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50. The Legendary Tribute Room, Part 2 of 3

"GOD DAMN IT, JUN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Emile screamed, throwing Jun aside, who rolled over with sobs littering his throat. The green Spartan stumbled to stand and tried to distance himself from the other enemies taken care of by Emile and Carter. He then scurried reluctantly to the Wraith, hid behind a rock and took out the Spartan Laser. He looked from the rock and at the menacing Wraith. It was resting comfortably behind, unknown of Jun's position. Gulping loudly, Jun positioned his Spartan Laser on the rock and aimed it at the blue vehicle. "God no, god no, god no, god no," He whispered in fear because he really didn't want to shoot the Wraith. The laser slowly charged gaining the red color and energy, causing the weapon to become amazingly hot.

Then the Wraith noticed him. "God no, god no, god no- GOD NO, GOD NO GOD NO!" Jun was unable to control the Spartan Laser and he finally screamed, "GOD NO GODNOGODNO- GODSPEEEEDD!"

A great big laser cut through the air, causing the air to explode, and half of it penetrated through the Wraith's turret, instantly killing the turret operator. Jun heard a scream from the Wraith. He opened his eyes at that somewhat positive response, and found a Grunt falling off the Wraith and to the ground, burnt from the laser. He felt a burst of relief in his mind but it soon drained as the surviving and unaffected elite in the Wraith growled loudly and angrily in a fit of rage. The sniper was intimidated and stumbled back, touching the grenades on his belt. Counting the number of plasma and fragmentation bombs, he had no other choice.

"DON'T COME NEAR ME!" He threw the fragmentation grenades at the blue beast, stepping back a few times so that the grenades could land perfectly under the Wraith before exploding. Jun didn't know that he wasted all of his grenades, because his terrified screams motivated him to throw every single bomb he had. He didn't know that the elite had already died after three frag grenade blows. He only cared that the Wraith itself would explode, and it did. He then picked up the Spartan Laser from the snow with shaky hands. Frightened of what was to come, he then waddled over to Six, whilst running like a girl to avoid the other enemies, who had just destroyed the second Wraith, out of three.

Six was surprised to see Jun, but he threw a couple of plasma grenades at him, undetonated, "Good to see you're still in one piece, Jun. Hurry, we gotta KILL THIS DAMN PHANTOM WHICH IS GONNA DROP DAMN REINFORCEMENTS!" Jun nodded meekly, trying to hold all fifteen plasma grenades in his arms.

Meanwhile, Emile had just finished killing the last elite with his shotgun. He looked back at Carter who dropped a Grunt corpse. They smiled in triumph and tiredness at each other, before noticing a few more Phantoms dropping off more enemies and a Wraith still intact yet far away.

"There's STILL MORE ENEMIES?" Emile screeched, clutching his head as his jaw dropped.

"I believe so, Noble 4! WE'LL TEACH THEM THE SHIT THEY HAVEN'T LEARN SINCE THE END OF HARVEST!" Emile froze when he heard the crazy tone in the second sentence Carter made, finally remembering how much of a barbaric monster his charismatic Commander was. Reloading his shotgun, he kept it handy with another hand cautiously putting his hand at his knife, waiting for the moment to draw his blade. Carter then warned, "Be prepared. There's gonna be a whole troop of brutes. Chieftains. All, on the highest class. Plus, elite rangers with jetpacks, swarming around us."

Emile didn't quite know the proper reaction. "Y-YOU CAN'T BE-!"

"WHEN I SAID YOU'RE GOING TO GET LAID, NOBLE 4, I MEAN IT. AND YOU SHOULD BE LUCKY YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE," Carter shouted like a boss, marching towards Emile and jabbing a finger at his forehead, causing the other man to step back with a stiff gruff flinch. "WE ARE GOING TO GET INTO THAT DAMN ROOM, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. HAVE I MADE MYSELF CLEAR?"

"Y-Yes, Commander, solid-"


"SOLID COPY, SIR. STOP THE VOICE," Emile waved his hands in front of his voice, and Carter leaned back, ultimately satisfied after scaring Emile out of his wits. The blue Spartan patted Emile's shoulder, "Good reaction, Emile. Now let's go take care of them, the way Holland wants us to do it."

"WE'RE GONNA NEED ROCKETS TO TAKE THAT THING DOWN!" Pointing to the huge purple dropship, Six instructed Jun to grab a few rocket launchers from the weapon sections on the wall near the main entrance to the secret facility in Halsey's laboratory. Though Jun was supposed to be commanding Six, he volunteered to change places. He came back with arms full, dropping the rocket launchers on the ground, panting at the same time.

However, when Jun reached Six, the Phantom was already blown to smithereens. "Oh, COME ON!" Jun moaned in lament.

"Good work, Jun! Now go take those surviving bastards out!" Six grabbed the rocket launcher from the ground, and urged Jun to join him. Jun wasn't feeling ready because holding a weapon other than his sniper rifle was absurd, by his opinion, but the way he used his Spartan Laser proved that using other weapons was possible. Taking a few plasma grenades and putting them on his belt, he followed Six with a heavy rocket launcher, even if he felt queasy about the idea of handling rockets.

Some rangers stood up from the snow, trying to look for the weapons they accidentally dropped after their fall. Six nudged Jun, "Alright, so this is how you do it."


"First, you- TAKE THESE YOU DAMN MOTHER FUDGERS! TASTE THE FURY OF MAH ROCKETS!" Spamming rockets, Six fired crazily at the recovering elites and grunts, making giant explosions and bodies fly. Jun felt himself crouching low to the ground, as though he couldn't handle the vibration and had to grab the dirt under the snow to prevent his body from splitting apart. He watched as Six laughed maniacally, at the chaos he had done. In less than twenty seconds, the area was clear with black spots on the hard snow ground.

Twitching, Jun faced Six who smiled as though it was nothing, "And that's how you do it. Look, there's more Phantoms coming. And none of them are bringing Wraiths so we're just gonna kill those reinforcements."

Jun was oblivious and he didn't know what to say. He did say one small word, "Oh."



"WOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOO!" A mongoose sped up a ramp and flew into the air, carrying two Spartans on it. Emile stood behind Carter who was driving, and waved his shotgun around as the two landed on a Chieftain, before running over multiple brutes. Carter kept his head low as both ran headlong into the enemies, not caring about the world anymore. Emile took every precious moment to shoot every god damn monster he saw.






"SIX, THERE'S TOO MANY!" Jun cried, firing rockets at the Covenant continuously, hearing and witnessing more explosions as they helped to prevent the enemy from approaching him. Six was feeling piped up, and he had never been so energetic ever in his life.

Jun, however, was praying when time would stop for him to collapse on the ground. Indeed time did stop, and the elites, brutes and grunts were finally gone. Jun thought he could smile again and as he did, the savored the moment as a rocket launcher from another person's hand went flying into his cheek. Jun fell to the snow, lying flat, not wanting a move an inch though he already did. Six only sighed.

"Little bitch."


"Six and Jun! Get back here!" Carter said through breaths, feeling painfully exhausted when he stepped off the mongoose. Six and Jun raced to their comrades, falling in front of the mongoose at the same time. Emile only collapsed on the vehicle. In fact, after thirty minutes of fighting, the whole team was pooped. Nonetheless, they won with some cheating as they used far more weapons than they usually used. It was worth it, though, and only one Wraith remained, at the back, behind some barriers. Carter then told the three gathered members, "Once we take out that Wraith, one of us will have to jetpack to the button and press it."

"Let's just take care of the Wraith while someone pressed the button," Six suggested, "But who's going to press the button?"

Jun thought he found his chance. "I-I'LL DO IT!"

Emile smiled at Jun and slapped him hard on the back, causing the sniper to gag, "That's the spirit, Jun! But don't you get scared flying around?"

"If it doesn't involve me facing the Wraith, I'M FINE WITH IT!" Jun laughed nervously, receiving a jetpack from Emile. He then strapped it to his back, feeling the sturdiness and heaviness of the jetpack. He then glanced over at the Wraith before hearing the good lucks from his teammates. Feeling a burst of confidence, he moved away from the group and marched towards the Wraith, not taking notice of the vehicle's snarl. In fact, he succeeded in jumping over the barriers and said hello to the Grunt and Elite in handling the Wraith. It felt good, being under the watch of motivation. Jun smiled brightly, with his head held high.

It was only then Carter heard the correct signal. "OH MY GOD IT'S AFTER ME! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!"

"That's what we're looking for, CHARGE!" Carter shouted, giving chase with Emile and Six behind, shooting rockets wildly like a parade. The commander shot with his assault rifle snapping, almost shooting the sniper who was dodging everyone's shots. Jun saw the Grunt from the turret fall at his feet, and he screamed.

Activating his jetpack, Jun flew up into the air, only a few centimeters from ground, and grabbed the edge to the upper floor that led to the point where he had to press the button. He scrambled up and scurried to the point, turning back to find Emile on the door of the Wraith punching the Elite while Six climbed onto the back of the vehicle and punched the power core, also hurting the elite's back. He wondered where Carter had gone to, and he immediately regretted searching when he felt a hard push on his back.

"W-WOAH WOAH!" Jun cried, when Carter pushed him off the ledge. Jun then saw his visor flicker like static and used his jetpack to hover back up to the ledge, where his vision cleared. However, he did see the button below and when he was back up, Carter was glaring at him, disallowing entry back to the area. Jun yelped quietly and sunk back down to the button, feeling terribly frightened when the suit he wore started to squeeze his body, his shields drain like a dwindle, and his muscles aching like hell. All these unexplainable events suddenly ended when Jun punched the button with his trembling hand, and he smiled gleefully like an idiot before collapsing to the ground in his death.

Carter, shaking his head in disappointment, turned to the Wraith that was already destroyed. He called out to Emile and Six, "Noble 4, 6, the button has been activated. You know what that means, don't you?"

"Is Jun gone?" Six shouted, unimpressed.

"He'll respawn back to the main entrance soon enough. Other than that, there will be a few special guests coming out from the secret door at the side of the laboratory building."

"Well, that's good to hear," Emile snorted, holding his rocket launcher on his shoulder.

In the distance, at the entrance, there came a Jun appearing through gold light. He was dropped onto the floor, and the sniper tried to regain his stand. He scratched his head in disorientation, "Oh god... What just happened...

"Hey! I pressed the button, didn't I?" Jun realized that he was able to press it despite his deteriorating mental and physical state, and he felt ultimate happiness when he found out he had just accomplished something. He didn't even notice that his death was necessary and he waved at his other team members at the other side, shouting, "HEY GUYS I DID IT! I PRESSED THE BUTTON-"

"I wonder if he knows that the Elites are going to come out," Emile said to Carter, who watched as a golden-armored Elite grabbed Jun from behind.

Jun, as usual, screamed. And died.

51. The Legendary Tribute Room, PART 3 of 3

"I'm out of rockets, Commander," Six frowned, throwing the useless weapon to the floor. Emile shrugged, saying that he only had three left in his launcher. Carter was left at a disadvantage to find that his members, including himself, were low in ammunition. Well, at least Emile had some rockets left. Carter only had two clean mags in his assault rifle but he wasn't sure if it was enough to kill more than five Golden Elites. He looked back at Jun, who had just respawned. He was dodging the Elites' every move, and one of the Elites managed to stab one of their own kind, by accident, in the process.

Carter raised an eyebrow. Staring at the dancing frightened Spartan in silence, he then said, "You know what? Let's just go after them. Six, you throw the grenades you still have left on your belt. Emile, when you see those Elites gather around Jun, fire at them."

"Boss?" Emile called Carter again, because he was confused, but upon looking at the Commander's face, Emile kept his mouth shut. He wondered what would happen if he were to shoot. He thought Jun would be affected if he did shoot, but Six only gave him the look which perfectly said, 'Who the hell cares?' Emile hid a snicker, and nodded at Carter. "Alright, boss, if that's what you want."

"Besides, if you die, you'll respawn with a new shotgun, four fresh plasma grenades and frag grenades, and your knife will be spick-and-span," Six pointed out.

Meanwhile, Jun was running wildly around, stepping at sides and jumping over as multiple swords tried to stab him. The Sangheili Generals were annoyed, wondering how this human could dodge their flawless penetrating strikes. It looked as though the sniper was dancing like a ballerina, but pale color on his face, under his visor proved that he was just using his skills gained from dance lessons out of spite.



A rocket flew through the air and collided with an Elite's back, triggering an explosion. The Elite who was hit blindly swung his sword in pain, cutting through his comrade's uncovered neck. The two Elites then fell in defeat, bringing shock to the other Generals. Running towards them were Emile and Six, throwing grenades and firing rockets at them.






"What are you guys doing- AHHHH!" Jun tried to ask but was flying instead when a rocket hit him, instantly killing him and an Elite beside him. In thirty seconds, the entrance was clear of Golden Elites/Sangheili Generals. Carter then strode over to the two tiresome Spartans and questioned, "Where is Jun?"

Jun, in fact, respawned again at the entrance, still stunned of what had happened. He cried in everybody's face, trying not to step onto any of the dead Elites, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR? YOU ALMOST OVER-EXCEEDED MY LIMIT OF RESPAWNING HERE!"

"Oh, I didn't know yours are limited," Emile said innocently, hearing Six chuckle behind. Carter then ran over to the three, "Good job on eliminating the seven, Noble. Is the door open?"

"Probably," Jun said, and the team went on to investigate. They found the door open and Emile squealed with glee, "Oh WOW IT'S OPEN! Who knows what might be inside there?"

"Maybe a monster," Jun looked inside, before backing away from the door.

"Don't be a scaredy-cat, Jun, there's obviously nothing," Six reassured the nervous Spartan, and pushed him into the room, "You go first, obviously."

"W-WAIT!" Jun cried, but the Spartans outside weren't giving him the chance to go out. Sighing, he took a big gulp and ventured into the room. The others followed closely behind, however, when they all stepped in, the floor gave in, causing the Spartans to fall through the huge rectangular hole. Jun was caught by surprise, and knowing that he didn't have a thing for free-falling, he flapped his arms wildly in the air, wanting to get back up to the surface. Nonetheless, when he could not, he only grabbed onto someone, anyone, and stayed.




"You two, SHUT YOUR MOUTHS. If you keep babbling, we won't get anywhere!"

"WHERE ARE WE GOING THOUGH, COMMANDER? THIS SEEMS ENDLESS!" Emile remarked, looking down at the black darkness. He couldn't see Carter nor did he see Jun and Six but he was able to hear them. The journey seemed endless indeed, but after a few seconds, all of them disappeared into thin air in the blink of an eye, being transferred to another place with light, gratefully. All four Spartans fell to a floor, partially feeling thankful for being in contact with the cool cement surface. They stood up up, and realized that they had landed in a hallway.

"I can see light! Right over there- OOF," Jun was pushed off of Six, who was tired of being squeezed by the sniper. The four then advanced to the 'light' Jun pointed to, and found themselves in a small room, sheltered by glass windows and littered with tables, computers, papers and files. It looked like a normal office, but that wasn't the source of the light.

The room was lighted by a giant ball outside, suspended in mid air. It was glowing, gleaming and shining brightly like a star. It was humongous and so brilliant that Carter rubbed his sore eyes. He forgot he left his helmet outside but he wasn't going to go out and take it. Emile, Jun and Six stared at the bright-looking artifact from the room. They pressed their faces to the windows, not taking a look at the files around them. Carter did have the liberty to look, as his curiosity began to unfold, "I wonder what these things are."

"Woah... That's pretty..." Emile breathed, admiring the luminosity of the artifact. Six nodded, enjoying the gleaming feel of the large object. Jun was unable to comprehend but he smiled, "It's like seeing heaven again."

"You and your heaven," Six pulled a smug look at Jun.

"What? I wasn't cursing anybody."

"I like pie," The three Spartans then turned to find Carter reading a file on a computer screen. They wondered what the hell Carter was saying. The Commander then glared at them, "I was reading, you mental retards."

"So, what do we do in this room?" Six asked, feeling awkward being in a special room such as Halsey's laboratory. He like the giant glowing floating artifact outside of the room but he wasn't sure of what to do, especially when he didn't like touching things strictly classified. However, many things were scattered and messily unkempt so there was the chance of him accidentally stumbling a secret file. Emile didn't care; he only poked his nose in every single file he could think of, before stopping at a certain photo on a screen. He sputtered, "What the fuck is this?

"Why is MY FACE here?" He shouted, and Six stood beside him to find a row of portraits, seven faces and five looked terribly familiar. There were two he could not recall, but he could clearly see five faces that almost matched those of Noble Team. Six commented, "Huh. I didn't know Halsey keeps your photos here."

"She keeps baby photos that Holland gave as well," Carter added, and Emile moaned, "DON'T REMIND ME. I LOOKED LIKE AN ASS!"

Amidst the wonderful discoveries going on, Jun found a peculiar button beside the doorway where the team had entered through. It was blinking green, and he wondered out loud, "What does this do?"


Suddenly, as though summoned, the Spartans were hauled out of the room, thrown at the wall, THROUGH the wall, and out into the white cold snow at the entrance. Six didn't even get to look at a picture of another Spartan on the wall.


"I DIDN'T GET TO SEE IT ALL!" Six complained, and Carter narrowed his eyes, "OKAY, WHO PRESSED A GREEN BUTTON?"

Then, all eyes were targeted at Jun, who brought his hands up, "What did I do? I thought it would do something cool and you were all doing things and I thought I-"

"GOD DAMN IT, JUN! WE WOULD HAVE SEEN SOME VALUABLE SECRETS ONI WOULDN'T LET US SEE!" Emile lunged himself at the sniper, wringing his neck as hard as he possibly could. "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO- WHYYYY!"

"I-I didn't- *gibberish*"

"YOU BIG SON OF A WATERMELON!" Six joined in the fight, repeatedly kicking Jun everywhere with his energy legs. As for Carter, however, he put a few photos away behind his back, most of them, that featured a female baby in blue, with green eyes.

52. Basically, You've Changed the Signs (Sequel to Talking at Meal Times)

"Hey guys, I gotta make a trip to the washroom," Six said to the team, after feeling a terrible sting in his stomach. He wondered what he had eaten that caused his stomach to lurch, and he clutched it as he groaned in agony. Carter turned to look at him in concern, "Had a stomach ache, Six?"

"Y-Yeah, maybe it's those hot dogs during lunch. Gets me every time," The lone wolf replied.

"Talking about the washroom makes me wanna follow you," Jun nodded, feeling his intestines burn.

"I'll accompany ya, I also feel myself bursting," Emile offered, and the three were off to the washrooms. During the short journey, the three talked about the last and most recent mission they had. It was a success, after stealing military intelligence the other marines didn't dare to retrieve. They tried to guess what sort of data the files store and contain, and as usual, Emile came up with the most unrealistic and disgusting ideas. The Spartans then found the washroom, though Jun said, "You two head on first. I see Mike at the water-coolers."

"What, you formed a special bond with him?" Emile sneered at the sniper, still bearing that grudge against that damned ODST. Jun only shrugged, waved at Mike with a smile and urged Six, "C'mon, he's a nice guy. Why not talk to him?"

"Sure, why not," Six agreed and Emile only commented on how bitter they were. Nevertheless, the pain in his stomach then caused him to run headlong to the washrooms. Six and Jun made their way to the water-coolers to find Mike, but the ODST was nowhere to be seen. Puzzled, they looked around near the water-coolers. Their search failed and Jun wondered, "Where did he go off to, I wonder?"

He then stopped to take a cool refreshing drink and Six said, "I'll go on first."

"Go ahead," Jun said, "I'm going to wait until Mike comes back... hopefully."

Meanwhile, Six had entered the washroom when he noticed something peculiar about it. This wasn't any urinals and there were fewer stalls. It was only a few seconds before someone screamed upon finding the Spartan. "Oh my god- YOU PERVERT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Six thought he heard a female voice.

In fact it was, and Six's eyes widened when saw a woman come out of the stall, her eyes narrowing at him in rage. He was confused, did he enter the wrong washroom? He swore he saw the 'MALE' sign on the door before he entered! Another woman, different from the first, exited the stall and screamed in fright when she laid eyes on the male Spartan. Six was terribly puzzled and he stumbled back, seconds lucky from being hit by a toilet paper roll. He stumbled out of the restroom, shocked when he saw the 'FEMALE' sign on the door. He was yelling, "I- I'M REALLY SORRY FOR INTRUDING, I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE MEN'S ROOM! I SWEAR!"

After being hit in the face, Six saw Mike coming out from the correct men's room, who looked as though he was in a hurry and was immediately worried when he looked at the red mark on Six's cheek. The ODST asked, "Hey, are you alright?"

"Oh, hey Mike, I just had a bad slap from a woman," Six muttered. He then explained to the ODST that he was sure he saw the sign 'MALE' before coming in. Mike nodded and rubbed his chin whilst listening to Six's story. Six felt comfortable talking with this man. Like the rumors he heard from Kat, Jorge, Jun and Carter, Mike was indeed a nice polite marine. Mike even sympathized him and it was the first time Six spent more than three minutes having a non-military-related conversation with someone other than a Noble Team member or a Spartan.

Mike then said, "I believe you, you seem like a good Spartan. However, don't you think someone changed the signs?"

Six blinked, "What do you mean, 'changed the signs'?"

"I mean, face it: perhaps someone was trying to humiliate you by changing the signs. Did you see Emile?" Mike saw Six shake his head, though the Spartan did see him run to the washrooms. Mike then continued, letting his voice slur in a somewhat sad tone, "Well, when you're with that sniper, I saw Emile taking the signs off the doors and switching their places, male with female and female with male. I thought I was seeing things as well and I wanted to go investigate but I was with a friend at that moment who wanted to talk so I hadn't the time to change the signs. And then you came by, and it was too late when you entered the wrong restroom."

The Spartan felt a heavy weight dawn on him and he opened his mouth, "Wait... Emile did this?"

"As you may know, Emile doesn't see me as a friend. He sees me as a foe. And by the looks of things, I don't think he looked happy to see you and that sniper come look for me. It was really nice of you guys, but I was wondering why he did that," Mike looked around, frowning. Six had to listen, because he knew Emile could be mean towards other guys, including ODSTs, "I guess he wanted me to go to the wrong restroom, but instead, you took my place.

"I then ended the talk and quickly changed the signs to the correct places they belong in. I also went into the men's room to see if Emile was there, but he wasn't. Then I came out and there you were, smacked in the face," Mike finished, before adding six words when he saw the downfall in Six's eyes, "I'm sorry about what had happened."

"It's alright, thanks," Six smiled, happy to know that someone had understood him and tried to help. He then furrowed his brows, "When I see that Emile, I'm gonna shove that kukri up his ass he won't be sorry."

"I really wanted us to get along," Mike let his voice fade, and he sighed. "It's a good thing I met you, Spartan."

Six felt bad for Mike, and he only accepted the friend request from the ODST. After a few seconds, he then heard Jun shouting for him. Looking up he found Jun and Emile racing over, like panting dogs. Jun smiled, "Hey, where were you? I thought you went to the other restroom on the other side."

"Yeah, he didn't know there was another washroom located-" Emile's sentence was interrupted when Six's fist went flying into his cheek, punching him on both cheeks three times. Emile's neck snapped and he groaned in pain as his hands caressed his wounds. Jun was scared shitless and was shocked to find Six beating Emile up. He swore he saw the lone wolf happy and calm. Now, Six's face was written with the mask of death.

"That's what you get, moron," Six snarled at Emile who was stunned and confused. "WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?" The dark-skinned man screamed.

While Six rambled on his complaints in Emile's face, Jun couldn't help but wonder where the ODST, Mike, had gone to. He did ask Six and Six turned around, oblivious to find his new friend gone. It was as though Mike had walked away before the lone wolf even knew it.

However, the injured Emile could still hear a faint chuckle and the contortion of a smirk of a familiar trooper, nearby, somewhere in the shadows.

He swore he heard it.