Gadget's Nightmares

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"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" a horrible scream was heard from the master bedroom of a two story house.

The door burst open and a blonde ten year old girl in pink bedclothes and a golden Labrador retriever in a red collar burst into the room. "Uncle Gadget!" the child gasped. "Are you all right?"

"Penny… get… get me a mirror," her uncle muttered as he tried to wake up.

"A mirror?" his niece echoed. "Right away Uncle!" Barefoot she dashed out the door to return momentarily with a lady's hand mirror. "Here you go," she said as she handed him the mirror.

Hesitantly, Gadget sat up in bed and peered at his reflection. A middle aged man's long face stared back at him. Beady eyes, a big nose, wild black hair hidden by a white nightcap. Certainly not a face to win any beauty contests. And yet, Gadget breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank Heavens," he sighed.

"Are you all right Uncle Gadget?" the little girl asked.

"I'm fine, Penny," he nodded. "I just had a nightmare. A dreamed that I looked like Mathew Brodrick and my car talked to me and was filled with Skittles…"

"Sounds awful!" Penny's large blue eyes widened in horror. "But Uncle? Who is Mathew Brodrick?"

"He's the guy from Ladyhawke," Gadget explained. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off?"

"Um, I think those movies are little before my time, Uncle Gadget," his niece apologized.

"That's alright Penny," Gadget sighed. "But you wouldn't believe this dream! It was so bad! It was even worse than when I dreamed I looked like French Stewart from Third Rock From The Sun! It was even worse!"

"Worse than your French Stewart dream?" Penny gasped. "There, there Uncle Gadget," the little girl patted his gloved hand. "It was just a dream."

"I know… hey Penny? What are those things behind you?" he asked her. "They look like a couple of three foot tall robots that are supposed to look like me. Don't tell me you invented them to help me with my crime fighting!"

"They're the Gadgetinas," Penny explained. "I invented them to help you with your crime fighting."

"I asked you not to tell me that!" Gadget snarled. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" He cried in horror.