far. SFX said, of the episode, "At least we can only see the bad acting and not hear it". Network bosses pulled the series off the air, which led to Variety.com's  memorable headline "Buffy spiked!!"  Reaction from a leading anti- Buffy TV series website(anti-slayer.com) was swift "a  merciful death". At the time of writing, the spin-off series "Faith in the City" has been put on hold. When reached for comment Josh Whedon, the creator of Buffy and now writer for the Sopranos, said "they took away my baby, I had a better and bolder vision for Buffy".