Snappy dressing dude gets knocked on the head

Chapter 1: - Look out for that rock! -

Summary – Boromir gets knocked on the head during the early stage of the quest of the ring and … starts acting …a little… odd.

Set: a couple of days after the fellowship sets out.

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It was three days after the newly formed fellowship of the ring had set out on the perilous journey to Mordor. Three days into the journey with man, wizard, elf, dwarf and hobbit. Many of these races were foreign to Boromir and he knew not how to relate to them, especially the hobbits, who he had been told that thought they neither looked it nor acted it were more or less adults.

Boromir had been taught that the elves and dwarfs were ancient races. The elves in particular were supposed to be particularly wise, living for thousands of years.

And yet only a few hours after setting out he found the dwarf and elf bickering like children. The arguments had dissolved into frosty and suspicious silence last night after threats from both sides to cut off hair or beard.

The only other man in this quest: Aragorn had broken in and had words with both Dwarf and elf.

In regard to the elf, Legolas, who Boromir had found the man knew before the meeting in Rivendell, he had talked to for longer, appearing to Boromir's quiet amusement to be chasticising a creature several thousand years his elder.

Gimli and Legolas had grudgingly shook hands but neither had dropped the air of suspicion and both tensed up when they sensed any movement from the other.

Despite all of this the elf claimed to be superior in intelligence to the "dirt sucking mole". The dwarf in turn claimed to be the superior in battle to the "pansy tree lover". Boromir, the impartial observer could see that whatever other claims they had, they matched each other in childish stubbornness

It had been three days and already they had struck trouble, it was not Ringwaiths, nor any other evil creature sent by the dark lord. But it was much worse than that in Boromir's opinion, Ringwaiths would have given him a chance to prove his strength to that upstart Strider. But this, this was something that even he could not fight himself out of.

Boromir ran with his cloak held over his head though the undergrowth. He was chasing after the rest of the fellowship, who were also trying to get out of the rain. The storm had come upon them suddenly, so suddenly that even the elf had been taken unaware. The rain began to fall in torrents, two of the hobbits had been slung across the pony's back and Bill was spurned on through the mud. Boromir himself had one of the little creatures under his arm, which he was trying his best not to knock about as he dogged the trees, trying to keep up with the ranger, the wizard and the elf. He was not sure which hobbit it was…not the ring bearer though, he was safely in the rangers grasp. Boromir could tell the man didn't trust him.

Ahead of him, through his wet hair, Boromir could see a cave, a dry cave. Those in front of him, had already seen it and were leading the pony inside. Boromir entered after them. Once inside he placed the little one down.

It was Pippin he noticed as he placed the wet and bedraggled creature on the ground.

"Thankyou for the ride Mr Boromir" the hobbit said, tipping an imaginary hat.

The man smiled, and the halfling began to walk away. Boromir's smile faltered though when he noticed the bulge in the hobbits back pocket.

Checking, Boromir realised he was missing something. Quickly he reached out and plucked the hobbit off the ground, turning it to face him, as he held it by the back of his collar.

The halfling smiled innocently at him and Boromir reached into its pocket and removed his missing horn

"It's just a horn, I dinna think you would be needing It." The guilty hobbit defended, waving his hands in the air.

Boromir snarled at the hobbit, which squirmed like a weasel out of his grasp and ran towards the ranger.

Aragorn looked up and noticing the frightened hobbit that was pointing at Boromir, he gave the man a disapproving look.

Boromir snarled again as he began to walk towards the back of the cave. Damn elves, dwarfs, hobbits and men who claimed to be mysterious heirs! He kicked a rock along the floor of the cave.

Head down and curing he wasn't paying much attention to where he was going.

Aragorn looked up at Boromir who was walking away from him and noticed something.

"Boromir" he said

The other ignored him, the rangers authoritive tone was beginning to irk him.

"Boromir.." Aragorn repeated with more urgency. But Boromir did not hear the rest since it had been interrupted by a loud clonk and everything suddenly going dark.

"" the ranger finished a little too late as the man's head connected with the low rocky ceiling and he crumpled to the floor.

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