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Prologue: The Attack

The small, almost legendary village of Godric's Hollow located in the West Country was filled with laughter and a strong sense of family, completion, happiness, and most importantly an overall sense of security. Among the joyous people that called homely village home where the Potters. First there was the lovely mother Lily Reese Potters; a plain but beautiful redheaded woman with striking emerald green eyes. Then there was her husband and new father, James Adam Potter; a tall, messy raven-haired man with soft hazel eyes framed by round wire frames, who was the current Lord of the Potters. Furthermore, there were their two new bundles of joy. Harrison James Potter; the first born of the two, with his father's untamable black hair, but yet his mother's exotic emerald green eyes, and the first Heir to the Potters. Lastly there was the younger twin, Alexander Justin Potter; a small pink faced, mahogany brown haired boy, sharing the same hazel eyes of his father, the second heir.

Lily sat on her couch watching her boys fondly, when she realized something felt off. An instinct that she knew came from being a mother and wishing to always protect her sons.

"Attack!" she heard someone yell. She looked back to see James running hurriedly to go look. He came back slightly panicked.

"Lily, it's him. Run, and hide the kids. I'll stall him as long as I can, just get out of here," He cried frantically. Lilly wasted no time picking her boys up and dashing up the stairs. Before she could even reach the nursery, she heard the front door explode inward from behind her. She stifled a scream, knowing it would only draw attention to them. She ran into the boys' little blue room before setting them in the crib. She franticly grabbed the closet thing she could find, which happened to be a little baby rattle, and started to make it into a portkey.

Lily then heard the worst sound ever she could ever have imagined. The sounds of her husband, James, screaming in unbearable pain. She knew instantly what he was under. The Cruciatus Curse, one of the unforgivable, one that caused immense pain. She felt a tear streak down her cheek as she heard his voice abruptly end. They had killed him. That was enough to cause her to pause, a mistake that could prove to be fatal. It was just enough for the Dark Lord to come striding in as if he had not just cursed her husband. She cursed herself under her breath.

She threw herself in front of crib in hopes of protecting them. The Dark Lord simply sneered at her.

"Move out of the way mudblood," he said, the threat clear in his voice. If she didn't move, he would kill her. She shook her head vigorously.

"So be it, Imperio," he shouted, his yew wand pointed directly at her. Lily futilely tired to overcome the powerful curse, but it was no use, within moments she was totally under his control. Without knowing what she was doing she walked away from the crib, her eyes vacant and unseeing. The Dark Lord sneered at the pathetic girl and stunned her, making her collapse upon the floor. Now, that she was out of the way, he moved on to the cribs. He stared at the two boys in front of him.

"One of you are supposed to be the baby that defeats me? No matter, Avada Kedavra." he bellowed pointing his feared wand at the first boy, the one with black hair and green eyes. A sickly green light shot out the wand and struck the boy in the forehead, but then it bounced off of him. It was like a ripple of power that did it. Almost like the boy was shielding himself. The Dark Lord felt himself get thrown backward into glass, hard. The shards of glass flew everywhere, embedding themselves in his unfeeling body. He could feel his twisted soul being ripped from his body. But he knew that when the time comes, he would have another one and bring revenge upon this pest.

Lily woke up hearing a large sound. Her eyes flickered before they snapped opened. She jumped up and raced over to the crib. Harry was sleep, but Alex was standing up, holding on to the bars, with a few cuts marring his face. She heard running coming from the stairs.

"Accio my wand," she whispered using the small amount of wandless magic that she had. It was in her hand in a flash. She pointed it at the door, ready this time.

"Lily?" She heard James screech in panic. He was alive? The door banged open, and there stood her James looking like hell. He took a frantic look around the room.

"What happened?" he asked going to look at the babies. Lily cleared her throat.

"Alex is the one from the prophecy! He did it, he got rid of the Dark Lord," she said in a clearly surprised, happy tone. James looked at her, then Alex, before letting out a huge smile. He stepped up to give her a hug.

"I called the order, they are on their way," he mumbled. She nodded, and took a deep breath. Her sons were fine, and one would be famous for saving the world, and her husband was just fine as well.

The Order arrived soon after with a few Aurors. James related what had happened when he was down stairs, while Lily told what happened upstairs. Dumbledore walked up the crib and lifted little Alex up. Cuts were all over his face but there was one going all the way down his check. He lifted the baby up.

"The one that shall all of us, is born. He is the chosen one. He has done the impossible. He has defeated Lord Voldemort," he said with a clear, firm voice. In the back of his mind he somehow knew something didn't feel right, but he just knocked it off as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named dead body within the room. He didn't realize that he might be making a very dangerous mistake.

Chapter 1: Harrison's New Life

Lily walked outside into a light rain, but you could tell there was a storm on its way. She hugged Harrison tightly to her chest, and wrapped the black cloak around them. She regretted what she was about to do, but it had to be done. Dumbledore had said so. If Harrison grew up with Alexander there was a chance he would feel out shadowed and left behind. She grudgingly accepted that Harrison might feel that way. Her sister had felt that way too and well she didn't turn out well. Petunia denied that she even had a sister, and thought her lot was freaks. Lily didn't want Harrison to grow up that way. She clutched her black cloak tighter at the thought of what would happen to Harrison if he went to her sisters. She peaked down to see Harrison soundly asleep. She looked up and wiped a tear away.

She would come get him when he was 11, she told herself. She would explain everything, he was sure to understand that it had been all for his benefit. He had to, there was no other choice. Though she knew Harrison was the weaker twin, she felt that Alexander might need his brother's help in the future, even if it was for the simplest of things.

She walked up the steps and pulled an unresisting and sleeping Harrison from her chest. He was wrapped tightly in a blanket, with a note attached to him. She put him on the front of the door, and knocked. As soon as she heard footsteps she took a step back and with one last tearful glance at her eldest son, apparated away.

Samantha Orion was as 16 year old, blonde, brown-eyed girl, who lived at the orphanage. She been there since she turned 6, after her parents died. She was walking back to her room from the restroom, when she heard a soft rapping on the door. She looked around before shrugging and walked to the door and opened it. There was nothing there. She sighed, annoyed, and moved to close the door when something caught her eyes. It was a baby with tuff of soft looking black hair, wrapped in a baby blue blanket. She gasped and hurried to pick him up. She looked around outside but didn't see anything. She clutched the baby to her chest and went into the house.

She ran to Ms. Martian's room, who ran the orphanage. She knocked on the door, and waited for her to answer. An old woman, with long grey hair, and short beady eyes looked at her sternly.

"What are you doing out of bed at this time of night, young lady?" she asked, her voice sharp. Samantha flinched, Ms. Martian was a stern old lady, and could be very harsh with her punishments.

"I-I-I, Ugh, went to the bathroom. On my way back to my room, someone knocked on the door. I opened it but nobody was there but this baby," she said, stuttering at the beginning. Ms. Martian looked down at her hands. There indeed was a baby there. She sighed, then nodded.

"Fine, But it's still after ten. You have dish duty all day tomorrow. Take the little one to one of the nurseries," She snapped. Samantha nodded her head, thanking she got off easy. She clutched the baby harder as the door slammed in her face. She muttered under her breath, and then started walking to the only nursery left. She opened the door and looked around.

It was quite old, with the white paint chipping, wood flooring, a small wooden crib, and a tiny changing station in the corner. It wasn't used often, actually, not at all. Well, at least since she been here, so 10 years. She walked over to the crib and unwrapped the baby. It turned out to be a very cute little boy with black hair. He opened his eyes, which was a striking pair of green. She had no doubt that this boy would grow up to be handsome and have all the little girls chasing after the lad. She put him in the crib and kissed his forehead. He had a lightning bolt, right dab in the middle. Samantha put it off as a birthmark or something. She tucked him, then turned to leave, but something caught her eyes. It was a letter pinned to the soft blanket on the floor. She picked it up and read.

Hello to whoever is reading this,

My name is Lily Evans Potter, and I am a witch. I attended Hogwarts School for witches and wizards. Due to events that have taken place, neither I nor my husband is able to care for him anymore. We will be back to get him though, when he is 11, so that he can go to Hogwarts, where he has a place already. His name is Harrison Potter. His twin brother is a very famous wizard even at a young age. We fear that Harrison might grow up cold, or dark due to the attention his brother gets.

So, just be warned, magical kids develop a little faster than normal kids. They also have magical outburst which is the first sign that they have powers. It will be small stuff, I doubt that he is very powerful.

So, I think I covered everything. Oh, and his birthday is July 31, at 11:02 pm.

-Lily Evans Potter (Lady Potter)

Samantha stared at the letter shocked. If what was written was true, then she wouldn't let anyone adopt him, even though it still felt wrong to give up your kid on that reason alone. She quickly stuffed the letter in the pocket of her nightgown. She picked up the blanket and put it over Harrison, or Harry as she started to call him in her mind.

She walked out the room, but took a small glance back, then to the pocket that was holding the letter, then back to the boy again. She sighed, and then ran to her room. She knew her life just got interesting.