He loved the night.

Loved sitting on the rooftops of buildings, high above the streets and the clouds just watching over the beings below. Watching humans was one of his favorite past times. It was time consuming and entertaining to him. They puzzled him. Confused and amused and befuddled him. He liked watching them try to care for themselves, and their young and often compared his race and theirs to see who was better off.

So far his kind was winning.

They were the better hunters.

The better providers.

The betters in raising their young.

They felt no real need for violence. They were more or less peaceful creatures despite the mystical blood of fabled demons and monsters pulsing through their veins.

He licked his lips and shifted on the stone wall and tucked one of his long legs under his butt in an effort to get more comfortable as he stared at the building three hundred and sixty thousand feet away, the ninety second floor window, apartment...2208 by his rough estimate, was by far the funniest bunch of humans to sit down and watch. He could have spent every day and night sitting in this one spot watching them.

They had to be the most interesting bunch he had ever seen, and he had watched many humans in his young one hundred and ten years. They were a bizarre cross between Friday the 13th, the horror movie, and The Simpson's.

There was always something going on.

He hunched his broad shoulders and leaned forward just a smidgen and nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a tiny hand reach up and tug on his black leather jacket. He twisted around in his spot and glared at...empty space? That couldn't be right. He had felt someone tug on his jacket. He frowned and glanced down, after a second or so and smirked when he saw one of the few precious young that had been born to his kind in the past fifty years.

She was a half breed.

But she was still one of his clansmen. One of their precious young. And like all of the males and females in his clan, he adored her just like any doting father would. It was simply how things worked with their kind. The fathers rarely ever claimed the children that they sired, and left them to be raised by everyone in the clan. Males and females alike, their young has so much love and attention that they didn't know what to do with it all.

"Daddy-Shi." Cara said in her slurred, toddler speak as he climbed down off of the ledge and scooped her up.

"What are you doing out of bed, little fledgeling?" He asked in a stern voice, careful not to betray his amusement to the toddler. It would only make her want to stay with him longer when she should be sleeping like all darling children.

"Daddy-Suma didn't tuck me in right." Cara said with a pout as she rubbed her teeny tiny hands over her little wide green eyes and he chuckled softly as he silently vowed to kick Asuma in the ass the next time he saw him.

"Well obviously not. You escaped." He said gently as he kissed her rosy, round little cheek and headed back towards the stone tower where the fledgelings all slept.

"Will you tuck me in?" Cara asked as she wrapped her little arms around around his neck.

He gave a breathy sounding laugh and smiled as he rubbed the child's back. "Sure. I'll tuck you in." I'll tuck you in so well that you won't be able to escape without help. He'd staple her sheets around her like a little cocoon if he had too.

"Will you read to me too?" Cara asked tiredly as she started to nod off, cuddled against his chest.

He smiled in amusement considering that she was starting to fall asleep on him. He had the drool marks on his shirt to prove it too. But answered her question anyways. "For you princess, anything." He said gently as he reached up and absent mindedly ran his fingers through her soft copper colored hair as he walked up the stairs towards her bedroom and paused by one of the school rooms that he and the other males had put together when he noticed several of the older kids sitting around a fake camp fire telling ghost stories and he sighed when one of them screamed and Cara jerked awake with a small startled scream of her own, nearly deafening him.

He bit his lower lip to keep from shouting. He was a firm believer in not raising his voice at the children. They were scared enough of him to begin with, they didn't need him to shout at them too. Especially for something so stupid as waking little Cara. He didn't mind tucking her in and reading to her until she went back to sleep.

He'd just be missing out on watching the people in apartment 2208 for a little while. Not a big deal. Especially since they didn't go to bed until five in the morning and it was twelve right now. He had plenty of time to do his fatherly duty, put Cara to bed and return to his favorite spot.

He walked up twenty more steps and stopped outside of Cara's room and pushed the door open with the toe of his boot and silently crept across the floor to the pink and purple lady bug bed with little yellow flowers all around it and gently laid her down on the bed and pulled the covers up around her little shoulders and tucked the sheet corners up under the mattress as tightly as he dared but not so tightly that she couldn't get up and get to the bathroom if she needed too and picked up the thin book with the colorful picture on the front and glanced at it.

It was by far the shortest and most pitiful book about Peter Pan that he had ever seen, but it was Cara's favorite. He had a sneaky suspicion that she liked it because the picute of Peter was...for lack of a better word-


Meaning that he would have to destroy it when Cara turned ten or she'd be so head over heels in love with the fictional character that she would be ruined for normal males. Although letting her pine away for the fictional person might be the lesser of two evils. He refused to have anything to do with Cara when she was 1) Going through the female changes that changed all cute little girls to blood thirsty little angelic heathens out to bleed everyone dry. And 2) Dating.

He would have nothing to do with either of those phases unless it was absolutely necessary.

He was a little bit of a sadist.

Not a masochist.

He already planned to take a very long, very relaxing vacation once Cara hit puberty. "Is this what you want to hear, Cara?" He asked as he held the book up in the inky darkness. The child nodded her head and he sighed and opened the book and started reading. The soft husky timber of his voice lulling the child to sleep. He paused in his reading and let his eyes flicker to Cara's face after fifteen minutes and smiled in the darkness and closed the book and set it aside and silently left the room.

He was heading back down the stairs when he bumped into Asuma and Genma, his two elder cousins. "Oi, Kakashi. What were you doing up in the tower?" Genma asked as Kakashi turned his head to look at him.

"Putting Cara back to bed since someone...who shall remain nameless didn't tuck her in right." Kakashi said in a steely tone as he gave Asuma a pointed look. The man flushed red and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"Dammit, I swear that girl is like a magician or something. I tucked her in ten times tonight. Ten! And she still got loose and got up." Asuma bitched as Kakashi started to walk on and the two fell into step behind their young leader.

"She said that you didn't tuck her in right." Kakashi pointed out gently as he turned and looked over his shoulder at his cousin. Asuma made a choking sound and growled at him.

"I did everything but chain her to the bed!"

Genma laughed at Asuma's outraged tone as they followed Kakashi back out onto the roof top when Kakashi turned on them and finally asked. "So why are the two of you following me around? Do you need something?" The two looked at each other nervously and Kakashi cocked his head. So something was up. He wished he could say that he was suprised, but he'd be lying through his pearly white fangs.

"We have'nt heard from Ryia and Tsunade's colony in a while, and they've missed their usual check in time." Genma said with a worried expression. Asuma stared blankly ahead, his golden brown eyes flashing to neon green for a split second. The only real display of temper that the man ever showed.

Kakashi stared at them through narrowed eyes. "Did you send a few of our brothers to check on them upstate?" Kakashi asked in a deadly soft tone.

The two looked even more uncomfortable and he felt the urge to reach out and smack them both in the head. "Well?" He prompted. Still waiting for an answer as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"We did. And now they're not answering our calls either..." Asuma cringed and squeezed his eyes closed as Genam took a quick step back and behind him, intending to use him as a sheild. The bastard.

"I see." Was all that Kakashi said as he turned away from them and looked out across the sparkling lights of the city below. His mid back legnth silver hair fluttering in the soft breeze around him as he tried to think of what to do. "Keep trying and if you can't get hold of anyone in two days, we'll go looking for them ourselves."


"Yes sir!"

"Stop calling me that and go for a long flight and clear you're heads, you fools." Kakashi growled as his lips peeled back form his lips, showing his sharp gleaming fangs to the two men. Both of whom screamed and took off jummping off of the building to do as he said.