Well, I'm back to writing the KH around the World series!

This time, our adventurous little gang is in Cairo!


Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts, Disney, Final Fantasy and all other associates along with the country of Egypt do not and will never belong to me.

I hope you enjoy the first chapter!

The three figures stop at the very edge of a small ledge. The tan sand swirls slightly at the feet of their mounts, three large camels, as one of them dismounts. The boy, covered up in a large hooded jacket, smiles in awe at a set of three large pyramids in the distance.

"There it is. The Great Pyramids of Giza!" Riku says triumphantly, holding his hands out to the architectural wonder. The huge structures of ancient weathered stone stretches up to the heavens, almost seeming to support the very sky itself

They were hot, dirty, and probably smelled like a camel's ass, but it was worth it to see such a magnificent sight.

"Riku… you dragged us all the way across the DESERT to see a TRIANGLE?" Sora demands as he leaps off of his camel and squints at the faraway pyramids. Riku scowls.

"You have no culture!" He tells Sora as he folds up his map and glances towards Kairi. The Princess of Heart was fast asleep on her camel.

"It's just a triangle." Sora tells Riku as he keeps squinting across the desert. Riku leaps off his camel and grabs Sora by the head.

"You're gonna be cultured if it's the last thing I do! Look at it!" Riku snarls, finally losing his patience with the impatient Keyblade Wielder. He shakes him a little bit until the resulting noises of screaming and yelping as Sora takes a mouthful of hot sand wakes up Kairi.

"Guys! Stop fighting!" She exclaims sleepily as she looks around. She notices where Riku was pointing at and grins.

"Wow! It's a lot bigger in person…" She murmurs in slight awe. Sora shoves Riku off of him and take another squint at the pyramids.

"Well, it's a very nice hunk of rock. Can we go back to Cairo now?" He asks impatiently. Riku glares at him but can't say anything.

"Riku, we could always come back after lunch." Kairi whispers to him. Riku nods, defeated… for now.

"Alright, we go back to the hotel, get something to eat and-"

"And we go back to the Gummi ship so we don't get cursed!" Sora interrupts nervously as he takes a look around. Kairi and Riku glance at each other, each thinking the same thing:

We shouldn't have let him watch that Brendan Frasier movie…

"Sora! We've told you a hundred times. There's no such thing as a mummy's curse." Kairi sighs as she adjusts her sunhat. Sora still doesn't look convinced, but at least he wasn't pulling out his Keyblade every few minutes anymore.

"How did we end up here, anyway?" Sora demands, feeling dizzy and irritable from the heat of the sun.

"Well… we crashed… again… when you and Riku started fighting over who would control the Gummi ship. Now we're stuck here until someone comes to find us." Kairi says helpfully. Riku and Sora glare at each other, each one thinking that it was the other one's fault.

"Right. So let's go back then! Uh… GO!" Sora shouts to his camel which just tilts its head at head. Sora scowls.

"Sora, getting ON would help." Riku comments as he gets on his own animal.

"Right." Sora scrambles onto the large humped creature and it marches off, with Sora hanging awkwardly from its saddle.

"We're gonna die out here." Kairi comments to herself as she starts riding.