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"You're sure she'll be safe with him?" Wally West asked, his nervousness readily apparent in his voice.

"She'll be fine," Dick reassured.

"You're absolutely positive."


"Bat instinct positive?"

Dick sighed. He was starting to get irritated. "If I thought she would be in any danger, I never would have suggested it. Calm down, Twinkletoes, she'll be fine."

"But he isn't going to go all assassin on her, right?"

"No. Besides, I'm working on that with him."

"You're what? Working on it? I was just kidding! How can you-"

"Wally, shut up and calm down. I was kidding, too."

"Ha, ha, Short Pants."

"Right back at you, Fleetfeet. Besides, we're going to see everything they do. That's why we're called chaperones."

"Yeah, she's not too happy about that."

"He wasn't either."

Wally West, aka the Flash, and Dick Grayson, aka the Batman, sat in the back row of the movie theatre. Together, they tried not to stare, intimidate and most importantly embarrass their respective charges, Irey West and Damian Wayne, who sat in the middle of the theatre.

Wally grabbed a handful of popcorn as the theatre darkened and the opening movie trailers began. "You know, you're probably right. I am way too worried about this. I mean, if anyone should be worried, it should be you. Can you imagine how well Bruce is going to take it when he hears that you not only allowed but also went along with his son, his progeny, to a movie with the daughter of, now what was it he used to call me…oh, yeah, that -"

"Crap." Dick muttered.