Chapter 8: Dance of Death

BlueTiger321: Hi everyone! This is the final chapter of my Halloween tale, and I think it's a good ending after everything that was said and done. Before I begin, I would like to say the music and people that appear in this story are property of the greatest heavy metal band ever! You'll see which one it is. Also, credit goes to LyricsFreak for having the correct lyrics to this song. So now, it's time to party!

The group of friends all stood outside the courtyard of Black Manor. It seemed that now they were getting the Halloween party they've always wanted. And after everything they've endured tonight, they all thought they deserved it.

None of them could contain their excitement. This setting was perfect for staging a Halloween party and they had the help of their new ghostly friends to create it. To them, it was going to be the event of a lifetime.

"This is great," said Aerrow. "Now we're finally going to have a party tonight."

"Yeah," said Danny. "Who would've known we'd have to go through all this just to get it."

"But there's so much we have to do," said Katara. "We have to set everything up, find some costumes, invite some guests, and let's not forget the music."

The three ghosts hovered in the air to get everyone's attention. They all looked up to see the spirits smiling. "You leave everything to us," said BlueTiger321.

With that the ghosts brought their hands together and concentrated their powers. It was then they let go and spread out their arms, releasing a blue wave of energy that covered the entire courtyard. Aerrow and the others waited for something to happen. Everyone looked astonished as different objects appeared out of nowhere. There were giant rock formations that looked like skulls, jack-o-lanterns with eerie faces carved into them, candlesticks burning with flames in a rainbow of colours, tombstones with spirits coming out from the ground, and a large dance floor with stage lights flashing everywhere. The most impressive display was a gigantic stage forming in front of Black Manor to give it a haunted house theme. It was now a fantastic setting for a Halloween party.

Everyone looked amazed at what their new friends had accomplished. It was better than any of them could ever hope for, and they all knew it couldn't have been possible if they never came to Black Manor.

"Whoa, you guys rock!" said Finn.

"This has got to be the greatest setting for a party I've ever seen!" said Aang.

"Yeah," said Toph. "I can't see and even I'm impressed."

"I can't wait to see the looks on everyone's face when they see this," said June.

"It's not over yet," said JusSonic.

"All of you still need your costumes," said Amber Pegasus.

The female ghost then moved her hands around in circles and then stopped. In that moment a pink light formed from her palms and headed straight for her friends. They all froze as the light consumed them.

When the flash was gone, everyone looked at themselves to see they were now wearing costumes: Aerrow was dressed as Superman; Piper as Cleopatra; Finn as Dick Tracy; Junko as a caveman; Stork as a Ghostbuster; Radarr as a skeletal version of himself; Danny and June as Link and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda; Aang as Mario from Super Mario Bros.; Katara as a belly dancer; Sokka as a vampire; Toph as a witch; and Zuko as Dante from Devil May Cry. All of them looked ecstatic as how their costumes looked so detailed.

"Now these are Halloween costumes," said Aerrow.

Junko looked over at Stork and said, "Nice proton pack."

Stork looked at Junko and said, "Thanks. Nice, um... pelt."

"How great do I look?" Toph asked.

"You look wonderful," replied Sokka. "They had you pegged as a witch perfectly." The comment had then earned Sokka a punch in his arm from Toph after making the joke.

Radarr even smiled at how the bones matched the places on his body over the black costume. He churred happily that he looked especially scary.

"Now how are gonna get all our guests here on such short notice?" said Zuko.

"Like this!" replied JusSonic.

The ghost then put his fingers to his head as he read his friend's thoughts. All the images of what their guests looked like were now a part of his mind. Once JusSonic was finished calculating the number of guests, he pointed his hands to the dance floor and sent out a red beam of light. The energy it created had then transported all the guests – dressed in Halloween costumes – onto the dance floor where they stood around wondering how they got here.

A girl named Terra (Teen Titans) dressed as a mummy said, "What's going on?"

A boy named Raimundo dressed as a pirate heard the question and replied, "I don't know, but it looks like an awesome place to be on Halloween."

Aerrow and the others had gotten onto the stage to address everyone. The Sky Knight grabbed the microphone and said, "Hello everyone!" The sound from the amplifiers carried his voice across the courtyard, and everyone turned around to see him. "I know you all must be wondering why you just ended up here. It's because you're all welcome guests to our Halloween party!"

The red-haired teen paused for a moment to hear the crowd cheer for both the setting and for being at a party on one of the most momentous holidays in Toon City.

Aerrow spoke again once the cheers died down. "Now before we begin," he said, "I'd just like to say that none of this would've been possible without the support of our new friends. So I'd like to welcome them to the stage. Please give a round of applause for JusSonic, Amber Pegasus and BlueTiger321!"

In an instant the three spirits rose from beneath the stage to greet all the guests. Upon seeing them, everyone shouted with fright at seeing actual ghosts and thought they were dangerous.

"No, no, it's all right!" said Aerrow, trying to calm everyone down. "These ghosts are good!"

The message had gotten through, and so everyone stopped shouting and heard Aerrow's explanation.

The Sky Knight said, "These ghosts are very loyal and trustworthy. My friends and I have each witnessed that they would go beyond the call of duty for the sake of others. If not by some random chance, we wouldn't be celebrating here tonight. Everything you see here is the result of the dedication from these three spirits. And I, for one, would like to call them my friends."

Aerrow's speech was finished, and all seemed quiet. That was until all the guests began to clap their hands and cheer for their hosts. Everyone on stage smiled at the satisfaction they had gotten. When it was done, Aerrow and the others walked off and left the ghosts on stage.

"Thank you, Aerrow!" said BlueTiger321. He amplified his voice so loudly that he didn't need the microphone. "Now I say we get this party started!" Everyone reacted with a cheer. "For the music tonight, I think we should have something special to mark this occasion. So ladies and gentleman, for your viewing pleasure, I give you the one, the only, Iron Maiden!"

The ghost raised himself from the stage and shot out his arms. Lightning formed from his fingertips that struck the stage. Sparks flew as the massive power had transported six humans. There on the platform was Bruce Dickinson, Janick Gers, Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Nicko McBrain – the members of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. All the members were holding their instruments and looked around bewildered at what happened to them.

"Hey, this isn't Stockholm!" said Harris.

"What is this place?" said Gers.

Before they could ask anyone where they were, they could see a huge crowd in front of them. The sound of cheers filled their ears, indicating they should play.

Bruce Dickinson turned to his fellow members and said, "Well, I guess we should give 'em what they want."

Aerrow and the others had already joined the crowd and waited for the music to start. Just then, Piper turned to her friend and said, "Hey, Aerrow?"

"Yeah Piper?" asked the Sky Knight.

"For what it's worth, I'm really glad we came here."

Everyone else heard Piper's comment and they all nodded in agreement. The red-haired teen smiled at his friends, knowing that an unfortunate event turned out to be extraordinary.

The first song was now playing as the sounds of guitars mixed with bass filled the air. Bruce Dickinson got up to the microphone and sang:

Let me tell you a story to chill the bones

About a thing that I saw

One night wandering in the everglades

I'd one drink but no more

Everyone kept cheering as the music continued.

I was rambling, enjoying the bright moonlight

Gazing up at the stars

Not aware of a presence so near to me

Watching my every move

JusSonic decide to add mist onto the stage to add an eerie effect to go along with the song. The band was still able to play, despite the sudden change.

Feeling scared and I fell to my knees

As something rushed me from the trees

Took me to an unholy place

And that is where I fell from grace

In the next verse, BlueTiger321 had unleashed a cluster of spirits that wandered around the top of the crowd, which got everyone more excited.

Then they summoned me over to join in with them

To the dance of the dead

Into the circle of fire I followed them

Into the middle I was led

The group of friends all smiled at how they were now enjoying themselves. They, along with their guests, began to dance along with the spirits that BlueTiger321 unleashed.

As if time had stopped still I was numb with fear

But still I wanted to go

And the blaze of the fire did no hurt upon me

As I walked onto the coals

The sound of drums had now entered where the music increased with intensity.

And then I felt I was in a trance

And my spirit was lifted from me

And if only someone had the chance

To witness what happened to me

Bruce Dickinson had then raised his voice over the next verse, getting the crowd more energized.

And I danced and I pranced and I sang with them

All had death in their eyes

Lifeless figures they were undead all of them

They had ascended from Hell

The crowd erupted with cheers at the last verse. The sound of guitars then echoed across the courtyard as the song continued. A moment later, Bruce Dickinson resumed his singing:

As I danced with the dead

My free spirit was laughing and howling down at me

Below my undead body

Just danced the circle of dead

Until the time came to reunite us both

My spirit came back down to me

I didn't know if I was alive or dead

As the others all joined in with me

The guitars resumed their playing while everyone danced around the scene along with the ghosts. It was so joyous that no one seemed to mind their presence.

By luck then a skirmish started

And took the attention away from me

When they took their gaze from me

Was the moment that I fled

I ran like hell faster than the wind

But behind I did not glance

One thing that I did not dare

Was to look just straight ahead

The solo then played, which caused Finn to slide on the floor and play his air guitar. All his friends watched in embarrassment to see their friend once again do his lousy guitar playing. Oddly enough, all the guests began to cheer him on and some even began to do air guitar themselves. Aerrow and the others were surprised by this so they decided to join in and play air guitar along with Finn.

Eventually, the three spirits joined with everyone in the crowd and danced along with them. Never before have they ever been thankful to be around so many wonderful people and to be in such a spectacular place.

When you know that your time has come around

You know you'll be prepared for it

Say your last goodbyes to everyone

Drink and say a prayer for it

Everyone soon cheered on for Iron Maiden as the song was nearing its end.

When you're lying in your sleep, when you're lying in your bed

And you wake from your dreams to go dancing with the dead

When you're lying in your sleep, when you're lying in your bed

And you wake from your dreams to go dancing with the dead

The outro had now played, causing everyone to dance along with the rhythm. Eventually the song dulled down and everyone quieted to listen to the end.

To this day I guess I'll never know

Just why they let me go

But I'll never go dancing no more

'Til I dance with the dead

The song had finished and everyone continued to cheer as the party went on through the night. And only a few people would know that it all started when they stepped into a haunted house.


BlueTiger321: Wow! Wasn't that party awesome?

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Danny and June: Uh-huh!

Aang: Now what's going to happen?

Katara: Nothing. The story's over.

Toph: What? It can't be.

Zuko: Sorry, but the author's got other things to do.

BlueTiger321: Indeed, I do. Anyway folks, thank you all for reading my story and thank you to those of you who left comments, and I hope you all have a happy Halloween! And once again, for legal purposes, I do not own Iron Maiden or any of their songs, but I will say they're awesome! So, until next time...

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