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What's Our Symbol? A Bade Story

Beck & Jade were lounging on Beck's couch in the RV, insanely bored. It was a weekend and there was nothing to do, so there they sat, bored
out of their minds. "Hey Jade?" asked Beck "What?" replied a grumpy Jade. She HATED hot weather, always has ever since 'the incident', so on hot days most people just stay clear of and not talk to her. But Beck was the exception.
"What's our symbol?" "What's our WHAT?" Seriously, what could have made her boyfriend ask such a stupid question as that? "What's our symbol", pff.
"Our symbol. You know, how some couples have a symbol that
describes them and/or their relationship?" replied Beck. "That's stupid. Why do we need a symbol anyways?" asked Jade, agitated. What was up with the stupid questions today?
"We don't, I was just wondering if there was a symbol that fit us. Do you have any ideas?"
"I'm not going to participate in this stupid game of finding a symbol for us."
"Pretty please?"
"Pretty pretty please?"
"Ugh, fine, I'll try and think of a symbol. Just stop with the pleases already."
"Oh! I got one!" exclaimed Jade
"Well, what is it?" inquired Beck, curious as to what his girlfriend could have thought of.
"The Yin Yang symbol."
"The what?"
"Beck, you better be kidding and actually know what the Yin Yang is, or otherwise I'm going to start questioning your intelligence."
"I'm kidding, I know what it is. Now, why do you think it describes us?"
"Simple. Yin is the dark, feminine part of the symbol, me, and Yang is the bright, masculine part of the symbol, you."
"Wow. That's a lot better then what I came up with."
"What did you come up with?"
"A dove."
"That's bad."
"I know. I like yours better. I think it really describes us."
"Really. You wanna know why?"
Because Yang can't exist without Yin."
"You're forgetting something."
"Yin can't exist without Yang either."
Beck smiled, and kissed Jade softly on the lips.
"Love you Yin."
"Love you too, Yang."


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