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1. Reading a Name Tag

Jorge couldn't read Emile's name card from the start. His hands were wet with sweat as his brows furrowed. Emile frowned at him, thinking if the sentimental man was not being sentimental.

Jorge sputtered, "The hell is this?"

It looked like a secret code of Greek or something, at least in his mind. A facepalm was issued. At last, as though the heavens had answered, a familiar silhouette appeared at the doorway. There came Carter, who snatched the sweaty card. His eyes took no time to understand the problem. He promptly turned the card upside down.

2. Armor Additions

Every NOBLE member has his/her own additions. As for Noble 6, however, he was confused why he couldn't choose his own additions to his own liking. He asked Carter this. NOBLE 1 merely shook his head in a grim laugh. He took the Spartan's shoulder and pat it lightly, "They're watching you." Carter then left without a word, leaving Noble 6 in a puzzling state.

He couldn't think about Noble 6 being a girl without laughing.

3. Robotic Body Parts and Such

"Six? Anything wrong?"

"Ah! Err... Nothing wrong exactly, NOBLE 2."

"Your awkward stare was perpetually disturbing me, for your information. ... ...It's the arm, isn't it."

"What? Not really, it's just that..."

"Don't worry, it's formidable." Kat smiled bitterly, walking out of the room immediately in a hurry. Noble 6 didn't expect her to flee so quickly. He had already forgotten that she had trauma issues. It wasn't because it hurt that she had lost her own arm.

The arm had cost millions.

4. Finding Holland Through Channels

"Are you sure you can do this, Kat?" Carter felt quite uncertain, noticing how NOBLE 2 was in deep concentration as she fiddled with the black copper wires. Kat merely chuckled, "There's a lot of open channels lately. I'm sure I can do this. He can be quite tricky sometimes."

Carter nodded slowly. Kat was his faithful and dependable friend. "I think I found him." the buzzing static of the radio buzzed and a familiar voice came on.

"Just relax, and all of this will be over."

"I don't expect you to be... inappropriately dressed, soldier."

"Speak for yourself, Mr. Holland~"

"A-ah!...Hey, I think you're going too far... ...that didn't hurt."

"Of course it didn't. See?"


"...Wrong channel."

5. Octobers Call for Halloween

"Oh Jun...!"

Jun suddenly turned around again to find no one in the hallway. Okay, so he did receive this strange feeling as though somebody was following him. Was he being followed by a stalker? He shuddered after having that thought. Keeping his mind and body alarmed and conscious, he carefully took his steps lightly as he brisk walked to the stair case. Ripping the door open, he whipped around again to see if anyone was behind him.

There was no one. "Thank god," He sighed in relief. Ready and confident to take a step downstairs, Jun-


"OH MY SHIT-" He went flying down the stairs. Should have known it was Emile. The event that took part every year seemed to have it coming.

"Happy Halloween, BIATCH!"

6. Healing Your Teammates

"Ah crap, this wouldn't happen if I-"

"The bleeding should stop around now..." Carter studied Kat's wound, ensuring that the bandage covering it was sufficient. He tightened the bandage knot slightly, also observing Kat's face for any reaction. She did wince for a second but she tolerated the pain. He let go of the knot.


"Noble 6, got any foam?" Carter asked, ignoring Emile's cries. Noble 6 nodded and threw a canister of bio-foam at his leader. Carter needed some for himself.


"Can you walk?" Carter asked Kat, throwing the empty canister aside. Kat shook her head wearily. He then nodded and walked to her side. Carter threw Kat's arm over his shoulder and carefully straightened his legs in a stand. Kat gritted her teeth through the pain. She still smiled at Noble 1 as a sign that she could bear the pain. He smiled back.



"He's dead," Noble 6 chimed sympathetically, dropping the pipe.

7. Pay A Visit to Dr. Halsey

"We're going to see Dr. Halsey again?" Jun asked, feeling quite uncomfortable as he bit his lip. Emile only smiled meekly. Noble 6 looked at the two with a confused face. Why would they be so anxious in meeting the world's most famous doctor who started the famous Spartan program? Of course, there was always the anxiety lurking. Truthfully, Jun and Emile didn't mind meeting Dr. Halsey again. In fact, they were concerned about something else.

Slam. The door bashed open and a tall big man stepped inside the room, startling the squad. Carter, who was reading the daily paper fell out of his chair. He recovered, gasping, "What in Jesus' name?"

"Did you just say Dr. Halsey?" Jorge cried out, his eyes wide with bewilderment. Jun slowly shook his head, still shocked from the sudden outburst. When Jorge and the others pay a visit to Dr. Halsey, the sentimental man would go nuts. Literally. Nuts.

"No...?" Emile mouthed. A split second after he said no, his shoulders were already crunched up by the tight grip of Jorge's hands. His voice grew in a demanding way, "I think I heard you say Halsey! You did say Halsey, didn't you? ANSWER ME!"

Noble 6 broke into cold sweat. He couldn't understand what just happened but he grew afraid from the irony. Carter merely stood beside him and whispered, "Happens every time. At least it isn't Sunday."

It was the day Carter had to submit a report. And he couldn't write a report without the Dr Halsey irony in it.

8. Armor Additions, Again

Jorge turned around the bend to find the familiar Dr Halsey talking to the representative at the recipient counter. He had just arrived from the elevator for his weekly appointment with Dr Halsey. With his helmet tucked under his arm, Jorge smoothly walked over to the friendly lady. He waited until the conversation between the doctor and the representative was over and put the sincere smile he had when she turned around to face him.

Catherine's face was merry and sweet, old and young. She was quite surprised to see Jorge again. She looked up and down, scanning his attire.

She then put a smirk on her face, "What have you done with my armor."

Jorge couldn't think of a better excuse at that moment.

9. Igniting into Flames After 20.563 seconds

"Practicing grenade throwing?" Jun asked, whilst seeing Noble 6 as he bombed multiple grunts who squealed when they saw the small dynamites. Night had poured in and day had set out. It wasn't good to see at night but with the night vision everything is possible. Noble 6 was satisfied with at least five kills. Since there were only a few grunts left after battling multiple elites and jackals, well, it couldn't hurt wasting a few grenades.

"You rarely use them," Noble 6 huffed. Jun looked at his belt: he thought he saw dust and webs forming at his grenades. He had to admit, he agreed that he seldom used enough firepower. He only killed the enemy with a gun, not his hands.

Jun stifled a laugh, "Fine, I'll use 'em." He took a fragmentation grenade from his belt and stuck out his tongue at the nearest huddle of grunts. "Fire in the hole!" He shouted, pulling off the safety 'spoon' and almost throwing it at the grunts. However, though, his plan backfired. The handle flew off the grenade, landing safely near the puzzled aliens.

"What." Jun mouthed, looking at his grenade. The safety was off but there was no explosion detonated. Noble 6 peered in the small weapon, realizing that it was in good function. Funny how it didn't detonate into a catastrophic explosion.

"What just happened?" Noble 6 questioned. Jun only raised his shoulders helplessly. He threw the grenade up in the air and catching it as it dropped. He didn't do anything wrong in the throw.

The aliens were puzzled and quickly planned an escape route. They stealthily and quietly crept in the grass to escape from the Spartans. Luckily, the men were too busy with the 'weird' bomb.

No shrapnel flying, no nothing. Noble 6 asked again, "Do you think something could be wrong with your grenade?"

"I never use my grenades for kills." Jun frowned. Noble 6 backed a step away with shock. Then what did he use his grenades for? "Then why pick grenades then?"

"I threw them off a cliff when I'm bored."


For the lack of grenade spamming.