In the Shadow of Salazar

I walk in the shadow of Salazar.

For evermore I will be subjected to the fame of that man. His skill, his strength, and even his looks, will forever dominate my life.

When people see me, they think of him. When they talk of me, it is to compare my failures and weaknesses to his strengths. Rarely is a word spoken about me that it does not immediately follow with praise for that insufferable beast and his legend.

Yet I will not give up – I will surpass him. Whatever it takes, no matter the cost – I will surpass him.

I will defile his memory with tales of his misdeeds. I shall strive to ensure my own successes are measured against the likes of Merlin, not Slytherin, and I shall curse house and hearth of my former colleague until his name is held in distain by all but the vilest of men and wickedest of beasts.

If it takes a thousand years, I will overcome him. A single millennia will be but a few paltry grains of sand falling in the hour glass of my fame's duration; a blink in the endless vista of time where my name shall ring out as the greatest wizard of my time.

His house will fall by the hand of a Gryffindor – this I promise with every fibre of my being and strength of my magic.

Whatever it takes, no matter the cost, no matter the consequence.

Godric Gryffindor