This story was in desperate need of updating. Sorry the chap is short but at least it's something.


Kakashi stared at Uzu while she and her sibling both went over various plans to get rid of the mess he had created. His mind turning over what 'Ruka' had said to him before completely dismissing him altogether. What had he meant by, 'You don't even know about that piece of shit or what he did to her' anyways? Was that Ruka's way of saying that the man that he had killed had abused Uzu in some way?

Harmed her to the point where she trusted men so little that she dared not become romantically entangled with one ever again?

He wished he knew. No scratch that- He needed to know. Yet knew that asking either sibling would yield little results aside from death threats and possible attempts on his life. They didn't seem to like him at the moment, though Uzu had taken it upon herself to protect his secret at the cost of her brother's sanity.

"Look why don't we just cut the body up and put it in the bathtub and get some really dangerous chemicals to dissolve it? It would be safer than skulking about in the apartment building with a bloody rolled up carpet."

"You watch too much TV. I say we dump him over the highest balcony and when he hit's we can claim self defense or it was an accident or something if we're asked if we have seen him by the police."

Kakashi face palmed. Good god, these two siblings were insane! They had to be to keep coming up with such ridiculous plans to get rid of the body when all they had to do is ask him to wrap it up and fly it a couple of miles to the beach and dump it just a ways off shore in shark infested waters. In fact why didn't he just do that while they were distracted with making their plans.

He could get rid of the body, take a short flight to test his wings out since he hadn't been out since he had gotten hurt. Who knew, maybe if they were distracted enough he'd have enough time to stop by his clans home and check in with everyone before he left again. After all, Uzu didn't know what kind of monster he was- she just knew that he was one.

Not only that but he needed to find a way to balance his duties as the leader of his clan, find a way to help those of his kind that had been taken prisoner, and court Uzu until she felt ready to admit that he was her mate. Until then, he was stuck. If he left it could only be for a short amount of time per day. Otherwise his enemies might track him down to Uzu's home and try to take her hostage or something.

And if there was one thing you absolutely did not do- it was come between a male while he was courting his mate.

Moving quietly away from the table under the pretense of needing to go to the bathroom just as an argument started to break out between Uzu and her brother, Kakashi skirted around the dining room table behind Ruka and stealthily made his way into the living room where he grabbed a rug (don't get him wrong, anyone who wasn't afraid to rip out a person's throat with their teeth wasn't scared of getting blood on them by any means) the carpet was merely to wrap up the body and soak up the blood so that there would be less of a mess to clean up later on.

Carrying the rolled up carpet over one shoulder, he then made his way over to where the body was and quickly rolled the carpet out next to the dead male and took a moment to glare at the unnamed male coldly as he thought, I don't know what you did to my woman, you bastard. But I'll spend the rest of my life making sure that no one else like you gets near enough to lay a hand on her. Dropping down to his knees he then slipped his arms under the body and shifted it's dead weight and lay the body out in the middle of the carpet and quickly rolled it up and snuck towards the terrace and paused at the door just long enough to unlock it then carefully, and silently slipped outside.

He'd be back soon enough, so hopefully Uzu wouldn't worry too much. Hopefully...