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Well, guess what!

We have a villain now!

Remember, this is partially a parody of the Mummy Movies and so I must say... the mummies are coming soon.

So it was, several days after Sora had received the mysterious map from the deceased guy in the alley, and now Sora and his friends were waiting on Roxas and his friends over at the riverbank.

Like they had been doing for the last three hours.

"If they don't hurry up, I'm gonna go find them." Riku snarls, slamming his fist into the wood of the dock, feeling more than a little pissed off.

"Riku… they'll be here soon. Don't worry." Kairi says in an optimistic way, smiling over at the rippling waters of the Nile. She looks completely at home despite the fact that home was over several light-years away and that she had no idea what the people around were saying since they were speaking Arabic and various other languages besides English and Japanese.

Sora on the other hand, looks like he was five seconds from jumping into the Nile.

"Where are they? I'm getting bored!" He complains, making an angry face and putting his head on Kairi's shoulder.

"Why are we even at the docks? Did you get us a boat or something?" Riku asks suspiciously to Sora, instantly feeling a chill of fear when Sora glances over at him and smiles mischievously.

"They're usually called ships, not boats." He says mysteriously, instantly looking cheerful again at the mere thought of riding on a "ship."

"… You're imagining yourself as a pirate, aren't you?" Riku says with a raised eyebrow and sure enough, Sora flinches and nods sheepishly.

"Hey, who's bringing the boat anyway?" Kairi asks just as Sora stands up and starts waving to a small sailboat.

"If it's Frank or Phil, I'm strangling them." Riku states warily as the boat pulls up to the dock.

"Hi Steve!" Sora calls out as the teenager jumps off of the deck and starts tying up the small boat to the dock.

"Hey, um, Mrs. Smith wanted a boat right? So you guys are here to pick it up?" Steve Browning asks in a mildly confused tone as he deftly knots his rope and stares at the group's luggage and at the heap of boxes which presumably held supplies for the journey.

"Riku, no!" Kairi says as Riku takes a step forward, a furious glare already in place on the normally solemn silver haired teenager's face.

"Hey, you kids need some help with this stuff?" A friendly voice asks as the quartet is immediately distracted by the arrival of a new person.

"What's it to you and for that matter, who the heck are you?" Riku demands to the twenty or so year old who just grins at him.

"Oh, I'm just a hero in training! Name's Zack Fair. And I noticed just how heavy those boxes of supplies look." Zack says as he reaches for the nearest crate.

Sora and Riku immediately summon up their Keyblades and smack them against the wooden crates.

"We don't think so." Sora says suspiciously but all that Zack does is look curiously at their weapons.

"Hey! I knew a guy who had something like this. I wonder if you… nah, he's probably some sort of great hero by now! Anyway, why don't you let me help you guys with this and then I can just go on my way. How about it?" He asks in a cheerful voice as he flips the thick black spikes that framed his face out of his eyes.

Sora glances at Riku and in unison, they drop their weapons and the Keyblades vanish in a bright flash of white light.

"Sure! We could use the help!" Steve pipes in as Zack, Riku and Sora start carting boxes to the small boat.

"Whoa, where you guys goin' anyway? Some kind of fieldtrip?" Zack asks conversationally as he drops his first box on the deck and then jumps off to get another one.

Sora grins excitedly.

"We're going on a- MMPH!" Riku slaps his hand over Sora's mouth just as he was about to spill everything to this random stranger.

"Hmm? What was that?" Zack asks as he hoists up another box.

"Uh… We're going to the pyramids of Giza." Riku lies quickly, glaring at Sora, Kairi, and Steve as if to contradict his story. They all nod in unison.

"Huh! You don't say! Good for you; getting some culture in." Zack agrees as he ruffles Riku's hair playfully.

From the sour expression on Riku's face, he would have loved to rip Zack's arm clean off and throw into the Nile.

"Heeeey! Zack, we gotta move out! The Boss Lady's waitin' for us, man!" A shout comes from the docks as Zack groans.

"Eh… Duty calls! See ya later, kids!" the friendly man says as he jumps off the deck and onto the dock and quickly vanishes from view.

"What a nice guy!" Sora says the second that Riku lets go of him.

"Yeah… but he sure was in a hurry." Kairi says curiously, frowning a little as she tries to see where he had gone to.

"Well, I should probably get going now. Tell Mrs. Smith I send my- GAH!" Steve flinches as Riku grabs him by the hood of his red jacket.

"Oh no you don't. You really think that we'd know how to sail this thing? You're coming along too." He states in a flat voice, smiling in such a wickedly dark way that everyone know that he wasn't joking around.

"Holy KH, that was an evil smile." Axel comments in amazement as he mashes his foot into the small of Riku's back, quite effectively knocking the silver haired emo into the water.

"Daddy Sora! We… We're gonna be on a boat?" Xion asks in an excited voice as her sparkling sapphire eyes dance all over the small boat's exterior.

"Huh. I gotta hand it to you, Sora, I didn- I GET TO DRIVE FIRST!" Roxas shouts as he eagerly scrambles on board.

"Hey! Ladies and Xions first! It's the rules, Roxas!" Xion protests as she runs after him.

Axel's eyebrow rises beneath his sunglasses but he nods his approval at the boat.

"Remember guys; the ladies get their own cabin. Or else you answer to me." He snaps moodily. The guys nod jerkily, instantly backing away from the pyro as he climbs on board.

As Sora and Steve manage to pull Riku back onto the dock, they were all thinking the same thing:

With that single order, Axel had made himself captain.

As Zack and his red haired friend towards the cabin of their "Boss Lady," they were both thinking the exact same thing:

She was going to freakin' kill them.

Zack's friend adjusts his goggles around his forehead and coughs nervously as he knocks at the door.

"Come in." A female voice calls out as the duo open the door and walk in. They pause at the threshold of the room and wait for the occupant of the room to address them further.

"Well, if it isn't Reno and Zack. I assume that you're bringing me news of your little… associates in the black cloaks?" She asks in a cool tone, swinging her swivel chair around so she could look at them.

She was perfectly composed as she sips from a small glass of red liquid, waiting patiently for her long-expected news.

Zack smiles nervously and nudges Reno forward.

"Uh, yes ma'am. About the map." He starts to explain when she gives a chuckle of excitement.

"Let me guess: you found the professor? And?" She says with that same wicked smile, clapping her hands in amusement.

"Yes, Miss. We found him. But… he had already given the map to his contact. It appears to be a group of kids." Zack reports professionally, immediately stiffening into a military-like stance.

She blinks in mild confusion and then begins to laugh.

"Don't tell me. You two have no clue just who the kids are." She states flatly, her earlier excitement already vanishing and being replaced by an icy cold fury.

Reno and Zack nod.

"You… You… I sent you two, knowing that you're supposed to be the best, to do this simple little job… and you fail me by… letting a group of snot-nosed punk ass kids get MY map?" She howls, slamming her glass down on the table, cracking the cup viciously as she throws the shattered remains of her drinking vassal at them.

"We… we're gonna get them, don't ya worry bout that!" Reno says but she just glares at him, completely lost in her own anger.

"You better, Reno! Or else it's your goddamn head! Don't you forget who you owe your allegiance to at the moment, Turk!" She snarls, stabbing her finger into Reno's chest for emphasis.

"We won't fail you. As long as you keep your promises." Zack states calmly.

Her violent expression softens a little at this and she nods.

"Get out. And don't you dare come back until you bring me the map. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" She says in a much more subdued voice as she takes her seat at her desk again.

The two nod and bow respectfully to her as they quickly make their exits.

"Well, looks like we're clockin' out early, my friend." Reno states, sighing in relief as he attempts to put as much space between the Boss and him as physically possible.

Zack nods gruffly, looking equally relieved.

"Oh well. Might as well have some fun, right?" He continues, chuckling as he spins his preferred weapon idly in one hand, watching in amusement as some stray blue sparks fly out of the end of the nightstick.

All of a sudden, an excited glimmer appears in his companion's light blue eyes as he nods and cries out:

"Let's go, Reno! SOLDIER 2nd Class Zack is on the job!"