Chapter 8: Fourth Year

A rather tall young man lay down on a bed, his black hair covering his forehead and bright green eyes. He turned over and his eyes caught the photos on his wall. A few were newly taken of him and an older blond woman. Some were of him, two adults, and a girl around his age. A couple of the photos were of him and a few different girls; one who had different hair color each in each picture (but manly pink), a pretty redhead, and finally a girl with shaggy blonde hair and amber eyes. However, most were of him and the same blond girl from the other photos: going from older to recent. The young man smiled.

"I forgot how tiny we were back then" He mumbled, starring at the pictures.

They started out very young, and went up until what looked like very recently. All were moving, and not really paying attention to the camera. Harrison got up and walked over to the wall. He touched the one picture where they appeared to be very young, around 11 years old, probably younger. He smiled wider.

The photo was taken a few days before they had left for Hogwarts in their first year, and what a year it was, Harry thought. He didn't know where the lies ended and the story began. He sighed, thinking about it.

After a few days, the noise about Alexander Potter, The Boy-Who-Lived, having a twin brother, went quite. There were still some odd, occasional talks about it, but not very many. Just a few Ravenclaws, and Slytherins, from what Daphne had told him. Everything was good and all, just a plain boring year. He had won every game he had played, he was at least getting an 'O' in every class, including History of Magic, well for that he just read the text book and drowned out the ghost. His house had even won the house cup, if even for a moment.

Apparently, the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher was being possessed by Voldemort. It was rumored that his face was on the back of the Professor's head. Talk about just plain nasty. Alex, being the hero he was (Queue eye roll) saved them all. Headmaster Dumbledore had hid the famous Nicholas Flamel's stone; the 'Elixir of Life', or even more known as the 'Philosopher's Stone' on the supposedly dangerous third floor. He had hid it, Voldemort almost got it, and Alex came in at the swoop of a dime enough to fight him and live. He was praised for saving the stone, though no-one really wanted to admit that Voldemort was back, so they just forgot that part and went with an evil wizard.

Harry rolled his eyes, "they could be stupid all they want, but not me" he thought.

They even had forgiven the Potters, well almost. After the article by Rita Skeeter came out, nearly everyone had painted the Potter's with the same brush, bad parents. Many tried to fight for adoptive rights saying they weren't fit enough to be the Boy-Who-Lived parents. Someone took to throwing them insults every time they walked out the door or so Harrison heard.

He also learnt from some people in Ravenclaw that some people sent Hollers to them also, one of those being Molly Weasley; Alexander's best friend Ron's mother. She had cursed them out something good and had a decent wand to send some nasty curses at them too. Harry tried to not laugh when he heard Alexander tell a red-faced Ron about it.

Back to the point, after it came out that Alex saved the world again; they now just simply left the Potter's alone. Some still didn't like them, but more of their fan club, and privileges that came to the being the parents of the Boy-Who-Lived really didn't exist anymore. They were just faces in the crowd. And the best thing was, Dumbledore didn't even lift one eyebrow to help them, it was as if he really didn't care, and he knew it was true.

Yep, that was how his first year went. It majorly paled compared to what happen in his second year, and Harry still had the long slash of a scar on his arm from where the thing's teeth came in contact with him. It was a pure crazy year, and Harry flinched almost, thinking about what Daphne had to go through.

Everything started when Harry and Daphne went to Diagon Alley to get the stuff for their new school year. Harry felt sick as he looked over the list, and felt sick in addition on how his mother and sister acted. The man who was going to be their new teacher was none other than Gilderoy Lockhart, multi-million book seller and author. He was also the biggest fraud Harry had ever seen. He had on bright yellow robes, bright white teeth, and perfectly straight blond hair. Nothing out of place, beside the fact he was supposed to be making a ghost pass over while he was getting rid of a werewolf problem in some small town, also while killing a Vampire in Egypt.

Harry really knew he was an idiot, as Egypt is known to be the world's biggest Dragon Reservation. Plus, Dragons breathe fire; Vampires are destroyed by fire that equals mortal enemies. Moreover, the simple fact that if there really were a vampire there, they would've been killed as soon as a Dragon got a sniff of it.

All the books were his books, and Harry thought it was a waste of money; however, he was the only one who needed the books. Daphne had them all, and so did their mom, something both male Greengrasses' disliked. Right after they brought the books, they had been pushed back when a fight erupted between the Weasley Patriarch, and the Malfoy Aristocrat got into a muggle fist fight. Isobell quickly rushed them all away from the fight to where we would not get trampled or hit either by the crowed of people gathering, or the flying fist, either way.

After going back to school very happy since Samantha had spent the weekend of the house and saw him off to the train before having to get back where she left a friend in charge. It had felt good to see Samantha and they spent a lot of time together trying to make up for lost time.

However, the good feeling quickly was lost. Daphne wasn't being herself, and he met Tracy Davis. Is there was a word for stuck-up, arrogant, daddy's little princess, you would find her picture next to it. Harry was sure he would rule her out. After all, he had 3 more girls he had to meet, that he got to choose from when it was time for it to step up. Harry could admit though, Tracy was a very pretty girl with her long black hair, and weird silver-bluish eyes.

Halfway into the first week. Harry knew there was something wrong with Daphne, her friend Flora Carrow had come up to Harry concerned about it. Harry felt relieved that he wasn't the only one who noticed, it was soon short lived when Daphne walked in the empty Library. She didn't see them, but they could see her. It was a shock when a girl had bumped into her. Daphne hadn't been paying attention and run straight into the girl. Harry thought she would just brush it off and apologize, right? Wrong.

"Watch where you are going, you filthy Mudblood" She had spat before storming off.

The little girl ran off in tears while Harry and Flora stood shocked. Daphne was your average pure-blood princess almost, but she had control, and came off as aloof to most. She didn't let anything bother her; it just rolled off unless you got her pissed enough. Besides, for one thing, Daphne never called someone a Mudblood before as she said she wouldn't sully her tongue with filth. Harry had stood up and puffed his chest. His baby sister was in trouble, and he'd be damned if he didn't help.

He soon regretted it. He could find nothing. He talked to all the Slytherins that were her somewhat friends, even her roommates. The obsessed girl Parkinson even noticed there was something odd about her, but nobody could point out anything different. There was nothing, and Harry had come up blank. He had tried everything he could think off, and even went as far as spying on her. That soon was ditched when dinner came and Harry was tired. He skipped spying and went to sleep; that's when he heard it.


Harry didn't go back to sleep after that. He left out the room early and just walked around the castle. Whatever he heard, he was going to keep for himself. The next day, a student, Arena Cathawy, a Muggleborn 3rd year Hufflepuff was found petrified in front of the girl's restroom on the second floor, with writing on the wall:

Enemies of the heir, Beware! The Chamber of secrets has been open.

It was a mess. Everyone was accusing everyone, and nobody knew what happened. Worst after that? The stupid teacher, Lockhart, decided to make a dueling club. Everyone in Ravenclaw went just to see if they were going to be teaching new spells or something. Everyone in Gryffindor and Slytherin went to see the other get hurt. Only a few Hufflepuffs came that weren't scared of being next.

It was mess. Draco Malfoy and Alexander went head to head. Malfoy conjured a hug snake, and Alexander fainted. The only good thing that came out of it was that Harrison remembered that he was the only one in the whole school that could speak Parseltongue, which meant that he had heard a snake. That meant a snake was what had petrified that girl. Harry didn't know what happened next at the club because he took off to the library.

Unfortunately, he couldn't find anything about snakes. He could risk sneaking into the Restricted Section, however he knew that it had an age line around it that had to be taken off with permission, permission that he didn't have.

Harry sulked out the library and went to his room. He took out a piece of paper and wrote a short letter to his parents, asking for a book about snakes, he lied and said that it was wondering about getting a snake to test out his Parseltongue. The next day, his father sent him a book about all different types of snakes, from harmless to dangerous. And there on the last page, as thick as most of the Gryffindors was a picture of the king of snakes; a Basilisk. Harry had paled and swallowed. This was what was going around the school. He found out how the girl was petrified. When looking at the eyes through a reflection they were not killed but petrified. The girl was surrounding by water, but that still didn't explain how the snake was getting around.

Harry spent the next week trying to figure everything out. By then three more people had been petrified. The first had been a Gryffindor first year; he had been holding a camera in front of his face. Things had gotten worse for Alex as he had been one to find the boy with his redhead friend Weasel or something. Everyone thought he did for the main reason everyone knew the boy, Collin, followed Alex everywhere and Alex was last seen snapping at the boy. The next had been a Gryffindor second year, named Seamus, he was looking through a ghost who had also been petrified; however Harry did not count him as human.

Lastly, there was a Ravenclaw Clo Chang. She had been walking from the library and was looking in a mirror. The Ravenclaws went crazy and if anyone thought the rival between Slytherin and Gryffindor was bad; than they had not seen how badly it could be between the lions and the badgers. Even the Slytherins were shocked at how badly they had been upstaged. The Ravens had taken to hexing any Gryffindor that got near them, and Alex was the one who took the blunt of all attacks. His own house abounded him.

Daphne had not gotten better, for a while she had even gotten worse for a few days. Harry saw the purplish bruises under her eyes, took in her pale skin, and noticed how thin she had gotten. He decided that it was time to act. He knew that the Chamber had been open around 50 years ago, and only one person had died. That was Moaning Myrtle, and she stayed in Girls bathroom, the same bathroom that Arena was found.

That evening, Harry crept out his common room and headed to the bathroom. He opened the door and was soon caught by the female ghost. Harry managed to talk her out of screaming and told her he was way trying to kill the thing that killed her. It got her to talk about what happened and pointed to the sinks. Harry noticed that that the two tabs were snakes. How in the world could people have missed that? He snorted and hissed at it to open in Parseltongue. To his surprise it had worked. The sink was pushed in than split in the middle were a small hole showed. Harry hissed out for stairs and watched as they came out of nowhere. He took his wand out and said a silent prayer to anyone who would listen, before walking down the stairs.

Harry crept through the pipes in disgust. It was short tunnel that ended in the large circle of a room. Harry circled around the room, looking at everything, than he stopped short. His gasp echoed through the large room. In front of him was a wall of a snake. Harry knew it was a Basilisk, and was around thousands years old, but….Damn. Harry stepped back, and recognized he might have been a bit hasty, and was dreadfully ill equipped but at least he was right. He needed something; a wand wasn't going to work for this. Everyone knew that Basilisk skin was the toughest material every besides troll. Before Harry could think about anything else, a Phoenix, whom Harry knew was the headmaster's, came in with the sorting hat. Before Harry could blink, it dropped it in his hands.

Harry picked up the raggedy hat and raised an eyebrow. He asked for help, but what help could he bring? As if reading his minds the hat talked.

"Put me on your head" It ordered.

Harry just blinked and but the hat on his head. He also decided that this was the most weirdest moment in his life. He was standing in the Chamber of Secrets, next to a sleeping Basilisk with a Phoenix and a magical Sorting hat. Yeah, okay….

Harry was brought back by something thumping him in the head. He pushed the hat off, and a sword fell out. Oh, effing great, the sword of Gryffindor, but really, Harry was in no state to complain. He picked up the sword and looked towards the huge snake. He snuck over and walked right in front of it. A snakes weakest points where the inside of their mouth: that where Harry was going to have to shove the sword. He closed his eyes and whispered in what he hoped was Parseltongue.

"Get up you big ugly thing." Harry wanted to peak out his eyes but stilled when he heard the voice.

"What? Human! I smell Blood!" it screeched.

Harry realized that standing in front of it was not the greatest of plans. Therefore, He did what he could do: He took off running hoping to stall him some time.

"Are you a wizard or aren't you boy? Use your wand!" The Sorting hat called out.

Harry could've smacked himself. He didn't have to wake the bloody snake up. He could've used his wand this whole time. Harry took it out of his pocked and ran behind a pillar. He needed to see where the snake was to conjure up a roster. It was fatal to a Basilisk, and the only thing that could probably save his life.

He decided to hell with it and started conjuring up as many rosters as he could and just set them off. He could fell his magic being slightly drained on how much energy he was putting in the rosters. They started crowing, and he could hear something he thought was a snake scream.

"Now, idiot boy!" The hat hissed.

Harry couldn't help but to think the stupid hat reminded him of Professor Snape when he was calling someone an idiot in Potions. He sighed and mentally prayed again before running towards the somewhat screaming snake. It's mouth was opened and Harry rushed forward to stab the snake in the mouth with the sword. He could tell when it died; it went absolutely quiet and started swaying. Harry took the sword out of its mouth and watched as he swayed and moved about before finally falling with, thankfully, it's eyes closed. Harry's joy was soon short lived as he felt a blasted of pain in his right arm.

In his arm, standing proudly was a freaking Basilisk fang. It was now time for Harry to start swaying as he felt the flames starting to engorge him. Harry couldn't tell when he hit the ground and he didn't notice it for a while until he was finally able to blink back some tears to see everything was sideways. Wow, he was going to die and nobody knew why. He then heard the most beautiful song; it was so hauntingly sad that he forgot about his pain. It only took a few moments for him to notice that Dumbledore's Phoenix was healing him with tears. He moved slowly, sitting up watching as the bird cried on him. He cold slowly feel the pain retreat, until it disappeared.

"Now, how did that feel" That ever stupid hat said.

Harry didn't even have the energy to glare at it. He just laid back and fell asleep on the cold floor in the Chamber of Secrets with a dead Basilisk, a Phoenix that just healed him, and a Hat that reminded him of Snape. (Which he could see that hat did spend years of sitting on top of 11 year old heads only to go back to sitting on top of shelf) Harry took back what he said earlier; this was the weirdest moment ever.

And that was the end of second year. Gryffindor won again, after Alexander got points for being the person who 'defeated' the beast. Harry was so pissed, but he couldn't risk everyone finding out, well anything really. Therefore, he had to shut up and watched his 'so-called brother' take credit for something he did. Nevertheless, it did prove that you couldn't trust Dumbledore as he gave a fake but somewhat realistic version of what could have happened. Apparently, Alex found the Chamber of Secrets, went down with the sword of Gryffindor, and after getting into a heroic fight with the beast, he slayed it. However, he was 'injured' slightly so he couldn't remember anything.

Yep, Harry did something big again, and Alex took credit again. However, it wasn't the end to the problems with Daphne. As soon as their parents saw Daphne, when they got him they ripped him a new one. It was scary, as it turns out, they were not as scary as there where when Harry told them he took care of it and had to admit he fought and killed a thousand and something old Basilisk, oh, and almost died. Yeah, he was pretty sure his mom was breathing fire, or was damn near close. His dad wasn't any better. Harry was grounded for 5 months, yes, 5 for that.

It was only one week later did they find out what was wrong with Daphne. It was a dairy from a man named Tom Riddle…. it was possessing her, but the weird thing was that there was something else about the dairy. Harry knew it too, when he got close enough to it, his scar on his forehead went up in flames like a firecracker. When he told his parents, they shared a look and said they would tell him about it when he was older.

And that was the end to second year. Harry fingered the scar again before shuddering. He spent the summer after that getting to know the girls. Sebastian had called Amelia Bones, Ted Tonks, and Lord Davis about setting up meetings; he also did the same thing for Daphne with Blaise.

Harry was right with their first descriptions. Susan was nice, sweet, shy, and had somewhat of a temper problem when being told what to do from what he had seen, but they had gotten along greatly, and both agreed they would be okay if they married one enough another. Was it weird they were talking about marriage at a young age? Yes, but they might as well get over it, they were going to get married at 17 or 18 since Susan was a year older.

Nymphadora Tonks was 3 years older than Harry was, and like Susan was a Hufflepuff, but like Harry, she was also a Metamorphmagus, who had much more knowledge. They had bonded quickly too by helping each other learn how to change forms. Tonks was funny, and always made Harry laugh, she was also a bit pushy when she knew what she wanted and very child-like.

Tracy Davis however, was exactly what Harry thought the first time. She made it seem like he should be happy she was even considered. Harry knocked her ego down fast by telling her that he didn't like her and was never considering her in the first place. It was harsh, Harry could admit, but she just struck a chord in Harry. She reminded him of a female Malfoy and made sure to tell her that too. By the time she left, she was almost in tears… Harry on the other hand was grounded for an extra two weeks for how he treated her, yeah, another reason he didn't like her.

He didn't get to meet the other girls yet… His dad didn't know how to get in touch with Count Vladimir, and Remus Lupin however, he did use some of his connections to find out about them. Lupin did have a daughter, who was a born werewolf, which was very rare and she was starting at Hogwarts that summer. Count Vladimir's daughter Elizabeth was the youngest but way older than Harry was by 10 years. She wasn't a full daughter of Count Vladimir. Her mother was his Mistress, and had her, but she wasn't his. Therefore, he killed the mother, and changed her into a vampire when she was 18, so she was now forever 18. Since he changed her, and it was his blood running though her body, she was considered her daughter. She wasn't high within the vampires as much as his other kids, which is why he gave her up for the marriage contracts.

The year ended of great; he met two of the greatest girls ever, spent a lot of time with Samantha, and managed to help his sister out. It was only a week later that everyone found out, Peter Pettigrew, the Potter's Secret keeper, the person who sold them out to Voldemort that night was spotted by Arthur Weasley. Pettigrew had been hiding as a rat all for all that time, and had been with the Weasley's as a pet. He was caught by changing his form one night, while sneaking food and Arthur had caught him, but like last time, he managed to escape. Everyone thought he was going after Alexander, so Hogwarts was basically under house arrest. All trips were canceled; nobody was allowed to be out after a certain time, and anyone caught out of grounds or not following the rules would get sent home.

Harry and Daphne were allowed to go back after a long discussion, with a set of rules. Things at Hogwarts were much like first year. Harry met Lula Lupin, a sandy blonde hair, amber eyed female werewolf. She was quiet, laid back, and a bit of a bookworm but still nice with a nasty temper around full moons. Dementors circled around the school, and both Alexander and Harry were affected by them more than most. Harry managed to play it off by saying it was before he was adopted by the Greengrass.

According to everyone, Daphne was not Harry's sister but his cousin. Isobell had a long lost sister, who died giving birth to Harry in a Muggle hospital; there Harry was taking to a local Orphanage. Isobell had got word of her sister's will, and went to go get Harry, adopting him has her son instead of keeping his as a nephew so that Harry could take on the Greengrass last name. It was not true; the only thing the story got right was that Harry was a half-blood who took on the Greengrasses' last name. Only the Davis and Lupin family knew that Harry was Potter because of the contracts, and how it was signed with the Potter's names on it.

The best part was that the defence teacher in everything was Lula's dad, Remus Lupin. He was the best defence teacher they ever had, but more importantly, he knew Harry's secret, which he promised to keep. He also told Harry how he and Sirius went looking for him after they found out he was adopted but they never found him. It warmed Harry's heart that his godfather, and his somewhat uncle went looking for him. Remus had settled down a bit with Lula's mom, who died in childbirth, while Sirius was using his Black family connections to find him. Harry had given Remus permission to tell Sirius everything, but made sure to stress how nobody was supposed to know. By the middle of the year, Sirius and Harry were sending letters back and forth talking to one enough and promising to meet each other after school was out. Remus also promised to spend time with him now that he was found.

Third year ended quickly, Pettigrew still hadn't been found but the guards, and security was called off, so Hogwarts was no longer under house arrest. Harry parents had taken a liking to Sirius and Remus, Samantha even more so. It seemed Sirius had a thing for blondes with brown eyes. He and Samantha soon ended up dating, not caring that she was a muggle, and he a pureblood. In fact, Harry sworn Sirius got a kick out of liking a Muggle, something about the shame his family would feel. Harry was also happy cause it seemed his growth spurt choose the right time kick in, however it did have its downsides as his sister Daphne was going through the same things. In the end, Third year wasn't so bad, Harry mused.


He shrugged, some things never changed. He only hoped that fourth year would be so bad….

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