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September 25
5 km from North Academy City Gate at a mountain area

A boy is walking to Academy City.

He is a 17-18 years old boy, 170 cm tall with a black hair and wearing white shirt with long-sleeved combined black jacket.

He wears a necklace with a unique pattern.

At his back, there is a giant sword as big as his size. But he looked so wise despite his age

"Just a little more", he said as he watched Academy City from far

"After a long time, I finally come back to here", the boy continued

Suddenly the sword behind him starts talking,

"Do you think after we arrive there, we will be safe?"

"Probably" the boy replied "And please bears 'that form' for a while"

"Whatever" after that the sword stop talking.

As the boy getting closer to Academy City, he stopped by something.

"Finally, I found you", a voice can be heard

"!", then the boy turned back and found the source of the voice

A lone man stands on a spot not too far away from him.

He is wearing a white short-sleeved shirt on top of a blue long-sleeved shirt. His trousers are slacks made of light and breathable material. He has a sporty, but vigor less look. This makes him a man in his prime who prefers the fairways. Everything, even his white skin and brown hair, is seen as a sharp knife. Not only that the man used to be an old friend of his.

Acqua of The Back, one of 4 members of God's Right Seat from Roman Catholic Church

"Busted, how you know?" asked the boy

"There is no place for you in this world even there is the only place is here" answered the man

"So you know it, no wonder since it is you" as the boy smiles and closes his eyes

"…", the man can only silenced

The boy then continued,

"Just when I think to restart my life again away from those troubles and go away totally from any magic activates, I kept dragged over and over. It makes me so jealous with a normal man, the one that don't have any power. Power never brings us peace only sadness, that what I learned…"

The boy then opens his eyes again and asked "So, what do you want?"

"You should have known it" as the man pointed his mace to him.

"…", the boy can only silent because he already knew the cause

"Kurosaki Sieghart, ex-member of God's Right Seat. You are guilty for the destruction of 13 magic organizations, defeating 4 saints and screwing several plans from magic side since 2 years ago. I'm here to punish you"

"So, we can't talk about it?" the boy named Sieghart said

"Just because, we used to be comrade, it doesn't mean I will go easy on you", Acqua continued

Sieghart just gives him a sharp glare, "I knew that. Before that, I heard that beside me there is another one that in same position as me"

"So you had heard about it. Yes, there is a trouble at Chioggia, and he connected with it"

Sieghart just showed a smile "I see~ The Imagine Breaker"

"Enough talk, I will finish this swiftly"

He then looked again at the boy.

"Seems talk can't solve this… Fine, bring it on"

Suddenly a purple flame was emitted from Sieghart's body then he brings out a big sword that was attached as his back. At the same time Acqua prepared his mace and ready for his attack.

"Flere210" (One who changes the reason for tears)

"Ultima999" (One who bring the end to his enemies)

As the clash between an ex-member and a member of God's Right Seat began, the mountain area where they fight engulfed by a very shiny light that can blind eyes.

3 hours later

The battle still continued and no one of them gives up. The place where they fight became a huge crater at the center of the mountain. But the boy seems already so tired.

"If we still continued like this, I will lose for sure. I could feel my ability's duration already over" thought the boy as he continued to fight against Acqua.

The side–effect of his another power starts making his body feel so much pain and yet until now no one of them that able to hurt each other

Sieghart then looks at Acqua with serious glare.

"There is no other choice, time to use 'The Finishing Move'"

Suddenly he takes several steps back from Acqua; he splits his big sword into two parts. A big and a small one. And the dark aura that surrounds his body before focused into those blades

"Finally, you using 'Soluna' and show your full capability" Acqua prepared his mace and it started shining

"Dark Unlimited Soul Slash" shouted Wiliam

Suddenly several swords appeared near Acqua then Sieghart dashes through the area with lightning speed dealing powerful slashes while grabbing each sword each time.

Acqua deals with those attacks one by one.

Finally, Sieghart directly above Acqua.

"TAKE THIS!" as he swings his blades.

As the two blades becoming one again.

As Sieghart delivers a powerful spinning downward blow to Acqua, Acqua countered it with the shining mace that he already holding.

When the two weapons clashed, a sound can be heard from Acqua's mace. The two weapons continued to clash and an explosion happened.

The boy's body is flying to the sky then hit the land.

The boy then gets up, but he took several serious wound.

"Ackh", as several fresh bloods come from his mouth.

"You still want to continue?" as Acqua standing there holding his broken mace. His left arm is bleeding.

"I managed to dodge it, but it still gets me" as Acqua saw his bleeding left arm.

"Hah…hah….." Sieghart still pointed his sword to him

"You even barely breathe, do you wish to die?"

"No, I still have someone that waiting for me. That's why I won't give up at this point. In fact, I really wish we don't continued this meaningless battle anymore" as he lowered his sword

Suddenly Acqua said something.

"…, it's all right. It seems that both of us already to several wound and can barely fighting to this point anymore and …"

"I'm sorry to say that, I didn't bring a suitable blade for cutting an old friend. Especially, my own discipline"

"Hahaha. You were always, that kind of man" as Sieghart laughing

Acqua then sees him with serious face.

"I will tell the Pope about it, I'm sure he will forgive you. Knowing the 13 magic organization destruction that you caused is to protecting the innocent people and protecting your precious friend and your little sister"

Sieghart then shows a surprised and happy expression at same time.

"! How you …?"

"I also know the reason why you leave us 2 years ago. Probably this time is the best time for you to restart your life. Don't ever involve in this kind of situation again. Maybe, next time we meet I will kill you for sure. Tell it to your friend, 'Imagine Breaker' also" as he went away from his sight

"I get it" then he took out a photo from his pocket.

There are 2 boys and a pink-haired girl there. The pink-haired girl is his little sister. One of the boys is him. The other boy is a spiky black hair boy. This picture seems taken 5 years ago

Then he put it back to his pocket.

"Time to go back and meet them" as he walked to Academy City