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OK, I can get through this night. How bad can it be? How bad can he be? I am just no good at polite conversation. I can't believe Bella roped me into this.

She's out for the whole of the weekend for the hen party. This is not the issue. We do our own stuff. I'm quite happy to have the place to myself and was planning some idiotic drinking and a late night with my X-Box. But then she dropped the little bombshell that Rosalie's brother is over from the States and needs somewhere to crash. As the girls are all staying over at Rosalie's and their folks live miles away, she volunteered our place. So I am stuck with fucking babysitting duty.

Thankfully it's a Friday night so the regular work crowd is out as usual. At least I won't have to talk to him the whole night. I sent him a text with the pub location earlier so he should be showing up in an hour or so. God, I hope he's not a complete prick. His name is Jasper, for God's sake. That does not give me hope.

Well that wasn't as bad as it could have been. He's quite funny really. He has a hint of an American accent; he's lived over there for years. The girls from the office were practically salivating over him, despite his seriously weird hair. He was utterly charming to them, chatting away like he'd known them for years.

I left him to it and played a few games of pool instead. I glanced over at him a few times, just checking that he hadn't been abandoned. A couple of times when I looked up I caught him looking back at me. He smiled and nodded his head. Just making sure I was still there, I guess.

He seemed to be having a good time with the girls. I could hear Jessica braying with laughter at regular intervals and Lauren seemed to have attached herself to his arm. At one point I thought that he might not be staying at my place after all. He could probably have gone home with any of them. Or all of them.

I was still not looking forward to doing the whole accommodating host business, so at closing time I invited the crowd back to my place. I don't get to do that often because Bella doesn't like a house full of strangers, but as I wasn't going to get laid I decided I might as well make the most of her absence.

However, as we left the pub it was raining outside, and suddenly people decided they would rather go home. So despite my hopefulness, Jasper and I ended up walking back to my place alone.

Still, he wasn't that bad, and he seemed to be up for another drink once we got home. The rain was coming down harder and harder as we walked, and by the time we arrived we were both soaked through. He followed me into the living room and I told him to help himself to the DVD collection while I carted his bag upstairs, changed into dry clothes, and grabbed some beers.

When I got back to the living room, Jasper was standing in front of the TV with the remote in his hand. Like me, he'd stripped off his shirt, but as I'd ditched his bag upstairs he had nothing to change into. I was on the verge of explaining where I'd put his things, when I caught sight of the screen and realised he'd put on a porn movie.

"Ah, I see you've found the back of the cupboard collection," I said.

Smiling, he didn't say anything and reached out a hand for a beer. What the hell, I'd probably be watching it by myself if he wasn't here anyway.

"I've put your bag upstairs, do you want to grab a dry shirt?" I asked.

"No, I'm good," he replied, sitting down on the sofa.

I elected for the armchair. There is an etiquette for watching porn with other men, especially men you don't know. You keep your eyes on the screen, you don't talk. Unless you are very, very drunk. He'd been at the fast forward button already, like every man who watches a porno, cutting to the fucking chase. My free hand automatically wandered to the front of my jeans. I risked a surreptitious glance at him. He was leaning back on the sofa with both arms stretched out along the back cushions, looking rather unimpressed. It made me ridiculously defensive, so I decided to break with protocol and talk to him.

"Feel free to choose something else," I said. "There's quite a collection if you're after something specific."

Jasper turned to look at me, taking a slow pull from his beer.

"I suspect you don't have what I'm in the mood for," he smiled. "Does Bella know you have all this stuff?"

"Are you kidding me?" I laughed back at him. "Half of it is hers. In fact most of the really kinky stuff is hers. I bet she has pretty much whatever you are up for."

"I suppose it's possible," he mused. "I know a few girls who get really turned on by gay sex."

"Oh, that's easy," I said, getting out of my chair. "There's a whole bunch of lesbian action here somewhere." I started pulling DVDs off the shelf.

Jasper chuckled. "Actually I'm more into the guys than the ladies. Got any of that?"

Well, I hadn't seen that one coming.

"Er, no, I don't, not really my thing," I offered out of hand. "Not being gay."

Jasper's shoulders were shaking with amusement.

"Well it totally is my thing. You do know that, right?"

"Er, no, I didn't, any reason why I should?" I cursed Bella inwardly for leaving out this particular piece of information about my house guest. Not that it made any difference one way or the other, but I like to know that kind of shit.

Jasper just laughed even harder.

"That's Rose for you. I've been out since I was, like, twelve or something so she just forgets about telling people. She assumes they know. I live in Manhattan for fuck's sake, it's practically compulsory."

Still chuckling, Jasper hauled himself off the sofa and headed towards the kitchen.

"Another beer?" he asked.

I nodded. How the hell did that happen? I felt like I was the guest in his house. I sat back down in my chair. His whole demeanour seemed to have changed since we were in the pub. The smooth charm with the ladies suddenly became more understandable, but now he was bolder, cocky even. I don't think I'd ever met someone more relaxed with who he was. I could hear him rummaging around in the kitchen.

"I'd forgotten how poky British kitchens are," he called. "I think you could fit this whole room into my refrigerator at home."

OK, now he was pissing me off. He sauntered back in and stood in front of me, holding out the bottle. I suddenly realised my hand had migrated back to my cock and swiftly moved it to grab the bottle. He still stood there in front of me, his head slightly to one side.

"Does it make you uncomfortable?" he asked.

"Does what make me uncomfortable?" I countered.

"Me," he replied simply.

"You, as in you being gay? No, it doesn't bother me at all. You being gay and half naked in my living room watching porn movies? To be honest, yes a bit, a bit uncomfortable."

We stared at each other for a long moment, and then just like that, the tension was gone and we both started laughing.

"Do you want to watch something else?" I asked.

He tilted his head to one side, giving me that appraising look I'd seen earlier and took a swig from his bottle.

"What I'd really like to do is suck your cock while you watch the movie," he stated calmly.

The mouthful of beer I had just taken got sprayed everywhere.

"Did I not just mention that I am not gay?" I asked in astonishment.

Jasper shrugged.

"Sex is sex," he stated. "Gender is irrelevant for most of it."

"Seriously? But you can't mean that. I mean, if you're gay then you wouldn't want some girl sucking you off."

"Oh, I don't generally discriminate," he said sitting back down on the sofa, stretching his arms back out along the cushions and leaning his head back, watching the movie through lidded eyes.

"As it turns out I have only ever fancied guys, and they totally have more, uh, equipment to play with. But some kinds of sex, frankly, it doesn't make much difference. A mouth is a mouth."

I stared at him. I had the feeling I could say or do absolutely anything right now and he would not care. It was quite liberating.

"Do you often hit on other people's boyfriends?" I challenged him.

He sipped at his beer again and glanced briefly in my direction.

"I don't generally discriminate," he repeated, turning his attention back to the screen.

I realised I was thinking through his offer. I was actually hard as a rock in my jeans, and it wasn't the third rate movie that was doing it. I found myself wondering what it would be like. The only lips to have touched my cock were definitely female. Would it be the same? Should I take the opportunity to find out?

I couldn't believe I was actually considering it. Then again, it would save me the bother of having a wank later. Was I rationalising because I wanted an excuse to give in to this suddenly overwhelming need? I was just about to let temptation and curiosity win, when another thought disturbed me.

"If we do this, there is no way I am going to return the favour," I said.

Jasper's head snapped up and a wicked grin spread over his face.

"I wouldn't expect you to," he replied. "I'm pretty sure those soft lips of yours have never had the pleasure, and I like someone with a bit more experience for my turn."

I automatically opened my mouth to protest and then snapped it shut again. Fuck. I swear he actually winked at me.

Sex is sex, right? I leaned forward and started unlacing my Docs. I briefly glanced up to see Jasper's grin turning into a full on smirk. Once I had pulled the boots and socks off I stood up and popped my fly, letting my still damp jeans fall with my boxers and stepping out of them.

"I didn't really think you'd go for it," he admitted, rising swiftly to his feet, staring down at my solid junk, hanging away from my belly.

"Now that's an unexpected pleasure," he murmured, moving closer. "Not too many straight guys shave like that."

It was my turn to smirk. It had started as a challenge from Bella. If she was waxing hers she thought I should share the pain. There was no way I was letting anyone near my junk with hot wax, but for a laugh I played along and let her shave me. It was one of the most erotic experiences of my life, so we had kept it up and now I couldn't contemplate letting it grow out again. So yes, smooth was the way to go.

I sat back down and he knelt between my legs, pushing my knees firmly apart. OK, so no slow build-up here, he wasn't going to mess about. There wasn't going to be any fucking snuggling afterwards either. I fixed my eyes back on the screen, feeling my heart rate accelerate.

I just about fucking bucked out of the chair when his tongue made contact with the tip of my cock. He shoved me roughly back down with one hand on my hip and hooked two fingers of the other hand around the base to pull me straight up so he could envelop the whole head in his mouth. I hissed loudly and gripped the arms of the chair, throwing my head back. The movie was already irrelevant.

He swirled his tongue and lips over me slowly, moving his hand down to squeeze my balls and tug them upwards.

Without warning he slid me right the way into his mouth and took me into his throat in one smooth movement. I think I swore. With his lips on my pelvis he stuck out his tongue and ran it over my smooth balls that he was holding up with his hand. I didn't know that was even possible; the feeling was astonishing. I have no idea what kind of noises I was making by this point but I swear I could feel that grin of his twitch across his mouth before he settled into a steady rhythm. Again and again he thrust me into his throat, every time working his tongue on my balls and up my length. The sensation was overwhelming. I could feel him adding his lips and teeth, driving me closer to the edge.

I clutched the chair even harder as I felt my balls start to tighten. I know he felt it too because he centred himself and increased his pace, moaning around me as he moved. I was not going to hold back, the first pulse was already rising up my rock hard cock and the rush of cum went straight into his throat. I let out a strangled cry as the room seemed to vanish in the haze of sensation. He continued to work me until he was sure I was done, and then sat back, gasping for breath, his hand still stroking. He squeezed the last drops out of me and lapped them up, rubbing my now incredibly sensitive head over the slight stubble around his mouth, and then released me.

I managed to raise my head to look at him. He was sitting back on his heels with a ridiculously satisfied look on his face, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He reached behind himself to pick up his beer, and backed up to sit on the sofa, not breaking eye contact.

I had no fucking idea what to say to him. Sex is sex, right?

Well that was like no sex I had ever had.


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