Chapter 1: The Dare

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The setting of Toon City was bustling as it was with every day. Everywhere cartoon characters went about their usual business as was their custom, but this day was particularly special. Halloween had just arrived, and all over the city every citizen treated this day like it was sacred, for no other being appreciated this holiday like toons.

Just like humans, toons would be performing the same traditions: preparing their homes for trick-or-treaters, stockpiling on large amounts of sugary treats, and most of important of all, dressing up in festive and/or ghoulish costumes. But for some, Halloween wasn't just a time for celebration; it was also a time for creating mischief.

One group of toons who were now sitting in the heart of the illustrious Toon City Park waited patiently. They were a group of six: four boys, one girl and a strange creature. What was truly odd about them was that three of them appeared human while the other two figures looked to be humanoids. They were garbed in their own clothing that all made them look like part of a team, and everyone in the city knew them to be the legendary Storm Hawks.

The leader of the group was a teenage boy with red hair and green eyes, and was clothed in a red and blue suit with pieces of armour scattered around his body, and he also kept two daggers on his back. His hands covered in brown gloves with black fingers tapped against the sides of his legs while he tapped his brown boots on the pavement. All this time waiting was starting to get him impatient and he didn't know how else to relieve his boredom. "I hope the others get here soon," he said.

The teenage girl of the group stood up from a park bench and walked over to the boy. Her chocolate brown skin complimented her bluish, black hair and amber eyes along with her blue and yellow dress. A blue choker was held neatly around her neck while a light blue crystal dangled from the centre. "Aerrow, will you relax?" she said, addressing the boy. "I'm sure the others will be here."

The boy now known as Aerrow breathed and replied, "You're right, Piper. It's just that I'm a little excited about our plans for tonight."

The third teenage boy walked up to his friends. Like Aerrow he also had armour plates all over his body, but his suit was blue and yellow that matched his spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. "Well you should be excited," he said, "because it is going to be the best Halloween bash ever!" The boy continued by doing an air guitar move.

All it did was make the others slap their palms into their faces in embarrassment. They knew their friend was prone to foolish acts and they had to suffer because of his silliness.

The only adult of the group, who was a green-skinned amphibian-like humanoid called a Merb, walked up behind the boy. His black hair streamed down to the right side of his face and revealed his black eyes, and his brown suit had an X-shaped armour plate over the chest. Two silver earrings also adorned his left ear and he walked barefoot with his three-toed feet. As soon as he was close he said in a scowl, "Finn, I'm begging you for the love of all that's sacred to never do that again."

The boy known as Finn merely pouted at the request. "Someday Stork, you'll be wanting my autograph when I become a success," he said.

"Yeah," said Piper. "That'll be the day when pigs fly." Everyone in the group then laughed at the comment, except for Finn who only frowned with great displeasure.

The other humanoid of the group came up to Finn and patted him on the back with his large hands. His form made him look to be a walking rhinoceros that wore a green and brown suit with armour plates all over his body, and his hooved feet remained bare. His grey eyes and hair made him look old but everyone knew him to be a teenage Wallop. Without realising his own strength, he accidentally knocked Finn to the ground while consoling him.

Getting up and rubbing his sore spot, Finn said, "Junko, you really gotta go easy on the slapping."

Junko could only stand and laugh sheepishly at his mistake. "Sorry," he said.

The last member was the small animal, which looked to be a blue-furred hybrid between a monkey and a weasel. Even with his fur, he still wore a blue and purple suit to make himself feel like he was a true Storm Hawk. His brown eyes set against yellow irises opened wide when he saw what was in his direction so he caught everyone's attention by letting out chirps and moving around his purple-skinned paws.

Aerrow was the first to notice it. "What is it, Radarr?" he asked.

The little guy called Radarr then pointed over to where he last saw what was coming. All the Storm Hawks complied and looked. What they each viewed brought smiles to their faces.

Coming from the distance were two people walking together side by side. The one on the left was a teenage boy. His black hair was slanted forward but still showed his blue eyes. His clothing was simple: a white T-shirt with red trim and a red oval in the centre, blue jeans and red and white tennis shoes.

The person who joined him was an Asian girl who looked slightly younger than her companion. Her long black hair flowed freely down her back, but what was truly distinctive about it was the strand on her left side, which was dyed a deep pink. A pair of brown eyes and freckles over her nose made her look adorable, and her clothing consisted of a green T-shirt with a pink dragonfly-like symbol in the centre, blue jeans with the waist short enough to reveal her midriff, brown shoes and a brown bracelet on her right wrist with a purple gem in the centre.

"All right!" said Aerrow. "Danny and June are here!"

The two new teens arrived, and all the Storm Hawks ran up to them. The group wasn't complete yet, but at least now they could discuss their plans.

"So guys, do you have good news for us?" asked Piper.

"Yeah," said Finn. "I can't wait to see the rockin' place you've found for the party!"

Upon hearing Finn's comment, June bit her lower lip and scratched the back of her head. It was like an unsettling feeling formed inside her and she would have to explain it. "Um, yeah, about that," she said.

Her gaze was then fixated on her boyfriend Danny and she saw that he was trying to act as innocent as possible by shifting his eyes away and whistling nonchalantly. Seeing this didn't take kindly to her so she was forced to narrow her eyes and jab her elbow into Danny's ribs. The attack made the boy yelp in surprise and rub the spot where June hit him. This made him realise that he would have to tell the others what happened.

Danny thought of the right words to say but decided that there was no way to put it lightly. "Here's the thing, guys," he said. "We did manage to find a place for the party, but when we went to go check it out... I went into ghost mode to get a better aerial view and, well, I accidentally knocked into a chandelier and set off my ecto-blasts and..."

Seeing that her boyfriend was having trouble finishing his sentence, June decided to finish it for him. She said, "Basically, Danny destroyed the whole building due to his clumsiness. Now we've got no place to hold the party." This left June in a sour mood. "Thanks a lot, Danny," she said sarcastically.

Hearing this news had now weakened the other's spirits. The party was supposed to be the best thing they've done in a long time and now they had nowhere for it.

"Well, this puts a damper on things," said Stork.

Aerrow tried to remain positive despite the recent turn of events. "It's okay, guys," he said. "We'll just find another place before it's too late. Besides, at least we've still got our costumes."

Just then, footsteps were heard coming from behind the group. Everyone turned around to see five other people coming their way: three boys and two girls. The one up front was a bald boy dressed in a yellow and orange robe with black pants and shoes. What was truly remarkable about his appearance was that blue arrows were tattooed on his head and forearms. Now the friends were all together.

Junko looked on and said, "Hey, here come Aang and the others. Maybe they've got some good news for us."

Aerrow hoped that Junko was right, so he turned around to face Aang. "So, do you have our costumes all set up?" he asked.

Aang didn't respond, but instead let the smallest of his group answer, which was a blind girl clothed in a green and yellow dress with her black hair tied to a bun. She sensed that Aang wasn't talking so she punched him in the arm to instigate him. "Go on and tell 'em what happened, Twinkle Toes," she said angrily.

"I was going to, Toph!" he said. The boy fixed his gaze back on Aerrow. "Sorry guys, but all the costumes are ruined."

The others gasped at what their friend said. "Ruined?" Piper said in disbelief. "How did this happen?"

One of the other boys, who was dressed in a blue shirt, pants and gloves and had his brown hair tied to a ponytail, stepped forward to reply. His blue eyes shifted to Piper as he spoke. "Apparently, Aang thought it would be a good idea to practice his firebending right near our costumes," he said. "So you can thank him for that."

The girl next to him who was wearing a blue dress placed a hand on the boy's shoulder to get him to back off. Her long brown hair flowed down to her waist and her blue eyes looked like fabulous sapphires. With concern in her voice she said, "Sokka, go easy on him. It was an honest mistake and at least I was there to put out the fires before anything else could happen."

The boy named Sokka looked at his sister, thinking that she made a valid point. "Well that's all well Katara," he said, "but now we still don't have any costumes. And now we can kiss our security deposit goodbye."

The last member of the group was a teenage boy with messy black hair and yellow eyes wearing a red shirt and pants along with black boots. A burn scar on the left side of his face went from his eye and stretched all the way to his ear, making him look like some kind of monster but he still had a pure heart. "I hope you guys have had better luck than us," he said.

Aerrow only shook his head, and his cohort Radarr also chirped sadly and did the same. "Not really Zuko," said Aerrow. "We've lost the place where we're supposed to hold it." But Aerrow knew that he still had to think positive. "But this is only a minor setback. We're still holding the party and we've just got to think of a way to fix it before it starts. We'll just find new costumes and tell everyone we've sent our invitations to about the change in location."

Hearing the mention of the invitations made Finn open his eyes in shock. He hoped no one else would notice but Danny soon picked up on it. "Is something wrong, Finn?" he asked.

All Finn could do in response was shift his eyes and laugh sheepishly. Everyone soon gathered around him to hear his explanation.

"Finn you did remember to send out the invitations, right?" asked Aerrow.

Scratching the back of his head, Finn replied, "Uh yeah, well you see, around the time you asked me to e-mail all the invitations I kinda had other stuff to do like work on my Skimmer and practice with my crossbow. I guess I lost track of it, so I really never sent them out."

The news reached everyone's ears and they all groaned with disappointment. Finn's ineptness had once again shown itself and all his friends had to pay for it.

"Tell me whose bright idea it was to leave Finn in charge of the invitations," said Stork.

"So let's get this straight," said June. "We've got no setting for the party, all our costumes have been burnt to a crisp, and now no one knows about our party!" The girl proceeded by stomping her foot on the ground, and her Te Xuan Ze strength had caused a crack in the pavement. "Can anything else go wrong today?" she asked.

Everyone then turned around when they heard a call in the distance. "Hey there, losers!" said a male voice.

The group of friends all recognised the voice and they saw three figures coming towards them. Sokka turned to June and said, "You had to say it."

In front of everyone now stood the new group of people and each of them looked much different in appearance and age. The first was a large teenage boy with blonde hair and dark blue eyes in a black shirt, a red and white sports jacket, blue jeans and white shoes. The second was a burly man with purple hair and eyes dressed in a dark purple shirt and dark green pants with orange armour plates scattered around his body. The third was an albino teenage boy with red hair and eyes wearing a black trench coat with matching pants, boots and gloves, yellow-tinted goggles kept secure on his forehead and a brown backpack with the straps criss-crossed over his chest. Everyone knew this group of three to be the meanest bunch of all.

Danny got up to confront the first member of the bullies. "What are you doing here, Dash?" he demanded.

The teenage boy known as Dash leaned down so his eyes were level with Danny. With a sneer he said, "Oh, me and my crew were just in the neighbourhood when we heard about your little party. It's too bad for you that it went down the crapper!" The boy then added his cruel laughter.

At that point the burly man known as Snipe came up and said, "Aw, what's wrong? Are the little babies upset about their stupid party?"

The third boy named Jack also came up to add his insults. "Yeah," he said, "'cause now you... won't be able to... you know, party."

Everyone then gave Jack an odd look for coming up with such a weak insult. The tension was broken when Dash glared at him and said, "Dude, just keep your mouth shut and let us handle this."

"Yes sir," Jack replied and stared at the ground in shame.

Aerrow wasn't going to put up with Dash's taunting. Narrowing his eyes, he marched up to him and got close to his face. He said, "Listen you jerks, we're not here to take your bullying, so why don't you leave us alone?"

Dash held up his hands in defence and said, "Whoa, take a chill pill! We didn't come here to fight."

"Then why are you here?" asked Zuko.

With a wide grin, Dash explained, "Well, we just came by to see if you dweebs were up for doing something really fun tonight, since it is Halloween."

"...Like what?" asked Toph.

"Why don't we go scare some snot-nosed trick-or-treaters?" Snipe suggested.

"Or maybe we could T.P. and egg some houses..." added Jack.

"Shut it, you morons!" shouted Dash. "No. What I've got in mind is much better."

Feeling curious, Finn asked, "And what's that?"

Dash chuckled and said, "Why don't all of you go into Black Manor?"

Everyone soon gasped at the mention of the name of the location. Radarr was so overcome with fear that he rolled his eyes back and fainted to the ground while giving a long chirp. Black Manor was known as an infamous tourist attraction in Toon City, and no one dared enter it.

"You want us to go into Black Manor?" Katara asked bewilderedly.

"Why would we do something so asinine?" said Piper.

"Yeah," said Aerrow, "and why should we listen to you creeps?"

This time Dash got into Aerrow's face and smirked. "Because if you don't," he said, "we'll go around town and tell everyone that you're all chicken."

Junko shuddered at the thought of having to go into Black Manor. "I could live with that," he said.

Aang wasn't being intimidated by Dash's threat. "C'mon you guys, let's go," he said.

With that, the entire group all turned around and started walking out of the park. As Aerrow walked past Radarr, he picked up the little guy and saw him still frozen in fear over the mention of Black Manor. His eyes were open with fright and his mouth was stuck open, but the Storm Hawk leader was still able to carry him over his shoulder.

Dash and his gang watched the others walk away without getting what they wanted, but then Dash knew of how he was going to get them to accept his dare. "Boys..." he said.

With that, Snipe and Jack both started acting like chickens by flapping their arms and clucking madly. The taunting had gotten through to Aerrow as he stopped in his tracks. He knew that he shouldn't have to do something so stupid, but he somehow got the nagging feeling that he didn't want to be known as a coward, especially since he was a Sky Knight.

Aerrow walked back up to Dash with rage in his eyes. All his friends then turned around and stopped to watch him do something incredibly absurd. Looking straight into Dash's eyes, Aerrow pointed his finger at the bully and said, "You're on!"

"What?" Aerrow's friends all said in unison. Radarr also heard him accept the challenge and so he shook off his paralysis and chirped along with the others.

"Great," said Dash. "Meet us there tonight – that is if you've got the guts." He turned to his friends and said, "Let's go, boys!" The bullies all headed out of the park, laughing madly at what they've just accomplished.

Aerrow's friends all gathered around him to find out what compelled him to do something so heinous.

"Aerrow, are you nuts?" said June.

"You just told Dash that we'd go into Black Manor," said Sokka, "and I mean, the Black Manor!"

"Yeah," said Stork. "I'd expect this kind of thing from Finn, but you Aerrow?"

"Hey!" Finn protested.

"Aerrow, I hope you know what you've gotten us into..." Piper said worriedly.

"I hope so too, Piper," said Aerrow.

The sudden realisation then struck Aerrow: he and all his friends were about to head into the most frightening place in all of Toon City. Now he would have to live with the guilt of forcing them all into the unknown.

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