OFF: Hi everyone! It has been so long since I wrote anything fanfiction-wise. I have been so busy with so many projects, including original settings, and likewise did not have any inspiration for any of my fanfics. But it seems that at long last, my lack of inspiration is gone and once more, I find myself writing.

The first story I find myself completing is probably the one I had the least inspiration for and abandonned the quickest: my Bubble Bobble fanfic.

I've always been apalled by the state of the Bubble Bobble fandom, not just in terms of how unpopular and misjudged the games are but also in how the fandom seems so non-existent, with basically no fanfics anywhere. Likewise, I have recently been replaying the entire serie, both the main Bubble Bobble serie and the spin-off Puzzle Bobble, and this has caused me to reconsider my entire view of the setting.

This is the final result. My portrayal of the series as a whole.

The primary focus of the serie will be the Bubble Bobble story. Most of the games will be represented in a form or another but do note that I will not follow them to the letter ; this is not a novelization of the games. Likewise, some crossover elements with the spin-off will be included although those will be more for convenience than anything else.

For example, Super/Hyper Drunk will be refered to as Dreg, his english name in Puzzle Bobble. Some characters (but not all) will be crossed over to expand the cast and prevent the stories from growing stale (although, as noted above, the Bubble Bobble games' stories take priority and the Bubble Bobble characters will remain the primary focus).

Little detail to note here, although most of the games end the bubble dragons' names with "-blun", I have chosen to pick the "-blen" spelling. If this irks you, I apologize in advance.

Enjoy and if you got questions, comments, or what not, leave a review or contact me and I will answer whenever I can.


-Prologue ~ A World without Light-
A random act of kindness

The creature screeched at the top of its lungs, the horrible high-pitched noise hammering into his eardrums like a stream trying to punch through a barrier. Without thinking, he recoiled, clawed paws reaching to his ears, his mind trying to keep its focus as he gathered all of his courage, attempting desesperately not to panic.

A Skel Monsta. Why did it have to be a Skel Monsta?

"If you think I'm going to let you eat me then you're an idiot." he said, trying to sound as smug and confident as he could. Yeah right, who is he kidding? His lower limbs feel like jello and won't stop trembling and his wings keep fluttering on their own, his entire body screaming for him to get out of there.

The monster merely opened its gigantic, oversized maw exposing its square, decayed teeth and the miasma of burning, hellish spectral energy within. Despite their shape, he knew that those teeth could tear even a steel machine apart. His soft bubble dragon scales would offer no resistance whatsoever if the thing was to bite him. He cursed the creature mentally, glaring into its eyes. The infernal flames swirled with hatred and bloodlust within the empty eye sockets, the creature obviously looking forward to its meal.

Well, it wouldn't get it. He wouldn't die here. He expected to live a long a time and that thing won't be the one to undo that plan.

The dark red spikes going from the top of his head all the way down his back to his tail suddenly begun to glow as he gathered within the energy, the dragon inhaling as much air as possible, a bulge forming. Then, the spikes stopped glowing, the energy redirected into the bulge as it rocketed upward, the dragon spitting a huge stream of energy. The swirling blue power expanded and formed a large blue fiery bubble. The Skel Monsta did not even try to dodge it, he didn't need to. The bubble dragon swore mentally as he saw it sail straight through the apparition without stopping. It was at this moment that he was reminded once more why he hated Skel Monstas so much.

With a second screech, the creature lashed forward, its jaws opened as it obviously seeked to plunge its jagged square teeth into the dragon. Survival instinct prevailed over fear and the dragon regained enough composure to push into the ground with all of his strength, sending himself sailing over the ghostly monster in a large summersault jump, landing on the side, away from the abomination.


The dragon almost lost his footing as he landed on one foot, his other foot rising as he tried to spin, his paws acting on their own to cover the horrific screech that echoed inside the ruins and rattled his brain. To his horror, the sound had not come from the Skel Monsta and as he lost his footing and felt the pain as he fell on his side, his eyes met with the sight of a second Skel Monsta. It was freakin' hopeless. One was already an encounter nobody could survive but two?

As he rolled, placing himself back on his feet, he scanned around him and felt the bile rise in his throat. No, not a second one... he was surrounded. Even now, he could see the horrific, deformed shapes of the whale-like skeletal ghosts rise from the ground all around him. Dozens of Skel Monstas, their screechs blending together as they screamed for his blood, probably literally.

His entire body was beginning to shake incontrollably and the world seemed to blur a tiny bit. Why wouldn't they leave him alone? For a moment, he was confused as he wondered why it seemed like an older child was crying, the voice plaintive and desesperate. Then, he realized that the voice he heard was his own. With the absolute clarity that preceded certain death, he realized that he had collapsed to his knees, bursting into tears of despair and terror, begging silently for his life, silently, meaninglessly, futilely. The best he could hope for was a quick death but Skel Monstas were never that merciful. He knew far too well from having seen so many, including many of his siblings, torn from limb to limb by those horrors. He was barely a teen, barely out of childhood, not even beginning to truly mature, and the memories were burnt all too clearly into his mind. His sister's eyes, the look of fear, her entire body convulsing in pain as the blunt teeth of the skeletal monsters had torn into her soft scales and reduced her to a lifeless carcass slowly, bite by bite.

Most of those he had known had been eaten alive and now, it was his turn. Such was the way of the world. Fight for survival, die young, die forgotten.

All that was left of his couraged evaporated as he begun to sob.

"I-I don't want to die!" he cried softly to himself, knowing full well they would not listen. They never did. Skel Monstas were barely sentient abominations.

He barely knew anything, barely got to live. He was only thirteen years-old! He wanted desesparately to live, to see the next tomorrow.

The temperature rose as he felt the heat from the Skel Monstas' breath brush against him from all sides. Torn from limb to limb like a piece of meat devoured by a pack of rabid dogs, a death most horrible and painful. It was the fate that was staring him in the face and the dragon teen was sobbing incontrollably by now. As death stared him straight in the face, his thoughts turned to his twin brother and his parents. Who would protect his brother? And his parents... their hearts will be broken.

What came next defied his definition of reality.

A great, deafening sound almost catapulted him to the ground, sounding for all he knew like thunder except that if it had been thunder, the thunderbolts had struck right around him and at the rate of dozens within seconds. Flashes of light blinded him as the sounds continued, a new voice rising and almost covering the tempest of noise. An echoing voice unlike anything he had ever heard before...

Shades of blue, orange, red, and white danced in his mind, the tears he cried preventing him from seeing clearly what was going on. But he could feel the wind, the dirt that was slamming into his body.

The Skel Monstas screeched again but against all of his expectations, their voices were more distant and somehow... pained? But... why? How? Everyone knew that Skel Monstas cannot be harmed. And why would that happen? As if anyone would come to his help...

After a moment, as the tears stopped flowing, it occurred to him that the Skel Monstas were gone and that he wasn't going to die. Something had somehow chased them away. Too terrified and shocked to move, all he managed to do with his trembling paws was bring his arm to his face and remove the tears, clearing up his vision. It was then that he saw most probably the most gigantic creature he had ever seen.

He had heard the rumors before. They said that those creatures, nicknamed 'Drunks', had a mysterious power called 'magic', a power that they had stolen from the fairies, whatever that meant. He had heard the descriptions, how they looked like strange humanoids wearing green robes and carrying junk with them but from what he had heard, the Drunks were supposed to be about the size of dragons. The creature he was seeing was the tallest, most gigantic one he had ever seen. It had to be at least four times his height!

"Are you okay?"

It didn't register. The dragon just kneeled, blinking rapidly, twitching and trembling like a dead leaf in the wind. The giant looked down upon the scaly one and rolled his eyes.

"It was a pleasure." he continued, sarcastically.

Useless, why do he bother helping others at all? He spun, turning his back to the tiny kid. He's on his own now. He took one step forward.

"T-t-tha... thank you."

The giant creature stopped.

Slowly, he spun back and looked at the dragon again. He was in a pitiful state. Obviously underfed, he could see the bones in his chest and arms. Bubble dragons were usually very chubby by their nature so this was an even worse sign than with a normal creature. Likewise, the scales of bubble dragons were extremely fine, almost like skin. Yet this one had large patches of discolored scales, many of them jagged from scars of the many injuries, many of them recent. Whatever this bubble dragon had went through, it had not been a pleasant experience. He noted the bat-like wings on the back, something that deeply intrigued the giant creature. Most bubble dragons did not have wings and usually, the presence of wings was a sign of relations, distant or close, to a true dragon somewhere in the family tree. He had also seen the bubble he had blown from a distance. Such an eerie glow it had...

"What's your name kid?"

The small dragon scrambled back to his feet as quickly as he could. On one hand, that wasn't surprising. The world is a brutal, unpleasant place and death was an everyday occurance. Even those who lived in the less ruined locales of the planet faced constant threats and mortality rates were appaling on a global scale. Still, even for people hardened by a never-ending struggle to survive, to recover so quickly from being assaulted like this spoke of this young dragon's mental constitution. The giant's interest in the smaller one was growing quite quickly.

"Devilen, mister."

The robed one rose an eyerbrow. Devilen? Why would someone name their kid like this? He looked at him more in detail, noticing the red eyes and spikes, the pitch black scales, and the purple limbs. With the wings added to the mix, he could maybe understand why he'd get such a nickname but as an actual name?

"Really?" the Drunk said, crossing his arms. The dragon nodded energically.

"Yes, mister."

"Weird name you got there."

The small dragon couldn't help but blink a few times at that remark. After what felt like a long while, he spoke again. "Really? Why?"

"This name have... negative connotations."

The dragon was surprised. He had never thought of it that way. But then, he had never went very far beyond the ruins where he was born so he really couldn't say much about it. Still, this being had saved him and he now realized that he knew little if anything about it. Kindness was a rare thing in the world and although he was confused by it, he was actually growing pretty curious about it too.

"And you, what's your name mister?"

"You may call me Dreg."

It was a bit of a meaningless gesture. He couldn't stay in this place. But well, although the conversation had been short and with a traumatized young bubble dragon, Dreg couldn't help but feel that talking to someone had felt somehow... good. It was so rare to be able to talk to anyone nowadays. He smiled to himself as he spun around, preparing to continue his journey.


He stopped in his tracks again. As he turned to watch the bubble dragon again, he noticed that he was looking around frantically, thinking of a justification to convince him to stay.

"The city is dangerous and the Skel Monstas return, I think you should wait in a safe place until then. I know of a safe spot where they don't go."

"Really?" to say the truth, he normally wouldn't have paid attention but he was beginning to think that there might be more to that dragon than meet the eye. This strange bubble, the colors, and the wings were signs that he was maybe looking at something unique, something worth researching...

"Yes. There is a strange glass fragment in there, I heard others call it 'Light'."

Now THAT got Dreg's attention! Light? Light was gone from this world, all stolen by those evil idiots from Rainbow Island! That this dragon here knew of one of a place where a small fragment that the Rainbow Island people forgot to steal was very interesting indeed! The weird power, the weird looks, and now knowing about Light? This was no ordinary dragon.

He usually didn't care for people much but just for once, he would indulge himself. "Alright, lead the way Devilen."

Maybe he would be able to teach that Devilen kid some magic and studying that fragment of Light would most certainly prove fascinating. He had briefly hesitated wheter to help this dragon but it seems that it was a good idea after all.


-Prologue ~ A World without Light-
Seeing green